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Corporate Raiders of the Lost Ark of The Covenant--Epiphany for 2012

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 10:37 AM
The theme of the "Last Supper" is also captured in a special religious statue in Oak Ridge, Tennessee that was the home of the most dangerous fluorine plants in the world for the Manhattan Project at K-25. Everyone that sees the imagery of this special statue leaves with the conclusion that the church and the local Government knows the special significance of fluoride in damaging health and the healing power of boron minerals and fruits. The imagery of this statue is every bit as powerful as Da Vinci's Last Supper of Jesus, that is meant to be the "Lord's Supper" enactment.

There is a "Da Vinci Code" and there is a "Holy Grail" of religion contained in both these works of art.

Here are a couple photos of this special religious statue that depicts Mary, Jesus mother, who plays the central role in Catholicism:

The First Photo shows the person is The Virgin Mary image that is popular for all Catholic Churches and this statue is at a Catholic Church at the city center of Oak Ridge. Mary has a prayer stance and she wears the crown of the first Popes of the Vatican. She keeps a huge hidden secret under this crown that is the Holy Grail of the message of the Essene and Jesus as they valued most healing and a shift toward the more pious religious beliefs of Moses and the Ark secrets.

The Second Photo shows the real message, and the first thing to noticee is that the knowledge of Mary, and Jesus, is much larger than these lesser issues that appear on the globe and images under Mary's feet. The first thing to note is the Atomic Symbol, which has a circle with a dot in the center. This the astrology symbol for the Sun and represents the beginnings of religion from the Pagan Sun worship that appeared in Babylon and spread around the regions to high affect the Egyptians. Moses comes along in the history and rejects all that sprang from the times of Nimrod and what was called the Whore of Babylon issues of Nimrod. Thus, religion history shuns the polytheism of Babylon and Egypt and moves into the monotheism of Moses. This becames the first temple and the Star of David symbol. The Second Temple was corrupted by the Babylon Captivity and the Babylon Talmud, and the Essenes, Jesus, Mary all rejected the second temple's religion calling then a Den of Snakes. The snake is liked with Babylon's evil of the times of Jesus.

It was the Jewish scientists in Europe who discovered fission and they were imported to the US to escape Hitler's dislike of Jewish control in Germany. This started the efforts to build a bomb, using fission, for the express purpose to blow up Hitler and the NAZIs. All this smaller symbolism on the surface of planet Earth, upon which Mary stands supreme.

If one looks to the left the imagery gets even better with the image of a snake coming from the Earth's surface and the snake biting into an apple. The snake represents the evil and poison, and for Oak Ridge this would be highly representative of the toxic effects of fluoride and the huge amounts of HF poison that Oak Ridge's bomb plant contained. The Snake bites into the apple and poisons the apple with fluoride. But, the Apple is a symbol for health and for a fruit with boron content that can overcome the poison of fluorides in the food chain. Mary has her toes upon the snake to show she controls the power of the snake to poison man,

It the world of symbolism in art and sculptures, this statue ranks up with the specialness of the Last Supper by DaVinci. But, this statue is never shown to tourists coming to Oak Ridge, and only the special few that had the highest security clearances in Oak Ridge recognize and know of the special meaning contained in this work of sculpture art. If the City of Oak Ridge were honest, they'd make a much larger version of this statue and put it right in the middle of city's atomic museum, and explain the fuller story of Oak Ridge poison chemistry and the risks they took in Oak Ridge that could have killed an area the size of the entire state.

As, the power of the Noah story was about protections from fluoride of volcanic events, the power of Moses Ark was one of the fluoride toxic effects to gain freedom, and the message of Mary, Jesus, and the Essene's healers was how to protect men from the toxic effects of the Ark and fluorides, and it used boron water from their region and the fruits and grains the place boron in man's food chain via the work of nature and God.

One finds a religious epiphany in the understanding of its imagery, one also finds the deceit and treachery of using the toxic power of the Ark issues via fluoridation. Which is why Oak Ridge won't allow the inner secret meaning for this statue to become the major point of interest in Oak Ridge for the Manhattan Project and one that shows Da Vinci real Code and the real Code for the Holy Grail issue of Jesus.

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 02:04 PM
Once one breaks through the illusions of religion, some that are due to transliteration mistakes that proliferated and some that appear very intentional to conceal a deeper secret of religion, many of the Biblical Narrative histories take on a new deeper meaning. Orthodox religion doesn't want the common man to know or discover these deeper meanings. In discovery for these deeper issues, geometry, the shape of natural element crystals, and the magic of the Old World's chemistry from stones that boil all come into view for the curious onlooker. The questions from the better minds start to take note of the triangle in the Da Vinci Last Supper painting, the shape of the Egyptian pyramids being triangles, and a very very special sign from the times of Jesus in Jerusalem. The "Messianic Seal" for the First Church of Christ in Jerusalem combined the Minorah with a triangular base together with the sign of the fish with a triangle shaped tail. All these three steps were joined because each knew the secret of the Ark of the Covenant. The following web page shows on the symbol and shows some relics from the times of Christ that were found in Jerusalem:

Thus, one can see another very special geometical teaching symbol. The Knights Templar discovered these items and the Masons. The Masons have a string of 33 degrees that trace back into the times of the Knights Templar and are intended to keep the big secret from Moses and Noah's times with the Ark issues. The symbol shows the stepping stones of the icons that the Essene valued as pious and Holy per the discussions of God. They valued Noah, Moses, David, Solomon and skipped over the Babylon Period and the Second Temple's corruption of religion to join up with the Essene symbol for Jesus, The fish sign. The Knights Templar got very close to the inner meanings and had the holy grail meanings, and so did the Masons via their geometry to teach about god and God.

The next thing that one takes note of is these alchemists of these times were very much into minerals and crystals and trying to extract metals or make something from them. Many of the gods of the pagan times were those that helped do special things with nature and chemistry. Mercury was used to extract gold from gold ores because mercury dissoved the gold to let it flow from the rocks, and heating the mercury boiled it off leaving pure gold. The Golden Fleece issue was much the same as the wool of the sheep was used to do the gold sluce methods of getting aluvial gold from streams. Both these methods are still in use today.

