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Tell me about "Diversity"

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 01:32 AM
I'm going for a job in a local children's residential home, and they are very hot on diversity, equality and respect.
I have a couple of friends who work in children's support, and they have been mentoring and prepping me, since I have no experience in a residential setting. One of the interview questions that has put a bee in my bonnet though is, "What are your opinions on diversity?"

The reason it has me in a tizz, is because I'm not sure how it is different from equality. From what I know, equality is the belief that all should be treated as equals, and I am an advocate of this.
But what is diversity? Is it just a blanket term that covers much more than how many different 'somethings' there are?
For example: Although my home town is not very ethnically diverse, I do not discriminate against members of another ethnicity. Therefore, I employ equality in treating everyone the same.
By my reckoning, they come hand in hand.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this. I just haven't had a job interview in so long, I don't want to fall at the first hurdle by not being able to give them a thoughtful answer.

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 01:36 AM
If they're gonna ask that question, all you have to say is:

Diversity is good - when you bring in people of different backgrounds and experience, you get new perspectives and ways to deal with issues and people. If your personnel is made up of all very similar people, there are very few opportunities for progress and development

Because for the most part it's true

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 01:53 AM
I guess it's the same as equality, just you focus on the fact that different people have different ways of doing things, and no culture is right or wrong. It means they don't want somebody who will push a particular point of view, like for example in a Christian school, and somebody who understands various cultures.

Bring a multi-ethnic story book with native tales from Africa, South America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, and read a story of a different culture every day.

Basically it also means they are multiracial and you should be comfortable with that, and not have any racial baggage.
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by Lulzaroonie

Its a catch all phrase designed to be vague and cover all the bases at the same time. A children's home... where all the broken children come for all different reasons. When they ask you, just shrug and say, I don't discriminate. Like its no big deal. Big hurdle actually. They need people with broad base acceptance and extraordinary patience. You'll do fine, because you are concerned about it. More power to you, I would have difficulty day to day.

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by intrptr

Right! Because it honestly ISN'T a big deal to me, you know? I'm not just 'getting a job', this is hopefully going to kick start my career in counselling and social work, and I certainly wouldn't apply to work in a place with vulnerable children if I couldn't accept that these kids don't need more stress and unhappiness in their lives, and need someone to be accepting and non-judgemental.

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by Lulzaroonie

I'm a sales manager, I have to higher ppl all the time, if asked about diversity I'd g with something along these lines.

" I feel that diversity is vital to the workplace, each person has a different background, the more perspectives you have in a company the better equipped you become to handle the demand of an ever changing workplace."

Or some such none sensical dribble that sounds politcally correct enough to dazzle the highering manager with bs.

We ask the diversity equality type questions to filter out any aholes who would have problems working with other people, it's all situation dependent but I bet it's the same.
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:12 AM
Open ended questions are never easy to answer and you can very easily end up stuck in the rabbit's hole if they do not hear what they want to hear.

If you have never been say around a diverse group of individuals to learn about diversity I would not lie to them by making up thoughts or feelings....mind you it is never a good thing to lie to a future employer or current one for that matter of fact.

I have been around just about every ethnic group under the sun and the generalized summary is that people are people the same all over the world no matter the ethnicity.

I say just be yourself and explain your situation and thoughts on diversity in general. I do not advise taking someone's "worded" response to them, for that would not be your response and not right.

You never had any associates outside of your ethnic group?

I have always aced interviews.

If you have absolutely no experience conversing or interacting with people from other ethnic groups or cultures that will be something you will have to experience in life and learn as you go. There is no text book way on handling people.

People have different personalities and are individuals so one model does not apply to all.

Just be yourself and express to them what you feel vs. what you know, but don't get into the clouds keep everything well grounded. Keep it all in a positive light naturally and you should do just fine.

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:21 AM
Diversity is focusing on the differences between people. Diversity is dividing people into groups based on race, religion, culture, social status, etc. Focusing on diversity is what creates hatred, racism and bigotry.

When you look at a group of children, do you see white kids, asian kids, black kids, hispanic, rich, poor or do you see a group of children?

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by N3k9Ni

A group of children, their ethnicity doesn't concern me, and will never concern me. My main concern would be their well being, not the colour of their skin.
I feel like part of the reason I struggle with this is because though I might 'see' someone is different, I don't 'recognise' it, if that makes sense, or maybe the other way around. People are people.
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by Lulzaroonie

Very good. That is exactly what you should say to your employer.

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by Lulzaroonie

Thank you for that reply.
Maybe also be aware that they may ask your "opinions" on diversity, because there will be some pressure they want you to apply to get the kids to conform to society. Thats the fine line hard part walk. They pressure you to get conformity out of already disrupted little lives. So sad. Noble profession working with children. I wish you well.


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