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Saudi Grand Mufti Calls for "Destruction of All Churches in Region"

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by Laserjock

The mainstream media has finally caught up with the story. The Christian broadcasters and Jihad watch had the scoop a whole week ahead of MSM. Only after the matter is discussed by bishops in Austria is the matter noticed by MSM.

I would guess that since MSM is rather enamored with "up coming war with Iran", discussion of banning Christian practice in Gulf States (part of Arabian Peninsula), host countries of U.S. strategic assets could cause friction in the "wonderful" anti-Iran coalition.

The MSN News article you linked to is from Copyright 2012 Thomson Reuters. The Yahoo news is also an exact copy from Reuters. Reuters is using the Christian sites as a source:

Christian websites have reported Sheikh Abdulaziz, one of the most influential religious leaders in the Muslim world, issued the fatwa last week in response to a Kuwaiti lawmaker who asked if Kuwait could ban church construction in Kuwait.
Citing Arab-language media reports, they (christian websites*) say the sheikh ruled that further church building should be banned and existing Christian houses of worship should be destroyed.
*underlining and bolded note by Pthena

I wonder if the Bishops had access to original source of the Grand Mufti's statement or if they also were relying on the Christian websites.

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 01:34 AM
On another note:

The Reuters article makes mention of a planned interfaith dialogue centre to be funded by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and Austria defend plan for interfaith dialogue centre in Vienna

By Sylvia Westall OCTOBER 14, 2011

Saudi Arabia has defended its plan to fund a religious dialogue centre in Vienna saying Judaism and other faiths would be represented and that it would be free from political interference. Critics of the centre say Saudi Arabia’s austere version of Sunni Islam means it is an unsuitable country to promote religious debate. Saudi Arabia does not allow other faiths to have places of worship in the kingdom and its Muslims are forbidden from converting to other religions on pain of death.

So basically, Saudi Arabia can't host their own interfaith dialog center in Sunni only Saudi Arabia, else people of other faiths will walk on Islam only soil. Solution: build the center in another (less than holy) country. How open minded of them!

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 01:39 AM
where christianity is only actioned or practiced in a building of stone or wood then perhaps it is best that it be destroyed as religouscosity and falsity so revealed.......what makes a christian christian..what it *is*, is intangible to the 5 senses, only ever evidenced outwardly in the actions and expression of the hearts of some pretty wonderful human beings...and they cant burn that house down...its not theirs to build or to burn.....let the babys have their bottle..they dont insult me...they dont insult god or jesus...they only shame themselves.


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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:35 AM

Originally posted by Laserjock

Originally posted by sheepslayer247

I have been trying to find the original sources with no luck. I hope the OP can help me out here.

I dont know what you consider credible, but this article above seems to explain what is going on.

I see people in the Muslim world, or at least the more radical talking heads, always claim that the west is trying to destroy Islam. Well, when was the last time you heard any Christian leader in the US make some claim that we should destroy all Islamic houses of worship? Fact is they are intolerant of any other are at danger of practicing your non-Islamic religion IN YOUR OWN HOME over there.

You may not believe in any religion or care for them...but anyone that finds ANY empathy with this point of view is pathetic. To think that it is ever acceptable to persecute another person based solely on their religous conviction, even if atheistic, to me is wholly against acceptable human rights.

I have my beliefs and I don't force those on anyone....but there is no excuse for allowing the constant persecution of non-Islamic religions while painting that religion as some big victim.


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