They discovered crystal forms of many things, always looking for things that changed with acids of various types. Some of the first things they found were Topaz that would make a powerful gas emission when dropped in sulfuric acid. Also the mineral calcium fluoride would do the same thing, and calcium fluoride pure crystalling form was that of back to back pyramids and the same shape of the pyramids of Egypt. Now one can related to the times of Moses and his symbolic staff tossed on the ground to imitate a snake and the alchemical ways of Moses overcame the alchemical ways of the Pharos.

As the Egyptians came of age to know the methods of Moses, the Rulers came to like to make the Nimrod ways of huge monuments to become gods and the most powerful of the alchemical gods was this special crystaline calcium fluoride that made the toxic gas hydrogen fluoride that was linked with the plagues of Egypt, and the Power behind the Ark of the Covenant.

Most Fluoride Crystals look like this and are purple, have the pyramid shape, which links to the color of the Royalty:

For those that know the big secret of fluoride they make it into this shape:

So, there are those that know the inner secret of the Ark of the Covenant. There are reasons for the color of Royality that derive from the blood line of King David. There are reasons the Egyptians made their Monuments and Tombs to play god as pyramids shaped like pure fluorite. There are reasons the Blue Topaz is called the Protector of Jerusalem and about 500 of them are on the Crown of the UK.

For the few that had doubts about the message of Jesus and his special connections to the Ark secrets, and the Holy Grail of religion tied to Boron in the food and water chain, those doubts should be falling down around you.

You are now learning the alchemical secrets from Egypt and the Holy Land, and the very special chemical method behind the secret power of the Ark of the Covenent. You can also take note that Great Artists, like Da Vinci were skilled in minerals and chemistry to make their pigments and they easily understood the boiling stones and the special mineral that tied with the V-shape of pyramids in the Last Supper. Da Vinci's Code is very much in evidence for this famous painting.

DaVinci appears to have also placed Jesus' arms in the shape of a triangle laying out the good and the pure issues and seated on his right the bad via the Satanic issues of the Ark to do harm and keep secret its power. The woman looking toward the V has a forboding look of this invisible evil presence separating them. It is this great hidden imagery that makes Da Vinci one of the great masters, who understood fully those that hated Jesus and had him killed.

One can also see the pyramid symbol on the back of a US Dollar Bill and take note of the All Seeing Eye of Horus above that pyramid. This is one of the biggest teaching items for the Masons linking this knowledge back to Egypt, in the Post Moses period. One might also take note of why Napoleon stood on top of Cheops and said now we can see thousands of years into the past and future, and why his Masonic knowledge was so great they had to stick him on an island to keep that knowledge secret.

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 08:50 AM
Once one cracks the "DaVinci Code," in the proper way, via seeing the Masonic Imagery in the painting, it opens the doors to seeing just how far back this issue runs into antiquity. DaVinci was pretty much an Alchemist due to having to discover how to make pigments and the binders, and he discovered lots of the old world chemistry for the elements. The Masons also claim DaVinci was a Mason because he knew the Alchemical secrets and signs, which show up in the imagery of his Last Supper. Science today is often just a more precise discovery for these old world elements now written with the chemical signs of the periodic table. Yet, the Alchemists and Masons of old knew a like system of formulas via Alchemical Drawings and funny names for various compounds or their properties.

In the times of Noah, death swept areas of that area of the world and Noah was capable of seeing the warning signs of a volcanic event and the terrible effects of the poison gases did to the people, animals, and the weather. He and many others survived this event in more distant areas of the world. As they recovered, there was great curiosity of what caused this massive act of God. In digging around the cooled basalt areas, decades after, they discovered many things and the most impressive were the jewels from these basalt melt and Magma Chamber processes. All manner of glittering crystals of nearly pure compounds came into view of these ancient people, that picked these up and tried to unlock the magic of how they came into such perfection. Beautiful Jewels like Blue Topaz, a myriad of colors for fluoride crystals, and even diamonds were found. All were products of the volcanic magma chamber processes, and the power of God that killed and darkened the planet from time to time. They even found bodies turned to stone, as around Mt. Vesuvius in Italy displays these days. There was fear and awe in the Euphrates Valley from these discoveries from God's power.

The Babylon area were the first to begin unlocking the secrets for the Jewels, and quickly followed by the Egyptians and their wizards called the Alchemists or what was basically the crude chemical scientists of the old world. The Alchemists heated the rocks and jewels and found some rather amazing properties at times, and some of the most amazing were the toxic effects of fluoride crystals making poison gas. Many of the crystals made from the element fluorine released the fluoride combined with hydrogen in the air to make the extremely toxic hydrogen fluoride. It was a rather simple science as all that was needed to discover the effect was a hot flame and these pure jewels being burned in the flames. This became a very special effect for those seeking power and control in Egypt, as it made a weapon that could scare the uninformed to death. It became a prized secret of these old world times and held by the Alchemical Wizards of these old times. It was a power they linked to the Power of God involved in the volcano effects.

The fluorite jewel's specialness was so worshiped that the Pharaohs of old built their monuments of power in the same shape as the fluorite's pyramid shape. The early Egyptian Pharaoh's head dress had the snake as the symbol for this power to poison using their special weapon from god. It was this secret that formed what would become the Masons in the current times, as the big secret of the pyramid was that it was built to the shape of the fluorite crystal, which was the biggest secret of Egypian alchemy. The Jewel of the Nile and the Seed of Power of the Pharaohs involved the geometic shape of a crystal and a poison within. The stone masons of Egypt knew the inner secret for the power of Egyptian Rulers involved the crystal shape of fluorite, and this became the theme for the Masonic Order in the present day.

Because these old world secrets are still kept to this day over the issues of religion and accaimed miracles being not so miraculous, they still cause problems because the history has not been revealed to all. Today, many have a plague that is similar to the ones Moses caused in Egypt using the Egyptian Alchemical secrets. Moses was bascially an Alchemist, who refined his craft in Midian to higher knowledge. The issue of HIV and AIDs today is very closely related to a plague of Egypt, as fluoride in the environment is the prime key as to why the weak virus HIV spreads in various populations. In North Africa, the area of Ethipia is being devastated due to HIV which is being driven by the very high levels of fluoride in the Ethiopa region soils and water. The high fluoride poisons the areas people and sets up inflamation in the gut that drives high rates of cellular Mn-SOD enzyme production and this binds up the available manganese that would stop HIV reverse transcription. Since HIV involves fluoride health effects, the basic cause is hushed up, as to tell the story opens up the truth on religion from the Egyptians to the times of Moses.

