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The Gifts I Give To Thee

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 07:27 PM
Greetings to all. This introductory post of mine, may become very lengthy and for that forgive me. After being a reader/lurker or whatever the lingo for close to 9yrs, I believe I have watched how this site has changed in the nature of general discussion. With pictures/video being the only "proof" for most I figure I'd go ahead and grant you all with insight into who I am, what got me to this point and some of the things relevant to this community that have happened to me, which keeps me coming back. All WITH NO PICS/VIDEO.

The reason I ever came to the site while in high-school was the crypto forum. A phase I was heavily interested in back then and still to this day. First thing that comes to mind as that first "peak" behind the curtain came the day of 9/11. Being the child of a soldier I heard "stories" if you will. One being that it would be utterly impossible for an attack on D.C. to ever occur. But as I sat watching the news with my mother (because my father was on 48 lockdown on base and couldnt get home), I asked how this could have happened given that I believed just about everything my father said at that time.(I was 13 then). She took a breath and sat back on her bed, grabbed her bud ice, inhaled her cigarette, and said "babyboy, there is a lot of things your gonna understand one day. One of them being that there is a black hand involved in everything going on in the world we live in. Never forget that. Listen to everything, believe half of it."

This was just my first "taste" if you will of alternative thinking with a new mindset. Since then I have awakened, dozed off, and awakened again. My second "awakening" came the morning of Jan 8, 2008. Lying facedown in bed debating on going to class, I heard the news anchor begin to speak about a town in Texas, where "1000's of people reported seeing a u.f.o." as she stated. Still being "quazi-interested" in such matters I flipped over and begin to watch and listen. After giving a breif intro to the story a box appeared in the top left corner of the screen with active video, then the video became fullscreen. the 8-10 second clip I saw on t.v. sent a chill, then feeling of relief down my spine all in one. I was astonished at the sheer size of the craft on my television. I started to go wake my roommate at the time, but figured he would hear about it soon, because the world was changing as we knew it. RIGHT THEN.

So as most news stations do, they show the same stories on rotation in the morning. About 9:09 that morning my roommate knocked on my door just to speak, and i became excited and started to tell him what I saw and the story with it. Then like clockwork 9:14 the same story exactly and hour later was being discussed in the same fashion. But then I noticed the box in the upper left hand corner was not familiar. Then fullscreen....This was not the same video I had seen an hour earlier. I lost it. Hopped on line began trying to find the video. To this day, I have yet to see the same video clip of what took place in Stephansville, TX that morning.

For the days and weeks to follow, the very constructs of "reality" began to break down. I had heard about things being removed from tv, or the internet, but never had it occur to me directly. Since then I have had spells of 9 months, 4months, and 17, months, withouth those forms of media. I seldom look at or take part in anything other than the news, sporting events, and well the first 48.

Another personal experience that happened to me was one day about a year later, my roommate and I had come back from his sisters house for a party. It was about 2am in Jan...Cold for N.C. Well after leaving a gas station with some items, we began the ascent to the 3rd floor. While walking up 3 flights of stairs I heard the most startling sound I have ever heard in life. The both of us stopped in our tracks, each on a different flight of stairs. I looked up at him and said "that's a big @@@ dog" he waited about 10 seconds and said. "that ain't no dang dog" I turned around and looked in the same direction he was looking in because that's where this "sound" was coming from. After about a few more seconds I heard his keys making noise and he said "c'mon lets go bruh".From beginning to end the encounter lasted for about 45-55 seconds.

When I called my mother who stays in the complex about 5mins away, and woke her. She asked "well what do you think it was?" After a long pause, the best answer I could give her without sounding like a complete nut was. "I think I just heard the largest land predator on the planet". Imagine a bear roaring and a dog/wolf howling. It was not in the immediate vacinity because we would have seen it but I could tell it was close enough. AND HUGE. Like when you hear someone shoot a pistol, then shoot a high-powered rifle from the same distance. The force of the "roar" was just to intense to be anything that could be found locally, or in anyone's "logical" file-cabinet. Since then I have had encounters with what I can only describe as spiritual/dark forces, I have seen 1 and only 1 craft with the naked eye. I believe it was nov 29, whenever duke played michigan in the big-east/acc tournament this past season. I have heard what i describe as a "bus fly over my head". I say heard because once again I didn't see anything.

On an overcast night while walking back from my car I hear a swoosh "like when the air hits you after a truck or bus passes you on the street) only it was directly above my head. And the most compelling is that fact that I have the very wierd ability to "feel" people. The only way I can make sense of that statement is give examples. No matter where or how far apart I am from my younger brother, I know when he is hurt/or suffering. It used to only be physical, now I know when he is psychologically affect. Also I "know" things as my girlfriend puts it to her friends. I can be eating or reading or whatever, and turn to her and say "open the door, your sister is coming." And 95% of the time, a few minutes will pass then "ding-dong" the bell will ring and it will be her, or whoever I say it will be. Unnanounced. She has come to terms with it as I have.

The scary part of it all is the new phase I am dealing with this gift. Intention. Lately I have been able to pick up on ones intentions. That alone has been a scary ordeal just because knowing or as I am no psychic, feeling, what others are thinking, can weigh on you and cause pain when intent is to cause deciet, or malice. I would not consider myself religious as I have some issues with organized religion. I am however very spiritual. I value loyalt, honesty, and most of all, the most powerful force on the planet, love. Nothing I have said here is false, fabricated, or forged. I have nothing to gain by MAKING myself sound crazy.

And I wont lie and say I don't care if you don't believe me, because I do. The fact that remains is if you do or don't, it won't change the fact that they happened. Exactly as I say they happened. My family and friends view me as one of the most logical people they know, so when I come to them about matters that are not the norm, they know to listen because I don't spook easily, and rarely indulge in the "fantasy",(I use that word lightly, because I do believe there to be a small but present gap in the meaing of fantasy and reality) and when I do take my "two scoops" of fantasy its with a logical viewpoint. Thank you all for this venue.

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 07:28 PM

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by OmegaAtlas25

Quite an intro....Welcome to the ATS'll fit in well here....


posted on May, 9 2012 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by OmegaAtlas25

Hi there and welcome! I loved your entire post. You're not alone in seeing the "original" pictures in a newscast being changed to something else. Same thing happened to my husband, a very long time ago.

Anyway, what a great introduction and so nice to meet you. I think you'll like it here.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 11:55 PM

Welcome OmegaAtlas25


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