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Ron Paul Revolution

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:51 AM
I had this thought the other day, where else to share but ATS?

So as Ron Paul tours the country promoting and spreading his ideals to anyone who will listen, mostly younger college or graduate students, is this idea of a revolution actually coming upon us? Think about it for a second. People are starting to wake up, protest, and speak their mind about the government; mainly, in my opinion, because the average person is becoming more affected by government by the day. I was personally at the rally in Pittsburgh, his hometown
on 4/20. The place, soldiers and sailors memorial, was almost sold out; there was a penguin playoff game that day and us Pittsburghers take our sports VERY seriously, so this many people is quiet the acomplishment. ( I recorded the first 15minutes of his speach on my phone, but I am having trouble uploading it to YouTube right now, once I get it on there I'll post it)

As I lurk ATS and read about the delegates (not here to discuss this) as well as talk of taking over the RNC by Paul supporters, is it not unreasonable to suggest that there will be an uprising if he gets the short end of the stick in the election? He preaches revolution to people who are mostly young, passionate, and seem they would do anything to get this man elected. This is certainly boiling to set up some big things in this country, the pressure is building and people are getting desperate to get out of this mess we are in.

Please no one say that Obama is in the process of fixing everything because, let's face it, his way, if it works, is taking longer than our society moves, thinks, and reacts to.

Are we, as a group on this site, missing what we are all potentially leading to? The MSM is losing viewers as people go to alternative places to find unbiased news. Ron Paul is selling out during his conventions and yet Romney isn't, atleast to my knowledge he isn't. Is it because Romney appeals to the older generations and they don't want to waste their time? You can say people are voting for whoever the media tells them, but if they are losing viewers how can they keep having that much of a force? Especially now that it's only Romney and Paul the sheeple, republican sheeple, must say to themselves, "who is this Paul guy? Why is he still in the race? Is he THIS crazy to run when he has already lost?"

Ron Paul has something up his sleeve and as a constitutionalist it is very apparent to myself. (although it is stated in the declaration and not the constitution, however we did get the 2nd amendment for such purposes)

"well the people don't stand a chance against the government, even if they do decide to overthrow the government"

I have to disagree, Ron Paul has the most military donations BY FAR

Is it unthinkable to suggest with support from most of the military, young eager and fighting aged individuals, as well as we all know that Ron Paul supporters are diehard. Pun Intended

So am I spending too much time on ATS or am I on to something here? Is this what 2012 is about? I've heard numerous times from people on ATS that if America goes, the world will follow.
I believe we are in a need of some sort of revolution however I do not condone a violent one, but if it came down to it I will fight to better my country, humanity, and my brothern.

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:56 AM
RP supporters will not roll over if Romney wins the ticket. Like me, most RP supporters will write RP in on the ballot. I will not vote for the lesser evil. Mittens is just as bad as Obama, if not worse.

Watch this video. It will tell you exactly how RP will win the presidency….

Ron Paul WILL be the next POTUS! This is HOW it will happen
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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:59 AM
An elected official drawing support from the US military to undermine a sitting President is mutiny and treason.

Revolution will not happen, no matter how bloodthirsty the Paul crowd is.

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by DaTroof

What the government has done to the People of this country, let alone the world, over the past many decades is treasonous. It doesn't what I posted any better or worse. Treason is treason. Colonies separating from the British government was treason which was pretty good for some and pretty bad for others. There is no justification of treason, however to,overthrow tyranny does help.

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