The fluoride health effects issues involve the Gulf War Ilness as fluoride releases happened from the nerve gas games, the blowing up of oil refineries, and bomb methods that used fluoride. So, much of the secrets for the old mycoplasma linked illnesses seen in GWS trace back to the long term destructive effects on human health due to fluoride releases. A like issue involves the fluoride releases that make thousands of workers sick that are related to the Manhattan Project's fluoride driven uranium enrichment process. Here again the prime cause of these health effects due to fluoride exposures is covered up, even in the EEOICPA legislation. There are big secrets kept from the people and a good part of it involves the medical community not diagnosing the fluoride linked illnesses. Fluoride is a protected pollutant due in large part to associations with these old methods from the alchemists and the religion that evolved from those effects. The evil side of the fluoride games of old still infect humanity today from the uses of fluoridation on the population of the US to keep them ignorant of these higher elements of learning on religion and health.

One of the bigger symbolisms in Masonic use these days is the Double-Headed Eagle as a form of Horus or the All Knowing. It basically stands for a good and evil symbolism. The Raptors (Eagle Symbolism) are predators that capture and eat snakes, and doves are seen as the more peaceful symbol for birds that eat grains. If one digs deep into the DaVinci Last Supper painting one finds one of Jesus' hands that takes on the appearance of a Raptor's Claw and the other open and peaceful more like a Dove. The Jesus Raptor hand side is near the V-shape that stands for the Evil Spirt of Nimrod's legend, the evil snake symbolism of the poisoners. And one can find both Jesus and the Lady on the other side of the V with eyes averted from the Evil Spirits presence. One can even then compare Raptors and Snakes and Fluoride and Boron as prime issues of DaVinci's Last Supper or what was originally the ritual of The Lord's Supper.

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 09:18 AM
This thread's theme has been about building the past history references for the Essene, so we can see where we have been historically and get a much better view of where we stand today. For the observant, both religion and the government are wholly on the Babylon Talmud side of corrupt religion making it the anti-Christ. The US Government has been taken over by the Evil side of religion called Nimrod economic tyranny. America is neither free nor pious in its religion and has fallen from Jesus and God in all respects.

The real story of the Essenes is they sought to make Heaven on Earth, so there never was one of Jesus arriving from a Heaven in the sky. Jesus message was one to convert the people right here on Earth to the truths and the fuller story of these hidden factors. The return of the Jewish to the Holy Lands was never supposed to happen until the Jewish Community accepted these hidden truths from the Essene and Jesus, else there would form a huge war from the unpious truths and oligarchic greed factors that drove this pre-mature push for world power.

There are many things wrong as the story of Jesus has been abducted and distorted from reality and Jesus made to look like Nimrod as support for the Babylon tyrant methods. The US celebrates the birthday for Jesus on the Birthday for Nimrod. The concept for Trinity began with Nimrod's Mother in Babylon, Semiramis, and involved the concepts for Father, Son, and the Sun Spirit of Nimrod. It was all about perversion of the truth to keep a controlling woman in power of Babylon. Moses broke from Egypt's religion over this pagan Nimrod like nonsense and the Essene and Jesus all saw the Whole of Babylon's corruption of religion. Neither the Essene, nor Jesus, would have anything to do with the concept that Jesus was a Trinity concept derived from Babylon. This was invented by later religion types trying to promote the Evil side of religion for power and control over others. It was an anti-Christ effort.

Current religion in the US has become so perverted from the Essene and the truth of Jesus that all have become the anti-Christ. The use of fluoride on all of America speaks to this adulteration of religion to be able to use the deceit and treachery of fluorides on America's minds and bodies to make them slaves of the greed for power and money.

Those attempting to distort the message of Jesus and the Essene have taken away the view of the pious concept of the Essene to bring forth a Messiah to save the world from the designs of the Pharisee and the Babylon Tamud methods. Mary was never a Virgin in the sense that Jesus was conceived in the normal way everyone else on the planet was born. The Essene Mary and Joseph were pious and pure on all the truths of religion and thus when Jesus was Conceived he came from those of Immaculate truth and parents that would teach him the highest truths in religion. They did this and did it well, as the Essene and Jesus teachings were of the highest truth of pious religion factors derived from Noah, Moses, and on down to David and the First Temple's views that were sans of the corruption of the Babylon Talmud's Den of Snakes issues.

The US Constitution writers were aware of these old religion errors and sought to always keep the power of the bank and money directly under the Government and the People and all the earnings being returned to the good use of the People. Thomas Jefferson and the other Constitution writers explicitly sought this because they knew the old world history for doing anything otherwise was the seed for tyranny and oligarchy. An honest president, JFK, came along and spotted these problems and sought to shut down the Federal Reserve to get things back in line with the Constitution's values and protections for We The People from being taken over from within. JFK's killers ran the American Council of Churches that sought to make Jesus into a Nimrod.

These days the US Government is controlled by Corporations that elect the corrupt politicians to serve the needs of wealthy globalism and not the needs of the American People. The US Govt. has been fully taken over from within by Foreign Interests only using the US for more wealth, wars, and domination of others. The US is being used to finance global wars and for the sons of America to die on foreign lands for goals of an evil designed a long time ago by a tyrant leader in Babylon that became the standard for world take over in the present day. The serious problems of today were even predicted easily by many of the Jesus Prophets and written down as the Story of Revelations. Today, with the insights of who the Essene were, what they believed and stood for in their time allows anyone back then to predict America's dire straights of the present.

