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Invasion Handbook For A99X4 [EARTH]

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 05:26 AM

This handbook is not the achievement of one person. Many workers slaved hours for its development. I want to thank Red, Green and Blue Brigades. Despite an appearance at President Obama’s swearing in ceremony [see youtube video], Blue Brigade has taught much that will help us. Red Brigade’s priceless infiltration of University physics departments and ‘conspiracy’ websites will be rewarded. A special thank you goes to ‘Einstein’ and ‘Tesla’. Their feedback on what is/isn’t possible in terms of A99X4 defense was the tipping point for our plans.

[Remember: this is an invitation to join the invasion/occupation of A99X4]

Additionally, “BC” played a role with dull descriptions of mainstream physics. More of that later.
I thank Central Headquarters for giving me the important task of producing a handbook that will increase our place in this universe.


Now is the time to take A99X4. A99X4 is one of ten planets located in a solar system Homo sapiens call ‘The Milky Way’. It is the third planet from a small sun. A99X4 is a little planet with seven continents, covered by three quarters ocean and home to Homo sapiens. There are numerous species on Earth [planet A99X4], but Homo sapiens are the only indigenous species that could:
A, offer small resistance.
B, a source of semi intelligent labor.
A99X4 has one orbiting moon. It is some 250,000 miles from A99X4.More about the moon; its origins and potential use, later in this handbook.
A99X4 is one of two planets in the Milky Way that can sustain Homo sapient and Mantis life. Side note: the other is A99X1, or, Mars as known by Homo sapiens. More of mars later in this handbook. [Press green button for more]
A99X4 is a mineral rich and energy bountiful planet of vast value. Studies showed that it could sustain our species and workers for a millennium. That is a minimum time scale. Used pragmatically A99X4 can be an unending resource. With regards to retaliation from other planets and the visitation quarantine governing A99X4, more is discussed later.

[Remember: share our vision now by sharing our A99X4 invasion/occupation with your friends]

The handbook discusses topics relevant to our acquisition of earth. Briefly, they are:

. AREA 51.
. 2012.
Each topic will be described from the viewpoint of invasion and occupation. They are’jumping off’ points for understanding A99X4.
This handbook is a ‘beginner’s guide’ to A99X4, types of invasion, occupation and what to expect from landing to primary species control. It is accurate, but appreciation of changes between now and invasion and its consequences, is accepted.
All military and Brigade leaders will be given a copy of this handbook. Copies of “INVASION HANDBOOK FOR A99X4 [EARTH]” are available at all zones, central headquarters and government holding areas.


TYPES OF INVASION: PROS AND CONS. There are three possible types of A99X4 invasion.highers at central headquarters are still to decide which type. This will be chosen one year before invasion. Other invasion types were found to be a variation of the original three.
TYPE ONE: all out annihilation of primary species. With current technology, it would take us 8.5 minutes to annihilate all Homo sapiens from A99X4. This would involve a combination of free energy cold bombs to bake the species, craft attacks and disintegration modules for resistance. It will leave most architecture standing. Where a greater Homo sapiens population is found, cold bombs will be weapon of choice. Sparse areas would benefit from craft and ground attacks.
From observing past A99X4 conflict, despite a fragile atmosphere, earth can sustain and tolerate weapons abuse. However, our weapons have nothing like the pollution effect of A99X4 nuclear bombs. Free energy weapons can bake Homo sapiens with no environmental detriment to A99X4.
A pro of type one invasion is total erasure of a nuisance at minimal cost. We shall now discuss cons.
There are two obvious cons to invasion type one. Firstly, free energy cold bombs might alert other species to our activities. This could lead to possible skirmishes. A99X4 has been protected by a level three quarantine for 150,000 years. However, the gains of invasion and occupation outweigh all possible cosequences. This will be thought out before activities ensue.
Damage to buildings and landscapes on A99X4, as a result of a type one invasion will be minimal. Over use of free energy might destroy earth, but we’ve learned from past invasions. We can build where we want with two exceptions: Stonehenge of the United Kingdom and the pyramids of Eygpt.At all costs, for temporal considerations, these structures must be left untouched. Montauk, a small town on the east coast of the USA, and its pyramids, is ours.
Another con is the loss of labor. Much can be achieved using the physical attributes of adult Homo sapiens. The adult male for labor and adult female for genetic reproduction and pleasure uses. This resource would be lost using a type one invasion. Type one is currently being discussed.

