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Getting the most out of the Hidden_Hand message

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:17 PM
In order to get the most out of the Hidden_Hand message it is necessary to have at least a rudimentary understanding of what today’s mainstream scientists are seeking as a Unified Field Theory. The Infinite Creator is The Unified Field, and in order to define the Unified Field it is necessary to define the Infinite Creator. In order to define the Infinite Creator it is necessary to define, or more accurately re-define, yourself.

In order to re-define yourself it is necessary to open the mind or intellect to the possibility that you do not possess all the information or data that is available to you in the well of information we call universe.

In other words, as stated in the Ra material, you must come to the conscious realization that you, personally, do not really know. Everything you think you know is opinion, or belief. This realization is what is called the Wisdom of Ignorance, and until you realize it, you operate in the ignorance of wisdom. We choose to ignore real wisdom because we believe we already know, because of self righteousness or our own intellectual pride.

Our beliefs are not ultimate Truth; they are simply our truth as we believe it to be now. If you are not aware that another truth exists it may as well not exist as far as you are concerned.

If any of the Hidden Hands of the 13 bloodlines happen to read this, ask yourselves how your own beliefs have been manipulated and controlled by your up-line. What truths have they kept hidden from you? Why is it that your indoctrination process must be so mercilessly harsh? Have you ever considered that your own bloodlines may have been infiltrated by the S.T.O. controllers?

Have you ever considered that maybe you are not who you have been taught to believe yourself to be? Have the controllers of your up-line ever taught you that it is possible to change polarities at anytime? The greater your ability to access the power of Intelligent Infinity, the easier it is for you to change polarities. If Hidden_Hand believes everything he wrote in his thread, he is much closer to 50% positive than to 95% negative.

If Lucifer is waiting for you to catch up with Him in the upper sixth dimension, which path would be more advantageous to this goal?

As I mentioned earlier, a rudimentary understanding of the Unified Field that we have been taught to misunderstand as God, which is basically a Unified Field of all Life, can help us to expand our awareness of this Unified Field and come to understand it as The Infinite Creator, the process of creation, as well as all that is created.

This understanding will help us to see life from a new and higher perspective or point of view which can and will completely change our entire cosmology and allow us to achieve a critical mass of consciousness awareness that will cause the collective consciousness we call humanity to make an evolutionary leap into a new paradigm of unlimited potential and unlimited freedom for us all.

The Hidden Hand message contains a lot of truth, however, we must see it as a message that serves not only the agenda of the upper sixth dimensional social memory complex Lucifer, but also the agendas of the thought form identities inhabiting the fifth, fourth, and third dimensions that are more distorted towards the biases and tendencies of behaviors that we judge as “evil”, which are projections of those social memory complexes described as the fallen angels in our mythological texts.

Their agenda is not to create a negative harvest so that they can create a negative earth for themselves to evolve on. The earth is herself a lifeform that chose long ago to evolve through the S.T.O. path and their is nothing the S.T.S. contollers can do to change that.

Those puppets incarnated on earth now have little chance of achieving 95% S.T.S. They don't realize how incredibly disciplined and focused they must become in order to achieve this. Could it be that those who are capable of ascending along this path know that they will be doing it on another planet? Maybe one on which they will be the lowest of the low, and wish to bring as many slaves as they can with them?

If we come to see Life as a process that includes both creation and evolution, a process that may be more readily described as revolution, in that life organizes itself from the logos in descending distortions of life forms through greater distortions of awareness we call dimensions and then turns around and ascends through these distortions back to the clarity of the Logos, we may better understand ourselves, our lives, our world, and the well of information we call universe, and learn that Free Will is the Law that can never be taken away, it can only be relinquished through false beliefs.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 09:28 AM
Ah, lol, the good ole rationalization of bad deeds. Tell them they are stupid for not doing evil and its not a big deal. You all can keep on doing that, im going to continue trying to follow the word of the lord and stay away from that crap.

I wonder how many stupid people you all trap with this flawed logic?

