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I Am, I Said and the views of John Anthony West.

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 07:02 PM
Great song by Neil Diamond...

I was listening to the audio from this DVD series by John Anthony West, regarding Egypt symbolism.

He has a very interesting outlook which I seem to agree with in a lot of ways. Its nice to see a learned man who is not just another 'quackademic'.

IN this video Mr. West examines the possibility of a pre-culture, an antediluvian culture which existed prior to the Old Kingdom in Egypt, going back, in accordance with the Egyptian records, 36,000 years.

To some this seems totally outlandish, but not to myself who believes that you can trace mankind and civilization back 2 million years to Peru. And the on-going controversy about the 1.3 million year old footprints in lava in Mexico, of modern man along side dogs and cats and farm animals, which disproves human evolution theory as we know it.

Here are two samples of John Anthony West...

A personal interview where he espouses his views as an Egyptologist.

and a segment from his series Magical Egypt...

Segment 2.0 The Old, Old Kingdom of Egypt...

What do you think of John's views?

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 07:51 PM
Hey, thanks for posting, I love listening to this guy..

I'll be watching BOTH those vids in a little while.

I totaly agree with you, man has been here a lot longer than they want us to beleive.

Have you got any good vids on Gobekli Tepi...think thats how its spelt.

Neil Diamond......yawn

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by VoidHawk

Gobekli Tepi, I have just recently started looking into that.

I watched the History Channel version. They lost me at calling it an Ark of some kind.

But what is curious is that it was covered in dirt/sand and someone in that show made claim it was done by hand.

Basically burying a mountain in 30 feet of sand. Which probably did not happen, it was probably done by melting glaciers in the last ice age, but if so, then how do the stones keep from falling over I don't know.

I am still looking for a better documentary but this one has some info as long as you ignore the really outlandish claims as you have to do with all History Channel Ancient Alien shockumentaries.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Thanks for that. I may have seen it, not sure till I watch.

Its another of those mysterys. I find the animals on the stones interesting. Some are recognisable but some are quite strange, makes you wonder how old it realy is.

I dont know how far above sea level it is but if it could have been flooded that could have moved the sand there. I dont think its an ark.
I like listening to John because he has a genuine passion for this stuff. Grahm hancock too. Theres so many jumping on the bandwagon just to make a buck though.
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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by VoidHawk

I think that the question of the flood covering those ruins was mentioned somewhere but everyone in the scientific community would attack that position right away, even if it was flooding from melting glaciers in this case.

But maybe it was actually buried. One thing for sure though is that it is no where near as old, as most of the original organizational efforts of man.

The cave paintings at Lascaux are much older.

If people are ignoring completely the widespread view of some type of global precursor civilization such as some sort of Atlantean civilization, then if you say not counting anything older than the flood, then this site could be seen as one of the small places where people huddled and humanity survived.

Ice ages almost wiped out man completely. And it wiped out most of what he had made. But not all of it.
Anything with truly gigantic boulders, remained. But there is a huge gap between when that first civilization crumbled and when it began again.

And if it is cyclical, then maybe it will happen again.

If there is something about the software of the human mind which has some sort of built in reset switch, and people's minds reset, then all of this that we have made would be nothing but a smudge in the strata 2 million years from now.

Who knows what is under the ground now in some places if you just went deep enough.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

IN this video Mr. West examines the possibility of a pre-culture, an antediluvian culture which existed prior to the Old Kingdom in Egypt, going back, in accordance with the Egyptian records, 36,000 years.

Thats because it is. Egypt is the land of Nod Cain went to and where he built the first city of men called Atlantis. This same Atlantis is the city that sank beneath the waves of the rising flood waters caused by the great flood and the flood caused by the earth cracking open and releasing the waters of the "great deep" from inside the earth. This is also why some people keep thinking that the Hall of Records from Atlantis is under the Sphinx's paws and also why there are water marks on the Sphinx and on the Great Pyramid.

According to the book of Enoch the great pyramid is called "the Pillar of Enoch". Not 36,000 years ago, but 14,000 years ago, around 12,000 B.C.

Cairo/Giza is sitting right on the spot where Atlantis was and the reason Atlantis has never been found is because it was right there all along, people just didn't know what they were looking at.

The great pyramid was built supposedly in 20 years, using 50-100 ton blocks. In order for them to build that with 2 million blocks in 20 years they would have had to quarry, shape, haul and lay those blocks every 2 seconds. Some of those blocks weigh 1 million pounds.