1 Lock down A99X4 and solar system [plus moon] meet any “Earth Defense”.
2 surround A99X4 atmosphere with 708 crafts.20 crafts per continent.
3 deploy free energy cold bombs.
4 blue brigade to sweep A99X4.
5 begin ownership of A99X4.
TYPE TWO. This type involves some elements of type one, but to a lesser extent. We estimate a fifty percent thinning out, or annihilation of A99X4’s Homo sapiens, would leave enough population to carry out monotonous duties. [Note: there are different types of homosapien.they vary in color and height. some races are more industrious than others. all have the same intelligence potential]. [Press red button for more].
Annihilation could be achieved in minutes, but the gathering of the residual Homo sapiens is the first con of type two. We estimate mind control of the Homo sapiens will take 2 and a half hours. Two reports suggest some of the population can resist mind control and could begin a weak but irritating resistance. The reason for resistance will be discussed later under EARTH DEFENCES.
Any invasion type includes positives and negative parts. Type two negates the task of farming out [in a majority sense] a labor workforce, but leaves logistical cons. A pro is that other planets and galaxy-policing agencies would be mostly unaware of invasion due to limited weapon use. In addition, goodwill shown by leaving half of A99X4’S population alive leaves legal leverage. Another pro of type two is the potential destruction A99X4, as in type one, is reduced. The workload of warships is reduced another.
1, lock down A99X4 and solar system [plus moon]. Meet any “Earth Defense”.
2 surround A99X4 atmosphere with 708 crafts.10 crafts per continent.
3 deploy 708 free energy cold bombs.
4, red brigade 780 crafts [10 per continent] deploy mind manipulating emitters and shepherd Homo sapiens to collection points for march to concentration camps.
5 begin occupation of A99X4.
This leads us to the final Type three option that uses only mind control.
780 crafts, complete with mind controlling emitters, will, within three hours, control 85% of A99X4’s Homo sapiens population. The reason for this 15% deficit will be discussed later in this handbook under EARTH DEFENCES title.
A type three pro is little weaponry is used and therefore policing agencies alerted. 780 crafts mind control will lead the population from their homes and unable to resist instructions. The con of weak resistance remains. An annoying con is holding camps must be constructed. A lesser pro is Homo sapiens traitors can aid in detection of resisitance.the long term uses of Homo sapiens will be discussed later in this handbook.
[Remember: a fair future creating jobs by making A99X4 mantis owned]