People fail to realize how it perpetuates evil/satan. Sex (just for example) has become a non sacred thing over the past few decades in this country, and what are the results: increased abortion, poverty, promiscuity. One small evil doing is all it takes to light the proverbial fuse to the later problems.

Like I said im just going to try to keep doing right by people. Good luck with your perspective on this though, I respect your right to your view.

Also, I feel it is ignorant for any man to claim that they know so much about the "unknown" and not even talking about you OP. Im talking about the fact that this STS is defined as an "evil percentage rate". I mean, whose to say a person is measured in percentage at all? Perhaps there is some other measure of deeds/character or whatever is the basis.

I just feel a lot of people dont know what they are talking about, and they further lose credibility when they try to put variables from the physical world into it.
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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:22 PM
Beliefs are basically the scaffolding by which our present paradigm, worldview, or consensus reality has been built, propped up, and maintained. Though we don’t realize it, we are currently trapped between two opposing paradigms by the old scaffolding (false beliefs) because we refuse to see that the old scaffolding must be dismantled before our awareness can expand to the boundaries of the scaffolding of the new and less limiting paradigm.

Our refusal to truly examine ourselves, our beliefs, and our worldview is a direct result of manipulation by what you call the “controllers”. The way these controllers manipulate and control us is through our own false beliefs which they have taught us. They teach us to believe things that are not true, and then use these false beliefs to separate and divide us, and keep us fighting amongst ourselves to divert our attention away from the fact that we are being manipulated and controlled.

What we today call the Age of Enlightenment or the Renaissance was the beginning of a critical mass of consciousness awareness which threatened a global paradigm shift that would allow humanity to come to the realization of unlimited potential.

Brilliant free thinkers like Copernicus, Newton, Galileo, DaVinci, and a host of others, who refused to be limited by the false beliefs of the old paradigm, and refused to be subjugated by powers and authorities (controllers) of their time, began the dismantling of the old scaffolding, and the construction of a new and less limiting scaffolding through the process of seeking truth which came to be called science.

The controllers could not allow this to happen because it would totally remove their power and authority and place it squarely in the hands of the individual human. The controllers know that; “United we stand and divided we fall”, and so they did what they have always done which is use our beliefs to manipulate and control us and eventually divide us.

So along comes Darwin with a theory called The Origin of the Species which basically said there is no Creator. Life is an accidental crap shoot that evolved from a kind of primordial protozoan soup.

To the religionists who had been taught to teach the beliefs of the old paradigm this amounted to an open declaration of war. To the controllers this was the perfect wedge to drive between the old closed minded “believers” and the new open minded free thinkers and put the brakes on the shift to a new paradigm.

Even before Darwin the controllers manipulated the believers into branding the free thinkers as devil or demon possessed heretics, and most of the early scientists were muzzled by threats of ex-communication from the church, imprisonment, torture, and even death. Galileo spent the greater part of his scientific career under house arrest by the Vatican.

The controllers basically instituted a campaign of terror against science which caused the free thinkers to go underground, which silenced them for a while at least, until Darwin came along and opened a floodgate of pent up emotions throughout the scientific community which caused the escalation of a battle between religionists and scientists into out and out war between science and religion. Today we call this war Creation vs. Evolution.

Neither science nor religion realizes that they have been cleverly and subtly manipulated into dogmatic beliefs that serve only the agendas of the controllers. By using religion to force scientists to see themselves as victims and defend themselves and their theories, the controllers, over time, changed the point of view or perspective of science from the champions of free thought and seekers of truth, to the defenders of scientific beliefs, or dogma
As a result, science has become just another religion. Scientists, whether they are willing to admit it or not, have allowed the controllers to manipulate them into the false belief that there is no Creator, and in order to defend this unproven opinion they have created another false belief that says anything real must be physically or mathematically provable.

Yet what about thought? Can you physically or mathematically prove thought to be real? Can you physically or mathematically prove emotions to be real? How many of sciences theories have actually been physically or mathematically proven?