Jesus truths so exposed the Pharisee they were in fear of being destroyed. They ultimately were when Rome Burned the Second Temple and scattered the Pharisee. The Roman Byzintine Empire took up the respect for Jesus Higher Calling. Yet, the ulgy ways of the Pharisee crept back in with false teachings attempting to remake Jesus into Nimrod or Tammus. There came many of these false prophet teachings. When JFK studied and found the same greater truths of religion that Jesus and the Essene knew so well, JFK was killed out of the very same greed and power by this oligarchic satanic creed that grew over these thousands of years from the bad seeds of faith planted from tyrants of Babylon that went on to infect Judaism.

People who attend the corrupted US churches of today need to point at their ministry that omits the teachings of Jesus as the modern day Elmer Gantry types who are only after money using various faked up stories to continue the fables and untruths.

In Oak Ridge, Tennessee, over the 3rd Reich's seizure of power from the Royalists of Europe, the money flowed freely into a huge project that had a Trinity remake as one plant was named for Moses, as X-10 standing for God and the Ten Commandments, and the next plant was named for Jesus, as Y-12 standing for Jesus and the 12 disciples of Jesus, and the final plant named for the old world God related to Fluoride, as K-25 housed enough fluorine to remake the Euphrates Valley disaster of Noah in Tennessee and they spent 25 percent of the Manhattan Project funding to attempt to seal up the poison gas hydrogen fluoride. Truman even tells in his diary of July 25: "We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark." Oak Ridge spends much time trying to lie and deceive people of the Jewish religion associations behind the Bomb's development.

Now, the profound ignorance of the US church followers and the monumental greed of the Government's Political Pundits of the Oligarch demonstrate the power of money to corrupt absolutely. The profound ignorance of the churches to ignore the pious truths to keep the Government honest now pushes the US into a world war situation that will destroy 2/3's of the modern world. Most assuredly the evil promoting churches and the US Govt avoids the truth that the US has been taken over from within and no longer serves the People of the United States. The Islamic followers now appear to be the more pious followers of Jesus when they call the US: "The Great Satan." This is the same terms the Essene and Jesus called the Pharisee followers of Nimrod's bogus religious concepts promoting tyranny.

Now, the 911 World Trade Center with ties to those that killed JFK became the prime target of the Islamic Jihad or Holy War. The non-followers of Jesus in England's subways became targets. The US Pentagon that promotes the Zionist Wars founded upon Nimrod and the Babylon Synagogue of Satan has become their target. And all Americans Freedom have been extremely damaged by those seeking to promote their lies from what Jesus called The Synagogue of Satan. WWIII looms and the Elmer Gantry preachers in America cast their followers into the Firey Furnace of a Nuclear War that will kill off 2/3 of the planet. Since the truth isn't on the American side, this war will seek to destroy those not based upon truth. That means the entirety of America will become as Europe was destroyed in WWII. The vapid ignorance and profanity of Elmer Gantry preaching in the US will have God destroy those non-pious peoples. America's Churches themselves and their departure from Jesus to become the anti-Christ set up their own Armageddon. Nuclear armed China and Russia see the religious corruptions and they are both large nuclear armed powers that will stand up against the anti-Christ and the ugly tyranny of the Nimrod Pharisee the American Churches now worship.

As America sinks into the wars of Armageddon, make sure to point to America's church members as the anti-Christ that promoted their own destruction and how they allowed and usher the America Government to be taken from within by the Great Satan from the Synagogue of Satin religious corruption. These are tough words to have to speak, but a greater truth has never been spoken of the problems these Elmer Gantry preachers have made for America. They have become the ultimate traitors against America's truths and freedom, and even Jesus won't support them. The lines have been drawn and keep out signs posted in Syria and Iran and backed with Russian and Chinese support. The US won't survive a Russian MIRV attack that will incinerate the East coast from Washington to New York.

The US leadership should wake up and realize they have chosen the ways of Satan and corrupt Babylon, and any church that truly respected the teachings of Jesus and the warnings of Armageddon should never have allowed this world division to occur, but the corruption of the churches was also forecast. None of them will be saved, as they chose the pathway against Jesus and God.

There is only one way to return Heaven to the Earth and that is return to the pious truths for religion. End the Federal Reserve, return the pious teachings of religion and route out all the Babylon tyranny methods, end corporate control of Government and elections, and make an open Government with no secrets kept from anyone.

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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 03:56 PM
The Biblical Narratives came forth from the Old World with a good deal of bias, incorportion of the Pagan ideas, huge omissions, and an outright ignorance of the issues of Alchemy that largely formed the issues of God from Noah, Moses, and Jesus. It is not any wonder that the Biblical Narrative is far too simple an adaptations of pretty little stories that make it appear the Earth is 6,000 years old. The Editors of the Bible left off tons of Lost Books of the Bible and much more. One cannot understand the depths of the story for these three issues unless they fully understood the workings of the natural ways associated with volcanic effects, the special chemistry of fluoride minerals, and the issues of the Essene to work with healing effects from nature. Many of the omissions of the Bible Narratives show up even in the blood differences of people around the planet due to the RH factor. There is a much deeper and richer story for planet Earth than the fairy tale stories cherry picked for the Bible Narrative.

Some of the bias from the First Reformation of Constantine are put forth here:


Constantine believed that the Church and the State should be as close as possible. Constantine tolerated pagan practices, keeping pagan gods on coins and retaining his pagan high priest title "Pontifex Maximus" in order to maintain popularity with his former subjects. In 330 he began an assault on paganism but used a clever method of persuasion to force people to follow the laws by combining pagan worship with Christianity. He made December 25th, the birthday of the pagan Unconquered Sun god, the official holiday now celebrated as the birthday of Jesus. He also replaced the weekly day of worship by making rest on Saturday unlawful and forcing the new religion to honor the first, not the seventh day, as a day of rest. As a way of defining his concept of the new universal religion he simply classified everything "Jewish" to be an abomination. Considering almost every aspect of the Bible is "Jewish" by association, every doctrinal biblical principle was changed or eliminated. After 337 Constantine increased his purging of the more obvious aspects of paganism.


As a church historian, Eusebius receives very low marks and has even been characterized by the noted Swiss historian, Jacob Burckhardt, as "the first thoroughly dishonest historian of antiquity". Eusebius openly displays his lack of integrity in his Ecclesiastical History by stating "We shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity."