1, lock down of A99X4, its solar system and moon.
2 deploy 780 crafts 20 per continent. Use mind manipulators and shepherd Homo sapiens to initial collection points.
3 begin initial occupation, construction and mop up of earth resistance duties. [Possible green brigade and temporal/dimensional resistance].
4, core leader manipulation at same time as step one and two.
5 begin ownership of A99X4.
This thumbnail sketch of the types of invasion can be used as a jumping off point for discussion. It is not an exhaustive or definitive blueprint for invasion and occupation of A99X4.
At the time of circulating this handbook, the highers of central headquarters have not decided on options. All three types have merit and whatever the approach, A99X4 can be made our property within minutes. [And minimal fuss].
Type two and three could be initiated with a global demonstration of our power. The televised destruction of a whole city would achieve this.
Finally, all options have been successful in past campaigns and supporters should know all types are valid.
EARTH DEFENSES: before I list the types of defenses planet A99X4 has in its arsenal, a short note on A99X4’s governing policy must be made clear. Since the late 17th century, A99X4’s leaders use with great success, a dual approach to governing its own Homo sapiens.
Let me explain further. Some technology and political ideas are kept hidden from public knowledge. This is not a dimensional consideration, but still involves stealth and a need to know basis. It works like this.
Each and every country on A99X4 has a form of government that either reports to or is a part of a core leadership in charge of A99X4.every leader and dictator of every country know as they take office there is a core leadership controlling A99X4. For this reason, certain technologies run, hidden alongside mainstream technologies and away from the knowledge of the general population of Earth.
Homo sapiens physicists have developed dangerous [to us] weapons. They are kept from the public. Secrecy is achieved by force and the promise of professional ridicule should anyone contemplate disclosure without proper security.
A list follows of weapon technology that could be used by the remaining 15% left uncontrolled by invasion.
Antigravity crafts. Made in Italy and Germany in the early 20th century, these crafts were fully developed by the USA in ‘area 51’. [More of area 51 later]. The mere mention of ‘antigravity’ can, because of the good work by red brigade and its infiltration of A99X4’s core leaders, lead to professional ridicule/suicide. Sometimes termination. [Press green button for more]
Antigravity ships piloted by Homo sapiens could offer slight resistance. The speed, manvourabilty and power are close to ours. They can fly with out ever stopping. Once thought to be ‘extraterrestrial’, only 3.2 percent of UFO sightings on A99X4 are ‘aliens’. These are not. They are A99X4 based creation. They now teleport when earlier they simply traveled at speed. They are of Italian and German origin and American and Canadian progression.
They work on principles [in A99X4 terms] of physics kept hidden from mainstream learning institutes. They could offer resistance if they carry weapons. This brings us to.
LASER WEAPONS: Homo sapiens have used powerful lasers since the late 1930s. Germans created this weaponry [Tesla also] and America developed it. The same hidden nature surrounds this weapon technology. The core leaders of A99X4 are secretive and duplicitous. More of that later in this handbook.
The lasers fire particles or plasma emissions of great force. Studies show these weapons could, given a direct hit, destroy 38% of our fleet. Military and work vessels alike. These lasers can vaporize both solid and flexible materials. Red brigade witnessed weapons testing by Homo sapiens in underground/mountain bases. Used on fellow homosapiens, animals of numerous variety and strong materials. Also field-protected elements. All were disintegrated. Man-made crystal enhancers were the final development key to successful demonstration. The crystal’s composition is known only to 1% of A99X4’s Homo sapiens physicists. It is an A99X1 [mars] crystal element. How this is mined and returned to A99X4 is owed to the aforementioned antigravity crafts.
Laser mounted weapon antigravity crafts could represent a slight setback for our military and initial invasion.general headquarters are working to minimize issues and will make announcements.
Two final sources of A99X4 defense that, if not properly addressed, could, under certain conditions, seriously hinder or end our invasion ambitions.
There is a weapon Homo sapiens call HAARP.this is an abbreviation of “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”. Located in the extreme north of America in a state called Alaska, HAARP represents technology more powerful than antigravity and laser weapons of Homo sapiens.
HAARP is a source of consternation to Homo sapiens. The official [again dual life] line is the large, wired based construction was designed to monitor atmospheric conditions on A99X4. This is not the case.
Red brigade suggests HAARP was created as weapon for three leading uses. A powerful free energy pulse weapon. On the A99X4 internet website ‘youtube’, HAARP is seen, from space, repelling a craft from Zeta Reticuli.the burst is fast and successfully sends the craft back into hyperspace.
The potential of HAARP to destroy our military and large orbiting ships is real. The second use of HAARP is an indicator of how little A99X4’s core leaders care for its own people. HAARP can control minds. Cruder than our 780 crafts ability to control mind and action, HAARP takes advantage of Homo sapiens brain waves. Certain microwave frequencies used by HAARP influence and induce in Homo sapiens, feelings of depression, crowd violence, anger and blind following of selected leaders. Red brigade was amused to see evidence of this during the elections of core leaders ‘George bush’,’Barak Obama’ and ‘DC’. HAARP is shared by USA, Canada and Great Britain. A country called Russia, geographically near to Alaska, is deeply troubled by HAARP. We estimate HAARP mind control could affect 24% of Mantis. It is a potential huge danger. Highers at general headquarters are currently discussing HAARP.
Lastly, HAARP can create earthquakes. In 2010, errant countries were treated to deadly demonstrations of HAARP’s tectonic force. Regardless of invasion type, HAARP could knock out vehicles, destroy buildings and alter our thinking. For these reasons, we ask that HAARP [unknown origin] be treated with great respect.
“PSYCHIC POWERS”: Since creation, Homo sapiens have had the mental ability to access what they now call the ‘quantum library’. For almost as long, earth’s core leaders have attempted to ridicule and deny –with faulty and biased non science- the existence of psychic powers. We know that consciousness is linked to a timeless information source and is accessed with careful consideration. Some species have different Zeta Reticuli’s species has stronger telepathic skills; Homo sapiens have something called ‘remote viewing’. It is the mental ability to see anywhere or anytime e.g. none of the standard five senses. [We cannot do this]
This ability is a non-local accessing of the information source. Centuries ago, Homo sapiens deemed it a sign of God or darker sources. Modern Homo sapiens attempted to ridicule ‘psychic’ powers into oblivion. A greater sense of the non-local [non material] nature of this universe has shown open-minded Homo sapiens such skills are valid and powerful. And herein is the problem for us.
Homo sapiens with a fully developed connection to the information source, is very powerful. Studies with Homo sapiens remote viewers indicate they can see enemies attack before attack starts. We do not have this skill. They can also influence [even our own] minds; can withstand attempts of mind control [our own and HAARP]. They can even influence past and future events. Red brigade infiltrated various America, British, Chinese and Russian agencies using remote viewing.
It can be 90% accurate [given talent] and a potential reason why 15% of Homo sapiens population might withstand our 780 mind control crafts.
[Remember: our vision for a future fair for all mantises]

