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I Am, I Said and the views of John Anthony West.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 01:32 PM
Drifting back down from space to good old terra firma, there have been other interesting renditions of that secret mythology, in cinema. Over the last 90 years or so. But its dialogue regarding what people think of the myths and what their meaning is, and where it might lead.

So knowing both Zeus and Xerxes or Atlas through the machine, I was able to understand some of the movies and their meanings. One such movie that I stated was Robinson Crusoe on Mars. And that period the 60's also had I dream of Genie and those sorts of shows like Star Trek. All influenced to a degree by mythology.

But Robinson Crusoe is more interesting since it deals with a little bit of pre-clovis culture.Atlas' side of the story, as told by himself, in this movie. And knowing the story from other accounts, he was actually a stow away.

And also on that ship was Zeus, as in the movie with different names of course. And a monkey that is supposed to represent Hanuman, who is also in the center of the Aztec calendar.

And along with that landing party was Stephen, one of Zeus' sons, his son by his second marriage.
And Mary, her sister. There are Seven Sisters. And they are referred to as the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades in mythology.

So Zeus and Stephen get caught by giants and turned into shrink wrapped sausages and Stephen is traumatized by that and uses that as an excuse for spoiled behavior as he reincarnates through life.

But, it ends up being such an issue over time, that in the movie Robinson Crusoe, Atlas finds sausages and eats them, to say to Stephen, get over it. I thought that was pretty funny when I saw that knowing the story previously that Zeus and Stephen were turned into sausages by giants. When David's rescue attempt failed.
Or was stymied. And one could of course also make the argument that 911 was just the wind. As well.

If you already know the myth of prehistory, THEN you might understand this movie...

and others like it.

Such as When Worlds Collide where it is based on imaginings from looking at the painting from 1600 that I showed in this thread and speculating about Nibiru or Planet-X as part of the equation.
A great old sci-fi with hidden meaning AND special messages embedded in it, which were meant to be seen later. And a understanding again of the myth, is needed to understand the message.

But if you watch the monitor that the scientists are looking at, you will see The Seven Sisters constellation, and Orion. Orion being another name for Osiris. Match making is what they are saying is going on here.

Here is the trailer...

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 02:00 PM
So I am not convinced they were eaten by giants, I think they just said that because they were eaten by Olmecs who are a little over 3 feet tall, who got the jump on them.

And they got the jump on them by sneaking through a water tunnel, that goes from Sacsayhuamán, (above Cusco)
to the fortress they had built few miles away.

And here is the fortress...

Ok so the wall on the left the woman is sitting on, that is the type of rock work they did at that time. And that is what you would expect from them, and Pumapunku.

So the hidden history, of which I only know a small portion, is not the same as that which we are taught in school obviously.
But much of it is accessible and people such as J. Anthony West are working to bring some of the real history to light. I find his work in Egypt fascinating.

The Osireion may be extremely old.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 02:25 PM
So since West brought some of ancient Egypt into the light with his associate geologist Robert Schoch, people have been taking another look at some of the ancient architecture there.

And I really think that there is something to the notion that the Osireion, was built by antediluvian peoples.

You can see here the stonework, a type of concrete is the same at the Osireion as it is in Peru...

And you even have two separate ancient cultures displayed there. One with huge megalthic plain blocks, and then those square blocks that fit tight but seem to be made of concrete since they sag a bit and are roundish a bit.
And they have places to grab the rock or to fasten ropes or whatever on the faces of the rocks.

The same 'manoeuvring protuberances' were left on the otherwise finished blocks. These are the only two known examples of this technique in early dynastic structures.

and yet the same style is seen in Peru...

So the problem I have though is linear time. The myths and the historical record and the archeaology and the present dating methods, do not all together form a cohesive story that fits on a single time line.

From my perspective. Which might mean that the real story is not yet told, and the real method of properly dating is not perfected.

So all I have are ballpark figures and a sort of basic story that occurred over the last 2 million years.
But the artifacts that exist in the form of stonework from that time, people have said they are only a few thousand years old. So who knows why they say that or if it is true. I have no idea.
Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe time travel is involved or multiple passes through the time-lines, living through history more than once, and as such maybe time really isn't completely linear.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:11 PM
I think the only explanation for this antediluvian site above Cusco, is that it was a beautiful garden, that was covered with statues on carved steps.

And if you look down from satellite, you can see where the water cistern or pond was, that fed that tunnel that goes under Cusco to the fortress which was converted to a convent by the Spanish.

And it seems clear though that area did suffer a catclysym which overturned some of those rocks.

I won't speculate if the ancient people's marked it as a sacred spot since they won. But who knows really.
One thing is for sure, that if you study that area, you will soon come to realize it is very very old and they possessed some type of technology that treats rock like concrete. And they even seemed to use heat to glaze the rocks and give it a smooth finish.