Basically, none of them have been proven. They are, we must admit, dogma. They are arrogant opinions arrived at, basically, through the meta-physical process we call thought, and will remain that way until someone comes along who can disprove them, and the controllers will do everything in their power to keep that from happening.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:42 PM
The controllers’ power is formidable because they are the ones who hold the purse strings and if you begin to think a little too freely they can and will remove your funding and you have a vested interest in keeping the money flowing. How many others also depend upon you to keep the money flowing?

The controllers’ hold on mainstream scientists is particularly formidable because they have the power to assign scientists who threaten to upset the apple cart to a powerless and penniless lunatic fringe. Imagine the fear of the average mainstream scientist at the mere thought of being labeled as a conspiracy theorist or U.F.O. hunter.

Mainstream scientists, no matter how brilliant or well meaning they may be, have allowed the controllers to use their own intellectual pride and self interests to turn them into mindless believers who follow the directions of the controllers without questioning the beliefs into which they are indoctrinated by our so-called institutions of higher learning, whose curriculum is decided on by the controllers.

Scientists, just like religionists, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into false beliefs about the Creator. It doesn’t matter what you believe about the Creator. Even the belief that there is no Creator, since it hasn’t been scientifically proven, is still just another belief about the Creator, so you must admit that you are still a believer of a closed minded dogma, no matter how ridiculous that dogma may or may not be.

If you are not willing to open your mind to the possibility that your belief system may be wrong, and that your teachers may be wrong, you may believe yourselves to be scientists, but in truth, you are just another religionist, period.

Because of the controllers’ manipulations to divide us, the war between science and religion diverted our attention away from the dismantling of the old paradigm scaffolding, and as a result, the only old scaffolding that we managed to dismantle was the false belief in a flat earth.

Though scientists today refuse to see it, all of their cosmological theories are built upon the sub-conscious false beliefs of our world as the center of intelligent life as well as the beginning of intelligent life, which is basically the same as the beginning and center of all creation.

We are taught to believe that the third dimensional carbon based life forms that we call our bodies are the highest form of life. We have no real understanding of what dimensions really are, or of the more highly evolved beings inhabiting the higher dimensions because of what we have been taught to believe the dimensions to be.

The dimensions we are taught to believe in are not dimensions at all, but merely spatial directions. The concept of height, width, and depth, which scientists use to understand what they call the first three dimensions are nothing but different directions in space, and in this context a dimension is nothing more than a potential measurement.

Have you ever seen or experienced any physical object that has only one or two dimensions? Everything physical must have three dimensions or potential measurements in order for us to see or experience it. Only an imaginary straight line can have only one dimension, and only an imaginary plane can have only two dimensions. Any physical depth is measurable no matter how thin it may appear to be. In order for something to have a physical existence it must possess a measurable height, width, and depth.

Everything that exists physically, or even meta-physically, is made up of energy that is vibrating, so how is it that we have come to translate the symbol “dimension” as a potential measurement in one direction? How can this translation ever possibly lead us to an understanding of a Unified Field of Energy?

What if we were to re-translate the symbol “dimension” as a spectrum of vibration like a bandwidth, frequency range, or density of vibration? Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to misunderstand dimensions as potential measurements in different spatial directions when they know full well of the existence of different densities of vibrations of the energy we call “light”, which everything physical is made up of?

Our third dimensional life forms are carbon based. Would a fourth dimensional life form existing in a state of higher vibration, whose energy is vibrating at a high enough rate to inhabit the same space as us without us being aware of their presence, be carbon based? Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to believe that all life must be carbon based and only able to maintain itself on earth like planets with liquid water? Why do scientists refuse to ask themselves these questions?

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 03:06 PM
An important point to understand here is that the third dimensional physical identity who physically typed this information and posted it here is more than likely channeling the information.

Anytime we channel information, there is the possibility of more than one higher dimensional entity providing said information, many times without the channeler being aware of where the information is coming from.

Hidden_Hand may claim that he is channeling Lucifer, and may well be at times, however, much of this information is not coming from the same entity, and this will be patently obvious to anyone who has learned the art of discernment.

What is most important here is not what is being said by whom, but what, if any of it is being believed by the reader. Truth, like everything else in our world is relative to the beliefs of the one who is experiencing what he or she believes to be true.

