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The moon is your worst nightmare!

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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Thank you ATS for helping bring this video out. RPeternell

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by RPeternell
A compilation of images on the back side of the moon that were covered up by Nasa. This shows tubes and connections to thousands of towers that are buildings made in a fashion that will totally make you think.

Hi all. I spent many hours putting this all together in hopes of making this fact. It is very hard to try and present something that seems so off the wall. Each of us have different ways of looking at things and I hope this can expand the way people look at our goverment and there many cover-ups. None of this is fake, and anybody with photoshop can do the same thing.

Here is the link to the main image.
try this yourself if you dis-believe.

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The mars link did not work for some reason. Here it is.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:29 PM
I am hoping this to be a smoking gun and not pointed at me. 3 simple easy steps and it's done.
You may not believe, its your loss if you don't. Troll's need not apply! You may not understand until you watch the video which is also attached. This is not fricken bull, this is real! Check the photos out first then watch the video so you know whats happening. I am going to post the instruction to do this. It can be done on any Nasa/Getty photo. the link below are many mars images that are very clear.

The video link is below.

This is a summary from a collection of websites of the many comments of viewers who watched the video and gave constructive critisism and there thoughts of what is really on our moon. Many think that the moon is a museum/theme park for extraterrestrial's to visit and observe us.They are not allowed to land but some break the universal law and appear in our atmosphere. There are many people that own huge telescopes and some with observatory's that mention there findings as being very simular to the findings on this video. And of course there is a percentage that feel that the video is far to off the wall to be real,and this is approximately 15% of viewers. Some feel that extraterrestrial's are architecturaly artistic in such a fashion that we cannot fathom. Some mention William Cooper and his work " behind the pale horse" That conceive's powers on earth are of alien force's and the reason of evil's within our humanity. And then of course there is the religious view Of seeing the generations of heavens in the scriptures on the moon. There are some views of David dIcke's interpretaion of the moon as being close to what this video portray's. And always, there is the moon landing hoax that is brought up many times as being fact. The opposition to this is that it does not take landing on the moon to snap a photo of the farside of the Moon. There is also the matrix theory as some young people seem to agree on and then the hologram theory that is in the book of Enoch. The most compelling evidence and the most talked about is The Nasa cover up.
A very good percentage of statements by the public are overwhelmingly against Government and Nasa/Getty as the owner/author of lies and deceit. 50% of the public state this as fact in all the comments collected. The topic of the video has brought many people that did not want to show there point of view because of embarressment to them have came forth and shared there point of view. I think that is great stuff! There are many good comments that feel this video was entertaining, freaky, plausable, funny, good advertising for photoshop and then a few explanation's of how photoshop will bring out hidden artifacts.But the images in the video are to detailed to be artifacts. you cannot take a childs blurred stick figure drawing and bring out every facial and body detail. The odds of this are astronomical. If you own photoshop, the challenge is to try this yourself with the main image that was worked with. A decent percentage of the viewers commented on there findings using photoshop and found the images to be in fact there. My conclusion is that although the video is long, it was well worth the time. It is at times difficult to keep an opened mind on this but the video is well done and has many things that cannot be dismissed. It is time the world knows about our extraterrestrial's
that are observing us. There are far to many Ufo sightings to just say that they are from another dimension or galaxy. They have to be close by, this maybe our moon and other moons in our solar system.

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 07:57 AM
Well I guess if all we are doing is copying and pasting from your other closed thread then I will too.....

These posts are always so rich with perfect examples of lunacy at its best. You see GIANT alligators on the moon...seriously? A 500 mile long alligator? sides hurt from laughing.

Wait....I just realized that YOU were the one that posted that video on YouTube. Are you the one that put this together and did the photoshop editing? If so you have WAY too much time on your hands....seriously....a merman with his mommy on top of him? Bwaaaahhahaahahahaha!

posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 01:42 PM
I am facinated by what you found on the moon.
I found geoglyphs in the desert, that have pictures, in pictures and different pictures from different directions. I think these should be compared to the ones you are seeing on the moon.
I learned to blog so that I could show them.
I didnt take shots of the death, body parts, etc. But they are similiar to what you found. I really would like to know if you think there could be a connection.


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