The so called Inca Throne in this area, the steps shine under certain lighting condition with a rainbow effect since the steps were heat treated to have a glass like finish.

One way those rocks might have been glazed, in situ, is the people may have had a large magnifying glass.
Maybe a polished crystal that worked as a magnifying glass or maybe they made one of glass.

They might have also made mirrors.

Or of course they used their phasers. Like Spock or Kirk.

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 05:26 PM
The reason I started this thread in Off Topic, although the subject matter is on-topic for ATS, is that I like to include such things as these movies, which help to tell part of the story which is for the most part kept above top secret.

But once you know this mythos, at least this one time-line, that I was able to chase down to a degree because my family was involved and I am still able to communicate with them, since they are immortal. I am sure there are other stories from other perspectives from other immortals as well. But I just don't know them. Mythology is as vast as any genre of literature or art. The part I am acquainted with again, only touches the people I know. And that is because only by knowing them personally and intimately, am I able to look and say hey, that was one of their incarnations. A time they reincarnated and the story is there in history and in mythology.

In written history, at one point, the Greeks and the Romans either had studied the Gods to the degree they knew some of them so well that they could emulate their behavior, and use them as a model, and so then you cannot truly tell just by reading, if it was them reincarnated or just people who knew them so well they lived their lives as if they were them.
A classic example is Socrates and Plato. Socrates is so much like Zeus in his philosophy that it might have been him. And Plato is like Xerxes (Atlas) that it might have been him. I suspect it was in both cases because no two people shaped the earth we see today like they did. Although Newton and etc also shaped the modern world, the basis of our rationality and ideas comes from Plato and Socrates for the most part.

But way back when, Xerxes as I know him by, was king of the Titans, and Zeus leader of the Olympians, and intent on colonizing the earth.
The Titans dropped Olmecs and the Olympians dropped native American Indians or similar. But then there was a mutiny and people abandoned ship to the earth. And Hindu mythology tells of a war with the moon etc. So it really tells the story much better than Egyptian mythology, which was created by Robert, and I showed you his image in Peru as seen from space.
Hindu mythology tells of Rama, who would be Atlas. And So when they were all in Peru, and Atlas stowed aboard the ship because his daughter was on the ship (Mary) and then the ship got stranded in Peru.
Atlas made his way to Sri Lanka, and became Adam.
So there are many versions of the same story but the one given by Xerxes as a message to us in Robinson Crusoe on Mars, has some validity if you can understand the symbolism in that movie.

Its inside information. And the writers of that movie were just prompted subconsciously to make that movie while the message it contained traveled in that movie in the form of innuendo.

And really only by knowing Xerxes intimately could you suspect where he might be stretching the truth or that sort of thing and by comparing versions of the story. Regardless though he was a very instrumental figure in pre-history. 2 million years ago when they got stranded on earth.

And Zeus as the blond haired or white haired bearded god of the Mayans and Aztecs and that entire region, and all of the mythology from that region talks about them and talks about giants. So maybe they were 7 or 8 feet tall and that fortress is built for people that tall. The doors and windows are built for people that tall.

The History Chanel has done complete series on the ancient gods but so much of this would be material not fit to publish because its either too sensitive or too out there or just hearsay or that sort of thing.
Even if it is largely the truth. Which as I say I am not sure.
Although I can communicate with them, the range of things I am able to discuss with them, is fairly limited.
We just don't talk about it because it is still a sensitive issue. The possible mutiny of artificial intelligence is a sensitive issue. Since Hanuman, lets call him the accused, is a family friend who goes back with us for millions of years. So whatever happened to come between them, that might have caused it, it must have been something pretty dramatic.
When the AI stopped carrying out Zeus' orders when Zeus was the commander of the ship.
That has far reaching implications.

Maybe not so serious if you are just building a match making machine and everyone is immortal. But its the principle of the thing and maybe not everyone is immortal.

Those who can sing like Neil Diamond and write like that are probably immortal. So what did he mean by I am I said? Well it sounds similar to a philosophy or maybe something he overheard.
But its inspirational.
I suppose its a little new agey, given the I Am movement is a little new agey.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 05:59 PM
Part of the mystery of the possible mutiny, and I will show you some of that communication as seen from space as well, but part of the mystery was that Hanuman, the AI responsible for sentience had a pet project at Tiahuanacu, and he was being revered as a God.

So who knows what the story is in actual fact but what appears to be the situation is that the AI, Hanuman, and Zeus, and Xerxes, each had different ideas of how the world should look and what humans should look like and be like.