Psychic powers represent a potential to deny our technologies and provide Homo sapiens with resistance. Measures are being taken to see if this ability can be disrupted or switched off. If we can, it will be of obvious value for us as an invading species. If we cannot, our efforts to take A99X4 might be more difficult.
Note: the low 15% resistance is as a result of Homo sapiens disbelief in such natural abilities. A thank you to “BC”, red brigade and others for withering condemnation of the ‘supernatural’ and therefore the lessening of invasion woes.
This brief introduction to the best defenses of A99X4 is only a springboard to discussion. Some of earth’s defenses –HAARP included- could cause destruction and cost, but are ultimately pointless.
In a type one-invasion, A99X4 will be depopulated within 8.5 minutes, anyone dispirited at earth’s defense capabilities, should recall this. The highers are currently deciding how to protect our species from such A99X4 attacks or responses.
[Remember: a fair chance for every mantis]

This handbook will now turn to a topic of immense interest to Homo sapiens.
POLITICS: for centuries Homo sapiens have followed and voted for their leaders. Politics is the activity concerning governing a country and its population. From dictatorships, liberal leanings and more conservative approaches, Homo sapiens have fought and died for politics. However, like technology, and other issues of power, there is a hidden element to politics on A99X4.
The vast majority of political leaders are male. This runs opposite to our own species, which are ruled by females. A female was once allowed to govern a country named Great Britain with less than desirable results. [Note: the near ruin of “GB” was not a core leader sanctioned initiative].
Politics, as most Homo sapiens appreciate, does not exist. A small group of core leaders share power of A99X4. They decide outcomes of imaginary elections; they pick leaders and decide what country gets which type of government.
Leaders are chosen for their connections [mostly family or educational] to sacred groups such as freemasons.
Leaders are selected this way to ensure secrets are kept. The idea that Homo sapiens choose [in democracies] a government has been A99X4’s best lie.
Why mention politics in this handbook? For two reasons. One: for two hundred years, the leaders of A99X4 have been in semi regular contact with species from other planets. From the ‘grays’ of zeta reticuli, to the ‘albinos’ species not from this universe. More about abductions later, but the ‘greys’ have abducted Homo sapiens to develop their own emotional states, but the ‘albinos’ have helped with spiritual matters. The albinos have assisted as much as we have hindered with the emergence of the ‘psychic’.
In other words, the core political leaders of A99X4 do not fear face-to-face dialogue with “aliens”. This is a plus when considering invasion types two and three. But, with us, it would be a case of ‘Here are your instructions. Carry them out or be wiped out’. [Press blue button for more]
Secondly, 780 crafts and red brigade could affect mind control over core leaders who would cipher down orders to Homo sapiens. If type three invasion is chosen, this collaboration would reduce our workload. Homo sapiens have no true politics, but core leaders of A99X4 have some use.
RELIGION: for Homo sapiens, religion is the belief and worship of a higher force or God. On A99X4, there are four main religions with numerous other faiths and groups in practice. The primary faiths are Christianity, Islam, Catholicism and Judaism.
All four faiths have a different set of rules, beliefs and level of participation. Not all homo sapiens believe in a God. A new secular movement has introduced the idea of science to explain away and diminish the idea of believing in God. We thank red brigade and “RD” for their work. The reason for ridicule is important.
Our studies indicate there is an engineer who instigated the initial inflation of this universe. We estimate this timeless intelligence can respond to prayer. This could act against us. In addition, any movement that unites Homo sapiens who resist 780-mind control is a weapon.
Anything that persuades a Homo sapient not to practice prayer is good. Any initiative to make Homo sapiens doubt religious value should be sponsored. Using science as a tool to ridicule the intelligence of belief in God is valid.
Note: “Evolution” is cited by ‘atheists’ [a scientific comfort faith] as proof of a Godless universe. Our scientific studies show this is untrue. Evolution is not the ultimate development agent in creation, a greater force is. Red brigade has promoted and financed evolution and atheism movements.
Religion has many uses to Homo sapiens. It can offer support and comfort. It also unites more dangerous Homo sapien ideas. Its real purpose is a connection with the higher power. If a type two or type three invasion begins, religion will be sent into oblivion by 780 crafts etc.finally, anything that develops or supports a Homo sapiens spiritual life must be capped before invasion. Mass mind control is being designed to stop the power of A99X4 religion. True religion on A99X4 is powerful.
PHYSICS: on A99X4 there exists like technology, and politics, two strands of physics. The greater population is told of a dull physics that has severe and untrue limitations. For example, time travel, free energy, quantum immortality, antigravity technology and proof of a higher force that created this universe are presented as impossible or not achievable in the lifespan of an average homo sapien.we know all examples are possible, but it is in the best interest of earth’s core leaders to withhold such technology and ideas and therefore better control the population of A99X4.
[Remember: support our brave red, blue and green brigade forces]

