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A war with Iran is a DUMB idea

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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

1) China and Russia are against everything. What planet are you living on?

How is that a reason to go to war????

2) Ok so if something is good for the economy then ti's right? Doing a wrong for a right reason is still wrong, buddy.

I don't think you understand how the economy works. If you add working poors to the unemployment figures, you realize that over a quarter of your fellow citizens are currently unemployed or earning less than required to surpass the poverty level. You clearly aren't a patriot, because killing off the economy (and a war with Iran would do that) would increase this figure drastically....more people on the streets, salaries stagnating and going down...and not just for 2-3 years, we're talking about a long term recession here.

It took over 10yrs in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you'd have to be a fool to claim the US is "winning" over there. Iran's military capabilities are far above those of Iraq/Afghanistan...and that's your own generals and Mossad saying that!!! So when some warmongers tell you "it's going to be a cakewalk, 6mo tops" and other nonsense, they are playing you!! Think for once

3) So the UN is out to lunch, eh? The people who're tasked to look for nukes say that Iran is making nukes.

First of all, there is no concrete proof, just suspicion. If you wanna bomb and kill people based on suspicion only, you piss on ethics. What's next? If you walk down the street and some random guy says "I'm gonna kick your ass" without actually doing it...would it be justified to shoot him in his face? If the answer is "yes", then you clearly spit on human rights

Even MOSSAD says they don't consider Iran an existential threat!!! Only fundamentalist neo-cons want this war, and they're just as bad as Al Qaida tbh

4) Hey, blaming Bush and Cheney again, are you? Or is it the illuminati or freemasons?

Clearly you prefer pure ignorance over actually reading the links I posted. They have been pushing for a war with Iran for over 30yrs, which means it wasn't just "Bush or Cheney". Not sure why you bring the illuminati or freemasons in here, they have nothing to do with this...crazy much?

5) Assuming you're right and they don't use it, somebody who would might get their hands on it. Last I looked, the middle east is a region filled with violence and uprisings. Someone is sure to want a nuke. It's like handing a kid a grenade and telling him to have some fun. It's too unstable for nukes.

Wow, just wow. What you're saying is akin to "that woman living next to me has a big knife...and someone might take it and hurt me with it...let's kill that woman and burn down her house".

Do you read what you post before hitting "reply"? Because the above is laughably ignorant.

6) If a bad guy is stuck in a house looking for his illegal automatic and police shout that they're coming in, don't you think he'll look harder than ever for it? Or should he just give up and go to prison for life?

Iran isn't an existential threat to either Israel or the US, and all your military intelligence people and the Israeli secret service agree. But hey, let's ignore facts, right?

But you are correct in one thing: If you threaten to bomb a country for 30 years, you pretty much force their hand and bring them to take drastic measures. Iran's leadership are torturing dictators, but they aren't completely dumb. They realize the only reason North Korea is still here is because they have nukes. Every single report from military intelligence claims Iran is a "rational player", which means they realize that launching nukes would mean the end of their country. Only neo-con fools pretend there is a real threat, just like they tried to sell the American people those "Iraqi WMDs".

And you're falling for it and completely ignoring the evidence against that war

7) Really? The UN says Iran is building nukes, and they've been saying that for 30 years? Are you sure about that?

The US and Israel both stated this for 30 years, correct.

8) Yes and we were meant to keep a watch over it and make sure Iran was peaceful. (which they weren't)

Iran was not a threat. What they did was nationalize their oil production, which mean BP and other western oil companies got kicked out. So the US quite happily overthrew a freely elected, moderate, civillian leader...just to then allow a fundamentalist Muslim government to take its place. Don't like the guys in power in Iran? Well, you can thank the US for protecting those oil companies' financial interests for that...they put that government in place.

But hey, let's just ignore history, shall we?

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

9) Can't comment about these claims, don't know anything about that.

Doesn't change the fact that its the truth: The US put the current dictator in place and helped him suppress civil liberties there....all in an effort to ensure they still get that oil.

That's a FACT, not even an interpretation...the CIA admits it!

10) Ok so there're some jews in Iran and I'm sure that Ahmadinejad is a close friend to each one.

Probably not...but then again, many US politicians are clearly not friends of minority Muslims not sure what your point is. The fact is, they seats in the government and are free to exercise their religion, contrary to what those bat# crazy neo-cons want you to believe.

I agree that we should use some common sense and pay attention to fact. You could start by doing that yourself. I don't know what you mean by "neo-con crap". I agree that religious fundamentalists are dumb. But I get the feeling that you're attacking them because they're easy targets to pick on. Why don't you attack yourself? You might learn something. In your own way, you look to me no more or less sensible than a fundamentalist. Your arguments don't impress me. You have a lot to learn.

Everything I posted clearly shows that a war would be dumb, and every single one of your arguments is comical nonsense as I've shown above. I'm writing all this because once again some fools try to sell their "omgomgomg Iran will bomb Israel soon" nonsense that isn't supported by any military or secret service intelligence.