What one notices from the formation of the Christian Bible is that it was done to help the merger for the church and state or to promote Empire. Important issues were left out, such as who were the Eseene, the Book of Enoch, and many others. Just like Constantine designed Christianity to help the empire in these later periods, the church and the Bible has been twisted to help the present day corporations, the games of banking usury, and the push of Christ's values out the back door with the Nimrod values replacing Christ. Thus further push toward the untruthful is what drives the issues of Revelations, and these lies and hidden truths are setting up war problems and keeping the people in the dark over various damages caused by Corporations pollutions.

One of the most interesting issues of man stems from the discovery of the RH factor in human blood that science tells us comes from the evolution of man from the Apes. Folks with the RH positive factor are seen to have the evolution from Apes, but those with the RH negative are said to have blood more akin to the reptiles. Many suggest this stems from the times of the Nephelim that came to Earth and entered their DNA into the gene pool and their entrance appears connected with an age of science with how to work metals, make weapons, and to worship gods.

This issue becomes more interesting in that the Royals of the Old World all appear to have had the RH negative blood types and entered into the higher science methods for productions of metals, running empires, and making the concept for god in men's minds. The Royalists games for power and control differed from the Jesus and the Essene ideals for which Jesus was supposed to save the world as the Essene Messiah.


The connection of the Mark to global commerce, the institution of that Mark by the image the Beast creates, and the identification of the global corporations as the deceiver of the world place those corporations in the direct spotlight as a prime suspect.
See The Mark of the Beast
In a recent book, and movie, titled “The Corporation”, the concept of corporate personhood, and its ramifications socially, were closely examined. A person who is considered dangerous to the society as a whole very often exhibit traits that are defined as psychopathic, and would make that person a threat to society. In the book, “The Corporation”, a leading expert in forensic psychology was asked to determine how the corporate personality, with its questionable humanlike power under the status of corporate personhood, would be rated psychologically. His conclusion is that the corporation, as legally structured, by the actions it is mandated to take, and considering its well-publicized performance socially, would qualify it as a severe psychopath.
Psychologist Dr. Robert Hare, a leading expert in the study of psychopathic behavior, has developed a checklist of psychopathic traits and these are but a few that represent the aberrant behavior of corporations.
· The corporation is irresponsible because in an attempt to satisfy the corporate goal, everybody else is put at risk.
· Corporations try to manipulate everything, including public opinion.
· Corporations are grandiose, always insisting that "we're number one, we're the best."
· Corporations refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and are unable to feel remorse.


So, these days we can find the person named David Icke with many interesting web pages, but one that calls the UK Royals as "Reptiles." It is this old blood line effect from the Royals and their push for world domination, often using the methods of poison water, that give them this alternate title of Reptilians.

These days, they have more than poisoned the water, but also the upper atmosphere is now the victim of the Freon effects of the Ozone Hole process. The Upper Atmosphere's Ozone Balance has been disrupted by Chlorine and Fluorine transported to the upper atmosphere by careless Freon handling. This effect causes the balance of the Sulfure Cycle in the Oceans to be offset due to UV-b radiation killing off the phytoplankton and this changing the heat absorption of the oceans making for climate change. So, many of the issues of the Biblical Narrive are coming to pass, with bigger and more violent storms, changes in the climate of the world, and lots of corporation denial and cover up for the harm this is causing in the world. And even the climate change issues track back to the Demon Seed of Fluoride issues.

A little look at RH factor, which the earlier Lost Books of the Bible shed some light:


In 1940 Landsteiner discovered another of blood factor antigen, known as Rh. This discovery resulted from Landsteiner's studies with Rhesus monkeys. Landsteiner and his colleagues found that when blood from monkeys was injected into rabbits and guinea pigs, it clotted. This was because of the presence of another antigen that the researchers had not classified before. Landsteiner called this antigen the Rh (Rhesus) factor. Researchers also showed that the factor occurs among some, but not all, humans. It is also inherited.


"The Early European race is characterized by a high per cent of Rh-negatives, a very low B-frequency and a relatively high A2 frequency... probably some connection with postglacial Cro-Magnon Man.... The Asiatic race is characterized by a high frequency of A1 and B and a low frequency of Rh-negatives..."


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posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 05:29 PM
Things are getting more interesting on the theme for Messiahs over the Middle Eastern problems:


Iran warns world of coming great event
Says 'evil hegemony' soon will be defeated by power of Allah

In his remarks, Khamenei advised the youths to remain vigilant, stating that the Islamic awakening in the region has delivered several blows to the enemies of Islam and that all Muslims, despite their own historical and social differences, remain united in opposing the “evil hegemony of the Zionists and the Americans.”

Khamenei then claimed the current century as the century of Islam and promised that human history is on the verge of a great event and that soon the world will realize the power of Allah.


posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 09:58 PM
The issues of The Ancient Astronauts on Earth is an interesting issue that appears to be covered in much of the older stories per Lost Books of the Bible, etc.. Perhaps it suggests this caused the split in the blood types per the RH factor that appears to show some level of evolution of man. The issue of Ancient Astronauts gave rise to the theme of Heaven in the Sky and Gods that rode Chariots of Fire. In later times, the Essene were concerned with making Heaven Upon the Earth via telling all the ultimate truths. So, there exists two definitions for heaven as one looks back into the deep history for religion.

It is certain that a higher level of knowledge was needed to predict the huge environmental disasters of today that were somehow very predictable in the old world. Today, we have acid problems with the soils from fossil fuels burning and acids shift the uptake of toxic metals into plants and the animal food chain. So, the world is going to see a shift in the health effects of animals and man due to human influence on the planet's soils. They also appeared to know the extended issues of the heating of the oceans and the atmosphere. Freon is a major culprit in the atmosphere that releases chlorine and fluorine due to the UV-b radiation cracking the molecule of Freon in the upper atmosphere. This effect then affected the UV-b levels hitting the ocean's biota.