This dual physics is maintained by professional ridicule at the suggestion of exotic ideas and by murder and intimidation of those close to breakthroughs. In the USA, Germany, Russia, Canada, China Japan and Argentina, so called ‘black operations’ exist and show development in ‘exotic’ physics.
Area 51, a semi secret development base, in an American desert, has developed antigravity crafts, laser weapons [large and hand held] and minor contact with off planet species.
Mainstream physics [and the good work of “Einstein “] states speed faster than light is impossible; we know this is untrue. Area 51 is close to developing a faster than light speed vehicle for their continued development of mars. [Earths hidden space investigation would fill volumes]. Current Homo sapiens crafts can reach mars within three hours. If small breakthroughs in zero point energy engines are made, then Homo sapiens will make the journey in minutes. [Press blue button for more]
Homo sapiens also travel through time. Red brigade physicist’s plant tempting half-truths in the press like ‘maybe one day we will travel to the future, but not backwards’. We know this is untrue. Travel to the past and future is possible.homo sapiens is unaware of what time is. Even hidden physics is not completely aware about time. They are, however, close to this awareness.
We know time, like gravity, is a residue from other universes. Time can be speeded up, slowed down and stopped. This universe is not accelerating, but is in reverse motion.homo sapiens come close to this knowledge during their second world war. The “Philadelphia experiment” sent a water-based warship through a small wormhole [earth term]. The experiment was designed to find subspace. They found it but feared it.
Red brigade and “BC” made efforts to maintain the ‘this is probably impossible’ ethos. Germany made the biggest advances in physics and pointed towards rudimentary antigravity, laser and time travel during world war two.
Area 51 has developed German physics and made enough advances in technology to destroy us. After A99X4’s Second World War, hidden physics in Germany was moved to Antarctica.
[Remember: ensure our whole species shares in rising prosperity]