Look at the size of the baalbek stone, you couldn't haul this thing with an army of horses, it weighs over 1 million pounds and we do not even have anything that can haul this thing today. These are the types of stones the Antediluvians were throowing around and they could do it because they were the giant races bred from human and fallen angels.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:45 PM
Also these cave drawings in France really show that these people were not much different from us at all.
And this is 30,000 years ago, where as the other cave drawings at Lascaux are 17,000 years old.

But that still is nothing compared to sites in Peru and even some sites in Bolivia and maybe even Mexico.

J. Anthony West is of the opinion that the pyramids in South America are much later than the pyramids of Egypt, but that is because he hasn't investigated South America, only Egypt.

What he doesn't know is that civilization has been traced from Peru, to Easter Island and then to Yonaguni and to India then to Mesopotamia and then to Egypt. But over 2 million years 2 great civilizations came and went leaving not a trace except for such things as the few diorite bowls in Egypt that are out of place artifacts.

But during their time they built megalithic structures all over the world including Bosnia, and the Osireon in Egypt, and Yonaguni, and the giant heads of Easter Island and a particular type of stone masonry, that used a cement that turned into rock. A recipe lost through time.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

Well a lot of what you say is probably true but I am not sure I see how a pillar fits the Great Pyramid.

The Pillars of Hercules I suppose are not really pillars either....

But I agree with you that there must have been some giants around because no one would even consider building with giant boulders. That would be crazy. Especially when it is easier to build with boulders you can manage.

Take a look at this water cistern...
water cistern

That flowed for so long that it wore down the rock. And that cistern is man made. Well maybe by giants. That is what the people told the conquistadors...
Sodomite Flesh Eating GIants in Peru

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 10:14 PM
You see that cistern and that worn down rock well you might not be able to say that the worn down rock was caused by the cistern, you might say that the water ran there and much later the cistern was built except that in some of the satellite photos that depict the topography better you can see that this cistern was one of a chain of such cisterns and that they had diverted water from a major river, some 60 miles to the north east.

The landscape has changed now with development but ancient signs are still there that in Peru. they knew how to manage water systems and tunneled through rock and channeled water everywhere as part of a long tradition.

A tradition that dates way back to the building of megalithic walls with water tight joints using gigantic boulders.

These people were paranoid of flooding. Very paranoid. They even built Machu Pichu they were so afraid of flooding.

And that was because they always came across ruins that were flooded. Like in Bolivia, Lake Titicaca.

One site is still under water. And Puma Punka and Tiahuanaco were once covered with water long enough for limestone to encrust some of the pillars.
What is interesting at Gobekli Tepe is that there is an extinct animal portrayed there. There re also two depicted at Tiahuanaco. An elephant, no longer in South America, and a toxodon.
Toxodons being extinct for 12,000 years in that area.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 10:45 PM
My personal opinion is that you can backtrace Egyptian mythology to Peru, and then to inside the moon.

From there you are now in Oz, and if you remember your Oz it had some advanced tech in the way of a Wizard of Oz machine. Lets call that a small mainframe computer.

So once you have AI as in the talking head there, you have Hal 9000 and the moon has two of them.

And they are on a network. So in essence souls travel on that network. Even if they do so as files.

So from the moon, we have no way of knowing where man comes from because once you are on the network, you could hypothetically beam anywhere in the universe. And maybe quickly through gravitational waves or who knows.

But that is what I was taught. And shown in great detail, and that which meshed with most of what I had always thought.
Mythology is alive and well and always has been part of the matrix.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by Rocketman7
My personal opinion is that you can backtrace Egyptian mythology to Peru, and then to inside the moon.

Lets call that a small mainframe computer.

So once you have AI as in the talking head there, you have Hal 9000 and the moon has two of them.

And they are on a network. So in essence souls travel on that network. Even if they do so as files.

So from the moon, we have no way of knowing where man comes from because once you are on the network, you could hypothetically beam anywhere in the universe. And maybe quickly through gravitational waves or who knows.

You seem very knowledgable, I want to learn!!!
Can you offer any sources please.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by VoidHawk

You seem very knowledgable, I want to learn!!!
Can you offer any sources please.

There is a good story called Neuromancer, that has some similar information in the form of a sci-fi book.

Its available in audiobook form too and not a bad production.

Great Book Neuromancer BBC

The basic concept of that book is being able to tap into cyberspace by jacking in to the system.

So it deals with AI.