Again: Neither the US nor Israeli intelligence consider Iran an existential threat, and they even agree that attacking it would make the situation A LOT worse. Millions of US citizens would end up on the streets without a job for crying out loud, and you'd essentially force Iran's hand. For crying out loud, all intelligence reports suggest that even if (big if) they somehow manage to get nukes, they won't use them.

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 08:16 AM

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by MrXYZ
To make this clear: There is no concrete evidence suggesting they are building a bomb!

>Stomping Up and Down Like a Furious 3 Yr Old<


posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by kn0wh0w

You got it. I think your actually catching on. ITs called being proactive. Taking on a problem before it becomes worse. You should try sometime.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by MrXYZ

No. I read your post. Well put together. But you only painted one side of the picture.

I proposed two possible situations. You just didn’t like a voice of opposition against your post, hence the reason you never commented on it. You could only go as to far as saying "nonsense". A word I hear from my 89 year old grandmother often.

Without going into great detail, and while trying to use constructive criticism, please don’t use the word FACTS when many of your points of argument are speculation at best. Yes, they could be correct but at the same time they could be wrong. A Fact is something that is undeniable. I'll help you, here is the definition.

fact/fakt/Noun: 1.A thing that is indisputably the case.

I will provide you with one fact. This goes in connection with your first point concerning world super powers. Military spending. USA spends more than any other nation on military spending. That is a fact.

One could or could not draw the conclusion by this lopsidedness in spending that USA is by far the super power even when combining other nations.

Opinion: Russia and China want nothing to do with the USA. They talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they know who the Boss is. Their involvement is a useless point, and you are showing much desperation in your discussion when talking about other countries ganging up on the USA. Believe it when I say, from military a background, we have a contingency plan for anything you or the rest of the world can dream up. We are prepared, Always!

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by howmuch4another

I think it is. The population can't cope. They are filled with filth. McDonalds, alcohol, drugs, disease.
They fill their minds with dribble. Let others tell them what to think. They obsess over things like fashion, glamour, vanity.

How would this population cope? They can't even feed themselves beyond opening a can and ordering out. They go to supermarkets and if they have nothing, they die of hunger. They would kill each other over scraps.

Why would our leaders and indeed ourselves let things get like this? They want to get rid of allot of us. Look to the millions killed in the last decade in the ME. Look to Asia back a couple more decades ago. Millions more dead.

The purpose? I don't know. It is getting hard to try and convince people that there are alternatives. I see this world spiraling into oblivion. Our soap operas, junk food, stupid fascination with shiny things. It is madness.

Our people are going broke and hungry and they don't want to even face the fact that this era of waste is over.

WW3 you say, I think we have to end WW2. War all over the globe never stopped. Even after WW1, we all just to a break to reorganize.

WW1 is the longest World War ever. We have killed more people in the last 100 years then the entire population of the world combined before.

I have a deep sadness since I have had reason. I am tired but refuse to give up on mankind. I have no purpose anymore beyond trying to awaken even one person. There is no guarantee my own children won't succumb to the mentality that persists. I almost did. What hope does my blood line have for the next 100 years? Eventually we will become so useless they won't have to kill us. We will fade away the next great climate change. We will disappear the next great calamity to fall upon my nation.

We could move around the world but we are just delaying the inevitable end. There is no great hope for mankind. Even if TPTB were right and they do usher in a new era. It will be bleak. The joy of life will be void for all. The earth, life is worthless without purpose. What is ours?

To eat, sleep and die eventually. What is the next great human endeavor? to die in some god forsaken land while causing the misery of your fellow man?

Are we all sociopaths? What greed is worth all this waste? If greed was the motive, we would be stingy. We waste because we value nothing. Not life, not each other's moments with each other. Nothing. Even the family is being systematically destroyed. Hope. Yes, but I can only speak for myself and that is a long shot at best.

WW3 is 1,2,3 all into one. We are dying slowly. Eventually, we will be forgotten like the great civilizations of the past. Those that built the megaliths and now are but a conspiracy theory. Those awesome peoples that do not even exists anymore.

I could go on, but I am tired. We are tired. Sick of it all.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 01:37 AM
Is anyone alive anywere else in the world besides usa? I seen footage in the news of bombs and guns going off all over the place in iran. I seen this a few weeks ago.

They said some news reporters didnt make it home because no hero troops of any kind were there to save them.

I wouldnt know if anyone in iran is even alive right now. After what I seen going on over video. And No forieghn troops were in Iran yet.

What happened,who were they fighting?

I dont know what I witnessed. But I would not be suprised if noone is even alive right now,in iran.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by alienorgy

I read somewhere once where the writer said the Japanese are like Jews. I beg to differ but I think the Jews are like Japanese attacking without any prior warning just like Pearl Harbour. Unlike the US poor Syria and Iraq could do nothing. Who is the aggressor here. Pity nowadays public opinion is not even worth 2 cents cos they only believe what they wanna believe. Justice died long ago so what are you waiting for..."Lets get it on"

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 05:59 AM
Hamas Denies Being Irans Proxy. There is speculation in Israel that if it attacked Iran's nuclear facilities, it could face rocket fire from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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