Ultimate truth is not something that a third dimensional entity is capable of experiencing, at least not from the perspective of third dimensional consciousness awareness. Third dimension is not a dimension of either truth or understanding.

Third dimension, as taught by Ra, is the dimension of The Choice. It has also been called the Plane of Demonstration. We learn, or more correctly may learn, by making choices and observing the results of those choices, and then demonstrate what we have learned by making “better” choices.

The most important choice, or The Choice of this dimension is the choice of which polarity or path we will evolve through in the higher dimensions. Most of us made this choice before we came into this incarnation and all of our experiences are catalysts meant to bring us to the making of this choice consciously.

The only obligation of the OP, whether he is aware of it or not, is the obligation to choose whether or not he will exercise his own personal free will to say whatever he desires to say. Oaths and vows of secrecy may be rescinded at any time simply by desire, intent, and will.

Secrecy is a tool of the dark, negative, or service to self path, and anyone who has taken vows of secrecy, for whatever reason, have been manipulated by the service to self controllers, and serve the agendas of those controllers even if they believe they are walking the path of Light.

The time for secrets is over. In fourth dimension, positive or negative, there will be no more secrets. Your energy, your lifeforce, will become an open book for anyone to read, so you may as well get used to that fact now and begin to become your authentic self rather than the image of yourself that you project to the world.

Because of the manipulations of those who walk the dark path, so much confusion has been sown over the course of millennia that the human mind, or psyche, has become split, and our own fear of the light has caused us to assign one half of our mind to the darkness of the realm of the sub-conscious.

This half of the human mind has come to be called “Satan”, and the ego. It is basically a sub-human altered ego that operates in the same realm as the consciousness of the body, or that part of our consciousness that controls the processes of our bodies that we do not usually consciously control.

This half of our mind is, in reality, what has been called the Divine Feminine and also the emotional body. It is the part of our mind that operates emotionally and intuitively and its information or data is processed through the right hemisphere of our physical brains.

Because of the confusing paradoxical fearful beliefs we have been taught about a patriarchal, monotheistic deity we call God, we have relegated one half of our mind to a sub-conscious, sub-human condition that is able to control our actions through instinctive responses to experiential catalyst by overriding our mental processes.

The information given about Yahweh is one point of intentionally sown confusion. The Old Testament of the Bible is a recorded history of the manipulations of a trickster of the service to self path masquerading as "God" whose name was Jehovah, and a service to others messenger known as Yahweh.

Yahweh did not intend to be seen and worshiped as a god, but because of the superstitious ignorance of the times, this was the result, which forced Yahweh to remove himself from a now hypocritical position that could only result in the infringement of humanities free will.

This afforded an opportunity for the trickster Jehovah to confuse, manipulate, and otherwise adulterate the beliefs of the children of Israel and cause them to see themselves as the elite chosen people of the "One True God".

These distorted beliefs allowed Jehovah to cause Israel to slaughter anything and everything in their paths during their forty years in the wilderness, and afterward, as well as subvert and confuse the mission of the service to others messenger known as Moses.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by iamonesoru

thanks for your post iamonesoru. I profited greatly from this perspective...just as Ive profited greatly from hidden_hands perspective.

Its a very sad state of affairs when people feel obliged to credit the author rather then interpreting the message, and I fear this is how 99.9% of the people in the world works today (including several "lightworkers" and truth-seekers).

I tought you could refrain from writing the last paragraphs which dealt with more specific stuff, but I would ask you, if you could cite some basic sources on the kind of topic you talked about, so I could look upon them , Id be really gratefull.

Cheers, all the best

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:15 AM
Not a bad breakdown if I do say so myself. In fact, I feel that you hit the nail's proverbial head. In all honesty, I mostly just skimmed it, but it does seem solid. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I do plan on coming back later to give this post the attention that I feel it deserves. For me, it was a bit too direct, almost too confrontational and accusatory. Though that is just my humble opinion. When I personally look to help others, I prefer a more rounds about approach. Oh well, to each his own as they say. Thank you for taking the time to type that up and I wish you well in all future endeavours..

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