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Ghosts, Do you believe?

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posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 02:13 AM
I don't know, I've never had a experience or anything like that with ghost. Most of my family and friends have though. So I just hang out in the interested but neutral camp. I'm sure there a logical explanation for ghost, and even what we think is supernatural can be explained by science eventually. That answer might surprise us too, it could be that humans leave behind a energy or that they're different plains of existence.

I hope to live to see the day we find the answer. I also hope science figures out how come I sometimes shiver after a whiz, I'm a curious person like that.
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posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by transubstantiation
guess im just stubborn .i put i heck of effort into that place .i only saw something once but had dozens of frights in that cottage someone opening doors milk flying around kitchen footsteps on the stairs etc . saw misty figures in living room one night of a bloke with a tall hat on right evil looking . property belonged to a lord part of a scottish castle .turns out a lot of people died in the highland clearances bloke i saw was the cause of it there was a lot more bodies than people admitted to buried about the place .if it had not been for cat & dog reacting i would have thought i was going nuts as i did not believe in that stuff even though i have seen it all my early life so have most of family but i guess thats old houses for you

posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 11:13 PM
What do you (and everyone who uses this word) exactly mean by a "Ghost" ?

In modern western world view, every unseen being is naively called a "Ghost".

According to religions, legends, and transcended knowledge. We can categorize these unseen creatures as follows:
- Angels (Always Good) (Servants of God, non-sinners, created out of light)
- Demons (Some good, some bad, just like us) (A race of creatures, divided by religions, tribes, families, etc.. and ruled by kings, created from smokeless flame)

Why isn't "Ghosts, Spirits, etc.." in the list?
Because a "ghost" is a word used to describe an unseen being, it is not a "class" of beings in itself.

1. A person's spirit does not just walk around after death.

The angel of death "Ezrael" is responsible for extracting the soul from every person's body. The soul is treated depending on the person and what they've done during their life, a bad person's soul is met by angels of torture/hell and received constant pain while the person is buried until judgement day when the particles of every person are gathered, the bodies restored, and ordered to rise from graves for judgement. A good person's soul, however, encounters none of the pain and terrors of death. A good soul is greeted by angels and souls of other good people (strangers, prophets, relatives, family, etc..) in a spiritual ceremony into heaven.

2. All real encounters of "ghosts", communication with the "ghosts of relatives", etc.. are actually "Demons".
Ancient Jewish, Christian, and Islamic texts/tradition describe the majority of demons as (having a mind that can be classified as between the mind of a human and the mind of an animal (cat/dog)). This is why "Paranormal Teams" often go hunting for "ghosts" -who are in fact nothing but Demons- and get to "play" with the ghost.. It's just like playing with a child, or a dog.. (To dog: Go get that!! = To a demon: make a sound)

But what about the vast number of people who had encountered ghosts or lived in haunted houses or hotels who investigated and discovered that a very old "murder" or "tragedy" had happened at the same place before?

There is a class of demons who live among humans, and exactly in their houses. There is most likely a family of demons living in your house for a very long time, some of these human-house-demons are noble, some are bad, and some are straight AS*****! All of the cases mentioned earlier are cases of communication with those demons who happen to be childish/playful and act like a deceased person for the fun of it (or to help a human pass hard times). Some of those cases are amazingly demons exposing an old murder which was never solved and later forgotten. Again, not all demons are bad!

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