The dual side of earth’s physics is another demonstration of Homo sapiens duplicitous nature. Even considering hidden technology, A99X4’s physics is 200 years behind ours.
GLOBAL WARMING is a weapon used against Homo sapiens own people. The earth’s population has been made to believe over use of C2 agents has lead to the unstoppable warming and destruction of A99X4. Psychological guilt is created using nonsense sayings like ‘consumerism’ and ‘carbon footprint’. Despite the fact Homo sapiens only use what is offered.
Global warming as a result of Homo sapiens made pollution does not exist. It is a control tool developed by A99X4’s core leaders. Immigration, population and technology can be controlled by fear of planetary destruction introduced by the false threat of global warming.
Our species knows that A99X4 can regulate its own climate and handle pollution emissions. We could reverse any pollution issues on A99X4, but it is not needed. Global warming is a non-issue, but core leader scientists promote its validity. Another science based wall.
PART TWO: how will Homo sapiens react to our arrival? Our studies show disclosure of “intelligent alien life” announced by a semi-trusted leader will cause widespread panic.
The religious will be angry and unsure of their faiths. The feeble or uneducated will riot. Those prone to fear will panic. The very idea of knowing they are not ‘alone’ in this universe will destroy the emotional safety net of 92% of earth’s population.
There will be riots, terrorism and small wars resulting from disclosure of our presence. Most Homo sapiens will hate our appearance. Manipulation of the morphogenic field can alter our bodies to appear homo sapient. This is an option for invasion. Some homo sapiens will commit suicide. Psychological damage, following disclosure, cannot be undervalued. However, this damage will not assist our invasion and occupation. 708 and 780 crafts will develop global mind compliance and calm hostile reactions.
Homo sapiens complain but follow most political leaders. If we adopt a type three-invasion policy, we can alter our highers to resemble Homo sapiens leaders [Like with ‘Nixon’]. The softening of our appearance will have control benefits.
Homo sapiens laborers will be kept in concentration camps.780’s will reduce the mental will of 85% of Homo sapiens.
The idea of concentration camps used to house underlings, is not a new concept to Homo sapiens. During the American civil war and with greater effect in world war two, camps were employed.
Concentration camps could house 98% of the 85% of Homo sapiens susceptible to 780-mind control and 708 crafts. Studies show it is more beneficial to obliterate all remnants of Homo sapiens pre invasion life.780’s will ‘zombify’ [earth term meaning mental will are gone but, body still functions] Homo sapiens mind processes but for the 15% resistance, A99X4 will be Mantis formed. [With the exception of Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids]. Studies show changing planet appearance will weaken resistance.
DIMENSIONAL AND TEMPORAL ISSUES: man is mostly unaware of access to alternate universes, dimensions and time travel. It is promoted as fantasy fiction. All disintegrated Homo sapiens will populate an alternative A99X4 universe. We are only interested in this dimension.
Hugh Everett, a Homo sapient physicist, produced the many world’s and quantum immortality theories. While both theories are correct, red brigade and others did work to damn this man’s work. 3% of Homo sapiens transported into another dimension as a result of consciousness shifting resulting from disintegration, will be aware of this change. 720 crafts will locate that universe and annihilate the 3%. The risk of assault from a multidimensional Homo sapiens taskforce is small, but real. However, at this stage, it is only a minority priority. [Press green button for more]
The Homo sapiens [in this universe] will be used for construction, genetic engineering, breeding considerations, pleasure activities and entertainment. We now discuss: Homo sapiens as entertainment. Homo sapiens love bloodpsorts.we could further develop this. From combat teams rewarded with privileges for completing violent broadcasted tasks. The removal of mind control gives a greater potential for mental confusion and thus more entertainment for us. [Man was not found to be a viable foodstuff it should be noted].Another approach to Homo sapiens entertainment is psychological.example.allow groups of Homo sapiens to believe they are escaping or close to destroying us. Actually, we guide their progress and destruction. Another benefit is the reveal [an idea taken from Homo sapiens ‘television reality’ programming] their efforts were entertainment and not genuine resistance.
[Remember: promote our intergalactic interests/one world mantises]

