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FBI contact says they can't touch Julian Assange - (Stratfor email leaks)

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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:05 PM
Continuing my coverage on the 5 million emails to be published from Stratfor I decided to go over some of the leaked emails that talk about Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

This email was sent before Assange had been arrested in England:

Fred Burton from Stratfor talking in an email:

>From a very good contact @ the FBI --

How come you guys haven't picked this left-wing lunatic WikiLeaks founder up on
some sort of trumped up charge?


1st Amendment overprotects journalists.

Essentially, throughout the discussion they are talking about how the espionage laws in the US were inadequate (and old) too prosecute Assange. That only Bradley Manning could be charged, and that Assange was loosely protected by the 1st Amendment if here were to be prosecuted in the US.

Another email from another date (When Assange was arrested) was quite short:

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

And irony is served warm it seems.

There are other emails with a lot of banter about how Assange could get prosecuted, and finally one that says:

Not for Pub --

We have a sealed indictment on Assange.

Pls protect

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

This was from Fred Burton, the person with the contact at the FBI. Supposedly there was a sealed indictment for Assange and he made it noted, that this information was not for publication. (Of course, this one sent after the original)

This is starting to get coverage from MSM outlets as well.

You will notice that the MSM outlets state that it is *alleged* the Stratfor emails say what they say, because of the possibility they were tampered with.
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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:31 PM
i hope the insurance file is the complete database of every piece of information they ever received.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by randomname
i hope the insurance file is the complete database of every piece of information they ever received.

I doubt if it would ever be released. Whoever is calling the shots to release stuff on Wikileaks, is choosing what and when to release it.

Stratfor notice some releases were pulled back after being published, and all the releases so far have been done calculated.

Unless Assange is thrown in jail without a key, I'm not sure he would call for the release of the insurance file. And who knows, it might not have anything groundbreaking in it. Or perhaps it does....

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by boncho

Better keep the LINKY clean remember what happen to HI John Thread LOL

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