It would appear that with all these massive disaster issues looming that the world needed a new soup'd up version of the Noah's Ark that would save the animals and man and return the skies back to nature's balance. Modern chemistry allows folks today to have a better picture of how the elements reacted back then and now. A nuclear scientist named Edward Teller proposed the use of lots of aluminum in the upper atmosphere to correct for global warming. Aluminum particles can be made lite and to suspend in the atmosphere as Freon. Aluminum reacts with either chlorine or fluorine in the upper atmosphere and makes it heavy enough to fall out of the upper atmosphere. Releasing very fine particles of aluminum in the atmosphere lowers the levels of chlorine affecting the Ozone Depletion, so the Oceans can get back to a better stability for the Ocean Cloud cover.

Science today allows us to understand that water as H2O vapor can dissolve or suspect its molecules in air because of the similar atomic weight. We also understand that hygroscopic chemicals can suspend in air and become points where water vapor is seeded into water particles or aerosols, which become visible clouds. Various compounds have the high polar characteristics that affect water vapor to change it into clouds. Coal plant emissions of acids like HF, HCl, and H2SO4 are all associated with seeding clouds and making rainfall. Likewise, the similar acids ejected from volcanoes also set up the issues of clouds and rain making, which gets into the issues of Noah and the Mt. Ararat volcano that affected the Euphrates Valley region.

The secretive operations that do this are sometimes called "Chemtrails" by those that discover the secretive operations, and one of the major issues that everyone notices is the high levels of boron and aluminum dust in the air. Chemtrails are like a modern day Noah's Ark to save the grazing animals and help the plants and the more modern theme of Jesus and the Boron protection from fluorides is being put into wild practice by emission from airplanes over wide areas. One also finds a number of trace metals being used to put these elements back into the soils and stimulate plant growth enzymes and also put these trace elements into the grazing animal and human food chain. Aluminum is used to bind up the fluoride in the air and is the same method used by the DOE gas diffusion plant to trap fluoride emissions.

The theme of Chemtrails and Boron use involves the theme of Boron to counteract the fluorine in the biosphere and is associated with the return of Christ imagery with clouds. Certainly, all the air pollutants involving acids like hydrogen fluoride have driven up cloud formation issues along with the problems of toxic pollutants affecting the health of the planet. It is an industrial form of the Noah issues of toxic emissions producing rains and toxic materials that animals need protection. The industrialist have duped the public into thinking fluoride is good for people, and this is associated with the Moses and the Ark Issues. Move on down to the times of Jesus and the issues of fluoride in the Rift Valley Zone and the Boron in the Soils around Mt. Carmel and the healing Holy Waters there and Boron comes into view with Bread and Wine.

Technically, all the theme on Jesus return are here and the Jesus derived science is raining down on people's heads and getting into the food and water chains of America. Yet, Americans are too dumb to see the science from the old is the science of Chemtrails being used on a massive basis today. The most classified Earth Science Project today derives its very existence from these old themes of religion from the times of Jesus and it is being used to modify the clouds and rainfall of the planet, so we have the return of the Jesus special knowledge to the planet, but the Govt.s seeks to conceal the problems needing this as a solution and basically key issues in religion from the masses. The US has a secretive unit called Evergreen Air that runs many of these Chemtrail operations in the US.

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the mid-1980s all these old religion concepts became known and how they affected the planet in those times and how they could be used to attempt to recover from extremely serious industrials mistakes that were taking a death toll on plants, animals, and man. Chemtrail methods were invented at Oak Ridge to attempt to curb many of the damage factors using the trace benefical elements put back into the food chain via aerial spray methods. Boron corrects for fluoride toxic effects in the plants and animals, and other like manganese help to support the Mn-SOD process for cellular oxidative stress repair.

It is rather a complicated process these days, but one that started from knowing what as going on with these old religious histories.


A lesser known fact about the chemtrails concerns the boron and aluminum metals suspended in them. These very slowly settle and we breathe them into our lungs.


“The fallout contains aluminum, strontium, radium, boron, and many more metals, all of which have been documented in every drinking water supply in California and Arizona since about 1987. They only way that could happen is from air application, but no explanations are available.”


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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:47 AM
The history of religion is a sordid trail that even runs into what they thought were Gods and mixing of the species. The Giants on the Earth caused a lot of problems and were eventually eliminated and it appears King David killed on the last ones that gave him considerable fame.

Here are some old stories that speak to this and ones that speak to the finer details of Noah, the Giants, and Enoch:



Today, lots of these old religion histories are in plan with atmospheric effects and human efforts to mediate the damage effects. Most of the US Religions are so Emer Gantry types that they don't have an incling of these old issues, so the mislead the masses into the times of the Anti-Christ.

We don't have to worry too much about why some have RH negative factors in their blood and others have RH positive from the factors of evolution. Most are beginning to wake up to the massive cover ups of today and the use of fraudulent religion Elmer Gantry types after money and shunning the truth.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 08:47 PM
Old World’s Religious Alchemy Unmasked.

Most all of the alchemical secrets from ancient religion are hidden in special geometry and the stories always made vague to hide the secret of the Ark of the Covenant. No person was allowed to view the secrets of the Ark, but for the chosen few. With a little bit of associative skills one can see the method of the Ark with what King David knew. It is easy to find the shape of the Star of David in an octahedron fluoride crystal. All that one has to do is place one triangular face of the crystal toward oneself and the other opposing face makes the Star of David in combination with the front face. How this links to King David is that he knew the secret of the Ark of the Covenant and the story of how David killed Goliath is one that hides the Ark secret because it tells David killed Goliath with a stone and slingshot. The real story was David likely used the magic power of the Ark with some acid to make a poison gas that felled the Giant with its toxic magic.

The reason Israel succeeded so well with the Ark in various wars was keeping that secret and also taking along the Ark for all war campaigns as a signal of the secret power.

Many suggest the shape of the Egyptian Pyramids stand out as a warning to the Old World Ancient Astronauts to not come back to upset the world with giant problems again. The only mineral that forms the octahedron is the calcium fluorite crystal, which is formed by God in the deep magma chambers of the Earth from Volcanic effects. The Pyramids are an Alchemical geometrical sign for anyone in space looking down at this planet then knows the power of fluoride's toxic methods. Egypt had zero problems with the Giants, but some suggest these giants were used to build their giant pyramids. Egypt so valued their version of the secret power of god that the Pharaoh rulers built large monuments in this crystal’s geometrical shape.