Pleasure activities could also be entertainment, but in this handbook stand-alone as a separate pastime. The genitals of female Homo sapiens are a source of great physical and visual pleasure. Red brigade officers have written statements describing friction-based pleasure obtained from sexual intercourse with females. [Note: unlike our sexual procedures, Homo sapiens mating need not end with the consumption of the males’ head].
The visual of interspecies penetration will provide high ratings entertainment. Farms will be constructed to keep female Homo sapiens, aged between 16-24 [optimal attraction age] for pleasure. Pleasure farms could be a tool for motivating our own workers and military. Our highers are discussing more of this.
Could a hybrid of Mantis and Homo sapiens be possible? Our studies have showed it is. For two hundred years we have abducted Homo sapiens of breeding age and performed genetic experiments on them.inter species fertilization is possible. The resulting splice only lives for a maximum of 15 years. Efforts are being made to rectify this. All this denies current abduction laws governing this universe.
Homo sapiens DNA are open to genetic splicing and manipulation. The reasons to pursue genetic engineering are medical, slave/worker enhancement and entertainment. A stronger [but unintelligent] homo sapiens can mine our own moons and construct cities. Enhanced Homo sapiens can provide organs for us. A spliced hybrid could provide entertainment on numerous levels.homo sapiens have spliced animals known as canine. The Nazi party of Germany also attempted splicing with small success.
2012. This year in the Homo sapiens calendar is a cause of consternation for them. Some believe 2012 will bring the beginning of the end for A99X4.why? Reasons include environmental tragedy, alien invasion, astronomical [near planet] danger and even evil awakening.
Nothing of a destructive nature will happen to A99X4 in the year 2012.however, temporal forecasts do demonstrate core leaders know of a ‘freezing war’. We cannot account for this clouding and say definitively what ‘freezing war’ indicates. Green brigade are 57% certain it is the efforts of Homo sapiens to remote view our invasion. The term ‘freezing war’ could be a crude term to describe cold bomb destruction. Logistics means we cannot begin invasion until 2014, but as a fear tool, 2012 is useful.
FURTHER TEMPORAL ISSUES: There is a 28% chance of temporal defense from A99X4 based time crafts. Free energy and antigravity ships could mount irritating defense through time. We are currently investigating this. Green brigade, our temporal and dimensional military and blue brigade, is searching for clues. A potential weakness was found in Tunguska Siberia.
In 1908, Tunguska was the scene of a giant explosion. Green brigade is 97% certain a small craft from our planet was responsible for this event. We believe a small group of Mantis left our planet in haste. We do not know why.
The quarantine surrounding A99X4 may have been responsible for the crafts destruction and it may not have been. It could have been earth based temporal crafts. It may have been other species or a future us. Possibly ‘greys’ from zeta reticuli. Tunguska must be investigated and until fully explained, avoided.
As it stands, no invasion or occupation force will suffer issues concerning time travel as a weapon from Homo sapiens. But, as with all temporal issues, that is subject to change.
Smaller considerations. Studies showed the atmosphere of A99X4 is safe and even beneficial for us. The weather and its four seasons, is safe. The water and food [when treated] are safe except bovine milk. Avoid this and its byproducts. Red brigade experimented tirelessly on ‘cows’ milk, but could not reach an antidote. Research continues.
Antarctica: Nazi’s own Antarctica, a small region in the southern hemisphere. They have access to antigravity ships and laser weapons. They elude all efforts by Homo sapiens to disarm.antartica should be cold bombed in the first instance.
Email is electronic communication on computers [non quantum]. Resistance will attempt emergency talks through email.729 technology will nullify email during pre invasion operations.
Men in black. These are A99X4 and 2nd universe agents. They monitor UFO sightings, landings and media concerning this. They use hypnosis communication [less effective than 780 methods], intimidation tactics and core leader sanctioned use of media to dissuade Homo sapiens discussion of UFO’s. This allows crafts better access to A99X4. They work in twos; black suited and use Trans dimensional crafts in the shape of automoibiles.they have some time travel ability. They can only stay in this universe one hour. They are not a long-term threat to us.
On A99X4, you will have work ranging from initial invasion [whatever type] to occupation and security duties. You should enjoy the whole process. You are making history.
Talking to Homo sapiens is beneficial to rapport and then compliance.
A99X4 CONVERSATIONAL TOOLS: Lower and slow your voice pitch. Try on members of your own family or Brigade. A Homo sapiens voice will sound deep and moronic. Practice the following phrases:
“WE COME IN PEACE.DO NOT RUN”: though startled and afraid of your appearance and invasion, this phrase may pacify the average Homo sapiens.
“HOW ARE YOU?” enquiring after the physical health of Homo sapiens is seen as a sign of hospitality. The same is not said of mental health. Avoid saying variations of “HOW IS YOUR MENTAL STATE?”
“DREADFUL/GOOD WEATHER WERE HAVING”: our species has had the ability to manipulate weather for more than 200 years. [HAARP can but is hidden technology]. The state of meteorological conditions is a useful conversation starter.
“WHERE DO YOU HOLIDAY?” red brigade uses this to good effect to find superior environments to rest and recreate. [The jungles of Central America are a similar environment to own planet.]
[Remember: ensure our whole species shares in rising prosperity]