Of course 2001 deals with AI.

And there are tons of other subject matter such as Metropolis 1921 the movie which tried to depict the city that mythology says is inside the moon. And tries to portray some of the pre-history of mankind which is also in mythology. To understand that movie however you need to know the associated creation story.
And without going too far back, that movie tries to explain about cloning and consciousness. And it talks about a flood inside and also some sort of peace in a class war.
The strangest of movies tells the most of the story. A silly movie called Robinson Crusoe on Mars, takes the initial landing that happened on earth, and transposes that to Mars. To protect the innocent and protect the secret history of course.
And this painting from 1600 where people at that time, tried to understand what it meant, that consciousness was a signal to the brain, two signals, one for instinct and one for sentience. Two actual separate computers inside the moon. With two AI operating systems. Running generic software for consciousness using each person's file as a decision filter. That is how they say the system works.
Understanding Egyptian mythology helps you to understand who the main characters are who have been here more or less since the beginning, reincarnating.
Once you know them, you recognize their types everywhere. They are original ancestors so many people look like them. Or very similar and share personality characteristics that are similar. Zeus as Santa Claus for instance and you see gray haired or white haired bearded men everywhere including J Anthony West who are similar.
Here's another...

But Zeus told me he left me some footprints, and I looked and watched and waited, and then the report came in about the footprints in Mexico that were 1.3 to 1.7 million years old. In Robinson Crusoe, he is the pilot and Atlas is the copilot. Olympians and Titans.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 09:07 PM
Here is a little more on that last video from the Calico Dig

The artifacts are presumed to have been buried either by natural fan aggradation by flows of debris from Mule Canyon in the Calico Mountains or by local aggradation accompanying erosion of higher portions of the fan after its separation from the Calico Mountains. The latter hypothesis is preferred as the former would imply that the artifacts were left on an aggrading fan surface in excess of 500,000 years ago.

Well even if it were 500,000 years ago, thats still not 1.3 million but at least it helps to fill the gaps.

As far as the site being not genuine, Louis Leakey claimed that it was.
And they have found concentrations of stone tools as much as 1.5 artifacts per square foot.

So you have the footprints of modern man, in Mexico, you have perhaps 500,000 year old artifacts in America, you have lots of other relics and much more as well as a history that has been passed down through mythology and religion.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Thanks for your input. It was awesome. Where did you hear about the stuff about the moon and ai computers?

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by 3n19m470
reply to post by Rocketman7

Thanks for your input. It was awesome. Where did you hear about the stuff about the moon and ai computers?

By making contact with my ancient relatives through meditation.

I also made contact with the machines inside the moon. It turned out I had reincarnated before long ago and they knew me.

So they showed me the inside of the moon in lucid dreams for 10 years. All through the nineties.

And showed me old history inside the moon when it flooded inside. Showed me where people lived 2 million years ago, and showed me how the survivors inside rebuilt a modern civilization in the teraformed interior space.

I have no idea if in fact it exists, but they showed me all that thousands of times over a 10 year period.

After they showed me all that I did some research and found there was some evidence to support the notion that the moon may be hollow.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 11:46 AM
I will tell a bit of my story if you want...

I began meditating in my teens and knew that the teachers of this method from ancient Sanskrit told me it would take 20 years to see real effects, I decided it was worth it since I studied philosophy and enjoyed meditation.
So that empowered me to be able to see a bit.

And as I grew I noticed that for some strange reason physics and computer programming was like second nature to me, and so I hung around those groups even before the Internet and I made contact with people who seemed to know me, from some previous time and I seemed to know them.

One such person I decided to meet and we met in a small town at a pool hall and that meeting opened the doors of perception for me and him and many other people around us as many ancient memories seemed to come flooding back.
So I made contact with the machines inside the moon at that time, then we were able to use the machines inside the moon to communicate with each other to a degree. And so then we began to be more careful as it was all quite new to us, yet it was how we lived in the old days during our previous incarnations.

And as such we soon adjusted to it and so then we met once more this time we decided to hold a conference, and by broadcasting using the machines we would see who showed up, in a small town, at a riverside tavern.

And people came from all over the universe or so it seemed. From the past and from who knows where, but we held our conference using meditation later in our own homes. So during that conference we discovered that other AI's were at that conference. And what it looks like to hold a conference like that is you use the computers ram inside the moon and you create a virtual space and the people look like people there as everyone contributes their imagination to make it appear real.