The Geometry for the Fluorite Crystal was the most powerful god of Egypt, and the like god for the Israelites was the similar uses of triangles from the two opposing faces of the Fluoride Crystal. It appears the Egyptians unlocked the Crystals secrets using fire, and Moses unlocked the toxic power using acid he discovered around volcanic effects in Midian. The Alchemical story for the issue of the Burning Bush is the story of acid emissions from a volcanic fissure that caused the bush to burn, but there was no fire. The Biblical Narratives are loaded with Alchemical Stories that helped to hold the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant.

All the magical powers of the Ark of the Covenant were hidden by the simplest of story telling using the Alchemical Methods, which were only apparent to the most intelligent of the world in those times. In latter times, it appears that DaVinci’s alchemical knowledge largely cracked the secret of the Ark of the Covenant and how Boron loaded Wine and Bread helped to counter other natural effects on man from the toxic problems of fluorides near the Holy Lands.

Now the world gets to see in much plainer language just what all the hoopla was about, as the world still has these same toxic problems today and lots of those old mineral techniques from Boron to Manganese and other trace minerals are being used to heal the planet from Man’s serious mistakes. It is time these issues are all made public, so the world can become free with the knowledge of what all went wrong due to the Corporate Beast’s power to suppress the truth. The Old World’s Religious Alchemy must be Unmasked.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 08:37 PM
The Bible Narratives are written from an Alchemical Perspective that tells the story of the Ark, but only for those that understand the natural world and sciences. There is a lot of use of allegorical meanings that helps to allow issues to look like Miracles and become misleading.

The Bible begins with troublesome Giants, Naphilium, which are killed in the Euphrates Valley region from the eruption of the Mt. Ararat Volcano. This kills off lots of the population of the Euphrates Valley including the Giants that lived in that region. But the Bible's history still finds Giants living beyond the flood in other areas.

In other parts of the world, life went on with lesser weather and toxic effects. This left the Euphrates Valley region to become better successful and the Babylon Area rose to power. Noah's Great Grandson, Nimrod, lost the pious picture and built a tall tower so he could play Giant and became a predator of Men. Nimrod became a tyrant ruler, much like the Giants the flood took out.

This so offended Noah's Son that he killed Nimrod, who had married his Mother, Semiramus, to make her Queen. Semiramis decides to get pregnant, and claims the father was Nimrod come down from the Sun. Thus, Tammus was born as the new Nimrod and the designing Mother stayed in power as Queen. This sordid power mad mess became Sun Worhip and the original theme for Father, Son, and Spirit. This became the Babylon Mystery School teachings on gods and pagan Sun worship. This entire theme spread into the Egyptian Culture with various new names for Nimrod. This issue became the most dangerous belief in the Bible Narratives, and the central issue that corrupts the Christian teachings today.

This URL speaks to these the issues of Nimrod and how this transmitted into the the Egyptian Culture and shows the links for why Moses went against the Egyptian's religious gods and he started monotheism:


Queen Semiramis also proclaimed that Baal would be present on earth in the form of a flame, whether candle or lamp, when used in worship.

Semiramis was creating a mystery religion, and with the help of Satan, she set herself up as a goddess.


Ishtar soon became pregnant and claimed that it was the rays of the sun-god Baal that caused her to conceive.

The son that she brought forth was named Tammuz.


Queen Ishtar told the people that Tammuz was now ascended to his father, Baal, and that the two of them would be with the worshippers in the sacred candle or lamp flame as Father, Son and Spirit.

Ishtar, who was now worshipped as the "Mother of God and Queen of Heaven", continued to build her mystery religion.


The truth is that the forty days of Lent, eggs, rabbits,hot cross buns and the Easter ham have everything to do with the ancient pagan religion of Mystery Babylon.These are all antichrist activities!

Satan is a master deceiver, and has filled the lives of well-meaning, professing Christians with idolatry.

These things bring the wrath of God upon children of disobedience, who try to make pagan customs of Baal worship Christian.


Mixing the issues of the Trinity with Christ is a very dangerous problem in keeping religion pious, as the Trinity Issue is used more to corrupt the Christian Religion due to pushing the Christian Church back to Pagan beliefs.

The real story of Jesus from the Essene stems from the need to replace all this sordid old relgion history with a pious new. The New Messiah was triggered by an alignment of the planets symbolic for the Messiah coming. The Essene Master Joseph marries Mary and they conceive their child with the most pious of designs and higher teachings from religion. The conception was termed to be for immaculate purpose. Yet, those that intend to corrupt religion try to take it back to the corrupt theme of Semiramis. Mary was not made pregnant by a Sun god or any other, and the making of Jesus was done in the normal human fashion. No real miracles, just the intentions of the Essene Masters to change from the vengeful god of the previous that was involved with the methods of alchemical poisons into a new design for a loving and forgiving God that was intent on healing with boron, love, and the restoration of religion to a pious belief.

The real story is the US religion has become so corrupted as to loose almost all the real history of Jesus and the Essene and replace it with Pagan dates and rituals. Dec. 25 is Nimrod's BD, not Jesus. Easter is all about Pagan Sun worship, not about Jesus.

The Church in the US has become so corrupt at to become the Anti-Christ, and this was predicted by Revelation.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:12 PM
Romancing the Stones--Allegory and Alchemy--The Blind Man's Journey unto the Light

The Biblical Narratives written with Alchemical Allegory Methods


Allegory is a demonstrative form of representation explaining meaning other than the words that are spoken. Allegory communicates its message by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation.

First attested in English 1382, the word allegory comes from Latin allegoria, the latinisation of the Greek ἀλληγορία (allegoria), "veiled language, figurative"

Book of Revelation (for allegory in Christian theology, see typology (theology)


One of the reasons to refer to the Bible texts as a narrative is because there is often allegory involved and the allegory method masks or veils the truth, and unfortunately too many illiterate readers take the passages as literal truth. This inability of the Bible readers to view the writing at the deeper level causes lots of problems with Elmer Gantry type preaching misleading the masses from the ideals of the Essene's Messiah. The greatest art of the European Great Masters makes use of the allegory symbolism methods to impart hidden meaning to the viewer. Only those adept to such methods can read the Bible Narratives at the level of intelligence it was designed to impart. In the US, those exposed to these higher methods of understanding is around zero and this was done to keep the people distant from the inner truths of religion.

