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Oklahoma 4.0, 5/10/12

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 04:46 PM
Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 3.9 M

10 May 2012 21:14:31 UTC
10 May 2012 16:14:31 near epicenter
10 May 2012 15:14:31 standard time in your timezone

Location 35.538N 96.781W
Depth 6 km

9 km (5 miles) SSE (156 degrees) of Sparks, OK
10 km (6 miles) NW (304 degrees) of Prague, OK
11 km (7 miles) ENE (67 degrees) of Meeker, OK
69 km (43 miles) E (85 degrees) of Oklahoma City, OK
305 km (189 miles) N (0 degrees) of Dallas, TX

Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 12.0 km; Vertical 9.6 km
Parameters Nph = 70; Dmin = 10.0 km; Rmss = 0.57 seconds; Gp = 32°
M-type = M; Version = 5
Event ID US b0009me5

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 04:55 PM
I see this one, there was one in texas as well not to long ago,
small ones, but from what i've observed, eq's don't happen that often in central america.

Both of those quakes are also very close to the new madrid as well as the unstable ocean floor where the drilling platforms are (if it blows, the new madrid blows). But, possibly just fracking, or random. Though one must think of the possibilities.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 05:43 PM
that's pretty weird since OK and TX don't usually get quakes!! even small ones.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 05:50 PM
Earthquakes in Oklahoma are fairly common, usually they're just too small to feel.

Oklahoma earthquakes in the last 30 days

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Crackavelli

Yep just like up here in MN. we have had 2 that i felt. one way back when and one last year i think, otherwise we never really feel them.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 08:19 PM
So when it is shown that an EQ was predicted for this time period they debunkers will say??????

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:27 PM
Please add your information on small EQ to this dedicated EQ thread:
Quake Watch 2012


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