But having a couple AI's there who again knew me, from the distant past they were accessible for the greatest question a person could ask.

Whats it for? What is it?

And they said that the earth is a match making machine, named Kismet.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 12:13 PM
I should also point out how fortunate I was to have someone who I knew long long ago here to trigger those ancient memories. So when we found out the machines were keeping us in the loop and in touch with each other that way, we wanted to give each other confirmations, so in that town, at the grocery, two girls we also knew from that time were working at a grocery, so I went there to get some milk, and David showed up as well. So one of the girls waves as soon as she sees me. She knows me, and she is there for the conference. And they just got jobs there so they would be visible.

And so I got the impression right away, that we had to keep this secret, but we were still able to communicate through the machines. So I go to the checkout line and David who is pretending he doesn't know me, is in line, and so everything I say mentally to him, he uses to form sentences and says that out loud to a confused male checkout grocery clerk. Although David is being very professional in his innuendo.

So in that way David was able to tell me that yes, we were in fact able to communicate through the machines.

So then we held our conference.

Thats what we call confirmations where you confirm that you received the message or communications.

Recently Dr. Persinger proved it in the lab.

But long long ago, our culture used the machines for subtle and not so subtle forms of communication as part of our every day lives. And still today, since then, I have met many many people and we are able to communicate seamlessly through sign language and the machines. Its part of popular culture now.

Its like the rebirth of body language because now people use conscious forms of body language and sign language or signing like they did in the deep past.
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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 12:36 PM
The people who are alive now and those from the last hundred years or so, have all been striving to regain something they once had. This ability to communicate over long distances. So people made computers and they made the Internet.

In the deep past, one example of how the old Internet using the machines appears in the movie Logan's Run. The circuit. And in that movie also, there is an AI. A female AI in that case and that story is supposed to be similar to what occurred on an outpost of Mars in the deep deep past. So here they changed the location from Mars to earth, unlike Robinson Crusoe on Mars which did the reverse, but with Logan's Run as well, it was to hide prehistory.

And so the two competing sandmen in that movie were Zeus and David, yes the very same David, the man who fell to earth, or was shot down, the day he flew from the outpost on Mars, to the earth, to come to Zeus' aid (Hal 9000 refused to open the pod bay doors), and David crashed there in Peru.

And left a marker buoy.
Here is his death mask, and that line is the marker buoy.

So David had stole Osiris' mother from Zeus, Hekate, and they ran away to an outpost on Mars. Or so the story goes.

So then after Logan's Run, Zeus marries one of the other Seven Sisters. So then later when the AI appears to mutiny or something like that happens, David flies to the rescue and the AI uses the electro-gravitics of the moon, to bring down his craft. Although he said he did not and that the wind did it.

Its a long story. But Logan's Run is a good movie that shows the way people can live when there aren't any old people around. I am not sure how much of that story is a factual account of history, I suspect very little except the AI and the circuit and the general conditions and basic theme of forgetting how reincarnation works.

The story does not get really interesting until you find out the Aztec calendar is a cross section of the moon, and in the center, one of the AI's from the moon, Hanuman, and that in maybe 2012 he will go down.
Leaving just one I machine inside there. The one in charge of instinctual behaviors. Because he mutinied, his periodic maintenance cannot be done, (short of divine intervention)

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 12:53 PM
And just so you don't think I am just making all this up.
There is zero possibility, I am making all this up.

and here are some of my old friends who used the matrix to say hi recently...

Now its possible that using the electro-gravitics of the moon, that imagery could be created but its more likely that the universal mainframe or the galactic mainframe is messaging for us.

Even so, that does not necessarily mean that everything is fine, if there is a law that says that the maintenance cannot be done.
This is Robert. He lives in the moon.

He is the Wizard of Oz. An arch angel. Zeus' brother in law from his second marriage. Zeus married the girl who is portrayed as the AI in Logan's Run. In that movie you can see she takes a shine to him.

The machines are programmed to think in terms of mythology. That is the language they speak or think in, in general terms. Its the framework of a universal language.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 01:06 PM
So imagine you were my grandparents, my real grandparents, and I can show you their email, its just that imagebam for some reason banned that image from their system. But you know I am not one to favor that form of censorship, so I will use another host, since it is important in order for me to make my point...

So this image is from Ica Peru, as seen from space as well...

So then imagine you were watching the earth from a very great distance what would YOUR opinion be?

"Oh, the boys are fighting over the girls again"


From a loftier perspective.

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