“DO YOU HAVE A BIG FAMILY?” if you have prior knowledge that a Homo sapiens family was annihilated or taken by 780/708 crafts, ignore this. It is a good conversation starter and you will appear friendly.
Homo sapiens will be scared, but curious to talk about your home world. They will wonder, “Will the aliens kill me”. They will, after time, try to deceive you. Never trust Homo sapiens with higher than level 3-security. The way A99X4’s own core leaders treat the general population should alert you of potential dangers from Homo sapiens.
Now to a timetable. The highers at Central headquarters are deciding details.
Initial invasion: no sooner than 2014 earth time. Actual invasion depends on type. Type one 8.5 minutes. Type two 4.8 minutes with additional duties taking days. Type three 13 minutes with additional days for organization of Homo sapiens.
Response to earth defenses or resistance: between one hour and two days. Temporal or dimensional resistance ended within 2 or 4 days this universe/time.
Construction of concentration camps, living quarters and pleasure farms within 4 days. This includes shepherding of Homo sapiens to control points. Further construction one week.
One year later: when A99X4 is free of resistance and fully occupied, we will make the following realized. Adaptation of useful Homo sapiens technology. Full working labor force.moonbase gateway to A99X4. [Note: Until 2001, the moon was an observation base for aliens known as the Albinos. It was placed in earth orbit one thousand years ago. It was abandoned and we do not know why]. Annihilation of core leaders. Temporal and dimensional lockdown. Mining and resources extraction routes set up. Purification of ocean and air pollution. Introduction of entertainments systems. Full control of ‘milky way’ solar system including planets and subspace.
10 years later: by now A99X4 is an annex of our planet. All off planet disagreement and political objections are overcome. A hybrid Homo sapient worker. All original Homo sapiens are extinct. A second generation of our species to be A99X4 born. All reminders of earth architecture are gone. Robust introduction of our species policy, government, science and society.
Within ten years, A99X4 is accepted by planets as our property and think cautiously about retaliation considering the eradication of its original occupants.
Conclusion: now is the time to take A99X4. In this brief handbook, we have outlined areas of interest you need to know about A99X4: before invasion and occupation. Knowing even a minority of facts about a planet and species makes invasion, annihilation and occupation an easier task for Mantis.
Homo sapiens are essentially an advanced parasite. They have spiritual potential, but earth’s core leaders and red brigade stifle this for reasons mentioned earlier.homo sapiens have positive qualities; mental pliability and good physical laborers. Their minds are highly susceptible to 780-mind control.
Man is a duplicitous species on a valuable planet. There are pleasure and entertainment uses attached to this species.
Earth is a planet worth owning. It is valuable to us for many reasons. It is mineral rich. Its gold can power our crafts. Has clean air and oceans, growing fields and deserts. Has gateway potential with Stonehenge and weapons use in [when activated] the Egyptian pyramids.
It could keep our own species. We can rent continents at a later date. Seven other planets in its solar system can be terra formed within days. It is an acquisition of enormous immediate and long-term value. It is stunning that A99X4 is not already property of an industrious species.
In terms of recorded history of this universe, man would occupy only a line of mention. They will not be missed or protected by other species. We anticipate political concern from ‘albino’ and ‘grey’ in particular. Complaints will derive from frustration of loss abduction resource, rather than a genuine sense of affection for man.
What a bonus A99X4 is, but only together can we get rid of man. Only together can take A99X4 forward. Only together can we protect our interests and our place in this universe. Improve our lives. Mend our history. And if we can do that, we can do anything. Yes, together we can do anything. So, with this handbook, I invite you, today, to form a new kind of earth for Mantis kind.


NOTE: The paper in this Handbook is 98% recycled homo sapient element.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 05:38 AM
Whew... Anyone who has channeling abilities with the Pleiadians, Alert them NOW!

With this weird weather we are having, I welcome cold bombs.. I like snow.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 06:11 AM
If anyone reaches this post, you have travelled a long distance.

Thank [snip] there is a back button..
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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by mandroids

Oh yeah? Well, I've got a little message for your mantises. You come and try to take A99X4 and you WILL get your butts kicked back to the hole you call home.

Good imagination though.....well done OP.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:32 AM
its a bit long, but worth reading!

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:33 AM
A tad bit long. ill read it later today

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:10 PM
I'll have to come back to read through this. But tell me, where does this come from?

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 10:02 AM
OK, sounds good. let me know what you thought.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 10:52 AM
Perhaps some of you guys could read my short story and see what you think?

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 11:43 AM

that was fun to read. Like the bible long, but like comic book fun.....

I have to say, you made my day.....nice

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