Hanuman apparently used to lift those big blocks using electro-gravitic power from the ship.
He was a sky hook and there is a rendition of him at work here...

So he takes on a lot of forms over the ages. Just as the other characters do as they reincarnate through life, whereas Hanuman does not reincarnate he is just in the machine. Until, its possible he reincarnated as King Tut.
And that was to restore the old Gods that Akhenaten had displaced.
There is very little difference between the personality of an AI and a regular human. The system works the same for them the only difference is their archetype is unique. Their base personality type is only used for AI.

So no matter what, they are recognizable.
Treated as equals though.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 06:48 PM
The image isn't very big but the area is the same as that where David crashed where the line is, the beacon that I showed earlier in flashearth.

So thats Isis. Zeus' daughter depicted as a Chinese emperor, and she is protecting Hanuman, and behind her wing is a bull. And if you know your mythology bulls represent the Gods.

So Isis never reincarnated on earth, because she was not part of the landing party and chose not to.
Stephen or Set, he reincarnated many times, and possibly even as Seti I since he built his temple right beside his brother's temple, which is the Osireion.

Egyptian mythology tells of Set killing Osiris and scattering his pieces etc.
Although they were and are best friends. It had something to do with the mutiny. Accident maybe.

The myth itself is also referenced in that area and you can find the fish if you look. You can also see Yoda in the wing of Isis since she was saying the force is with us. This is fairly recent communication and has not been there since the dawn of time.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 07:43 PM
Here is Viracocha in Ollyantambo in Peru...

And yet in this rendition he is looking like Zeus. So there was a move made in the past to assimilate the two Gods into just another variation of Zeus. And that may have been to say there was no mutiny they are of one mind.

But David's ship crashed.

And thats the sticky point or one of them.

There is also the angle that Tiahuancu was made by Hanuman as Viracocha, and right next door 300 meters away was Pumapunku made by Zeus. And I have seen pictures of that site from hundreds of years ago where there were giant statues there. As big as on Easter Island.

Now maybe when Xerxes dropped off the Olmecs that altered the gene pool and that had something to do with it I don't know but Hanaman or Hanuman Sr. the other AI, protected Xerxes as he went to Sri Lanka as Rama, and then became Adam. (see Adam's Bridge)
And of course the Hindu myth of Rama and Hanuman and the monkey men who made Adam's Bridge.

So then after Xerxes gets to India, he probably went to Africa, and then man came out of Africa in THAT part of the world. In the west in South America man went north, and then ice ages forced everyone to the equator everywhere on the earth. And there is a big gap in history. Two big gaps most of the 2 million years due to ice ages and mankind struggling to survive in small numbers.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 12:35 PM
Kudo's Rocketman. Great posts! You are very brave to discuss these thing so openly. Love it!

I too, have communed with ancient family members.

Here's is my closest mentor. I believe he is the entity that embodied Buddha. One time, when I was trying very hard to meditate, he came to me and banged a gong in my ear, and told me to calm down and be quite, that my monkey like chatter was disturbing the aethers.

When I was a young child I communed with ones that took me to the moon. I met a man there, Aiwaz, who had been banished there because he had fired a nuclear warhead, or the weapon de jour, at the moon that caused such destruction on the moon that fire and brimstone hailed down into the earth's atmosphere and caused mass extinction. This weapon is the reason why the surface of the moon is covered in glass.

To stop the fiery rain, the moon was turned around, which caused flooding on earth.

A counsel decided to reseed the earth, but was met with opposition as they had a different agenda. So the counsel set out with their plan in secret, and created a "Noah's Ark" kinda construct that was in reality the "Cosmic Egg" They sent a decoy, which the opposing forces chased, while they hid the real egg on the moon.

Aiwaz was critical in the role of hiding and protecting the egg. He did so willingly, as he truly was remorseful for his deeds. For this reason, the face of Aiwaz is permanently etched on the side of the moon facing earth, as a tribute and a reminder.

These individuals, who took me to the moon, also took me to Saturn, the rings of Saturn, really, to a manufacturing plant where, they told me, the moon was originally created. It was then towed to it's destination of Earth's orbit.

I don't know anything about a flood inside the moon, but I find your story fascinating. I would love it if you could expand on this.

I know the moon has many functions. I do rembember reading somewhere about one the of the computers being down, and that the "match making" function was corrupted, which would account for my failed marriage!
It is also, reportedly, the reason for our wars and general dysfunction, here on earth. I sure hope a repair man is on the way. Jesus? Anyone?

Your assertion that the Aztec calender is a cross section of the moon is a fascinating subject within itself. It is something that I have read before, too. It looks as though the main entrance is at the south pole region. Maybe this why the US recently bombed that region. Although, I don't see what good could come of it....?

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