The Story of Moses and the "Burning Bush" seems so simple that God made a Bush burn yet there was no fire, yet this story involves the Alchemical Allegory method as it relates to the Story of the Ark. Here the story tells of a volcanic region that emits an acid gas that burns to the touch, but has to fire of combustion. It is the story of Moses discovery of acid. All the old Alchemy methods derived from Egypt tell these stories with veiled and hidden meanings that keeps the information of how to work the chemical methods

Even the story for Moses as an infant is important, per allegory, as when Moses was given up for dead and set adrift on the Nile to be taken in by the Egyptian Royal Family, this involved an important ritual. This involved the story of Egyptian Royalty funerals always floated the dead over the Nile toward their final resenting place and the issues of resurrection. Most will recognize this as part of the initiation ritual for the Skull and Bones society, and the ritural for death and resurrection.

If one applies the same methods of looking for the allegorical meanings one can find another with the Story of David and Goliath. Here the Story tells that David killed the Giant called Goliath with a stone flung from his sling shot, after Goliath berated the Israelites for 40 days. Yes, the magical 40 days has meaning. But the deeper meaning is the power of the Ark's special chemistry appears to have been used to kill Goliath, as that technique involves the Gem Stone of fluorite mixed with acid to fell the Giant with a chemical toxic method known to the Egyptians and to Moses. David was being groomed to become the new King for Israel, and the Ark's power worked very well in the valley. Goliath even tells David that he didn't kill him, as he saw an Angel that felled him. David, as soon as he became the new favorite of Israel rescued the Ark quickly.

Move on up to the visual methods of the Great Masters of Europe that understood the issues of Alchemy and Allegory and we find the "Last Supper" Painting by DaVinci. Here the artwork depicts Jesus making the outline of a Pyramid with his outstretched arms, with his head at the top of the Pyramid symbol as the Eye of Horus. Jesus replaced Horus as the All Seeing. Jesus' right hand is like the raptor's claw and his left is openhanded for the offering. Situated to the right of Jesus is the V-shape, for an upside down pyramid shape, and both Jesus Eyes and Mary's eyes are averted from this area. So, this painting captures the presence of God, as it is the Lord's Supper ritual of Christ, it captures the Messiah Jesus being on par with the all seeing, and lastly an unseen unholy presence of Evil.

Still deeper examination of the DaVinci allegory finds the setting of the Last Supper is over the Tomb of David in the Upper Room. So, there is a reverence to David and Moses, and Jesus completes a long history of the Ark and the vengeful god with the new of using the ideas of Bread and Wine for love and healing. Bread and Wine grown in this region was rich with Boron mineral content and this heals people's poor health from the effects of fluoride.

The Alchemical Allegory from the Lord's Supper even appeared in the Feudal Lords of Europe as they paid their Alchemists to invent prescriptions for health elixirs. Here they came up with Wine again and Beer made from grains as the newest addition to methods that heal. And today, we find the wines are protective against cardiovascular diseases and help with antioxidant methods due mainly to the effects of Boron. Even the alcohol that acted as the preservative of the elixirs was named in honor of Alchemy.

In the times of Jesus, Men were blind to the benefits of food and water toward health, and another allegorical story linked to Jesus was his helping a blind man to see at the well. The allegory tells Jesus mixed the soil and applied it to the Blind Man's eyes and he was restored to seeing. Here the soils and rocks have the mineral boron that symbolically provides the healing, but it only works for those taught the special effects from the soils and water of one region verses another.

Another allegorical story of Jesus is that he turned the water into wine, and this one is equally simple as Jesus discovered the minerals in various regions stones provided the same health effects of wine. So, the symbolism is Jesus tapped a stone and it sprang forth with water with the same health effects of wine, as the Spring contained the Boron mineral.

Although most can see the allegorical methods used in the Revelation Stories, as the uses of symbolism and imagery are more extraordinary, the same methods happen throughout the Biblical Narratives and some that are difficult to see are explained away as miracles. There were no great miracles in those times, just ignorance peoples in those times and as now via illiterate and money grubbing preaching abusing the common man rather than enlightening him to the real stories from those old world times.

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The Jewel of the Nile----Octahedron Jewels, Geometry, and Obelisks---The Protectors of Egypt

The Mason Symbol with the Compass and Square with the G means Geometry.

Few people appear to understand the old religion history and how much it associated with Egyptian Alchemy. The Octahedron geometry for the Fluorite Jewels found in volcanic basalt became the most important protection of Egypt due to its toxic effects when heated. The Egyptians designed their Pyramids in the shape of these Jewels due to the hidden power.

It didn't stop there as these Fluorite Jewels often form what are called Points, which has the pyramid top area with a long square shape support column. This variation of fluorite became the geometry for the Egyptian Obelisks. These also symbolized the power of Egypt and their protection, as it is a fluorite crystal shape.

If one looks these obelisks were not only all over Egypt, there was one right in the middle of the Vatican that the Pope looks upon when addressing the masses in the open assembly area. The deepest secret of religion from the times of Pagan Sun worship sits right on the middle of the Vatican Zone and involves the symbolism for the vengeful god.

It didn't stop there either because if one looks at Islam and the issues of Mecca, one finds this same geometrical shape for the Obelisks as the stone that Islam's followers toss stones at Satan.

A real Egyptian Obelisk was brought to New York City and sits at the center of a circular intersection adjacent to Central Park. So, New York carries the symbol for the Egyptian's vengeful god, which is similar to that which Moses adoped for the Ark's special powers.

It didn't stop there either as the Masons, that designed Washington DC, installed a massive Obelisk as the design for the Washington Monument. And most wonder why the Islamic folks refer to the US as the Great Satan. Why they attack the Twin Towers in New York, Why they attacked the Pentagon. Geometry is the heart of the Old World's religion issues and the US geometry speaks to the symbolism for the vengeful god that the Islams call Satan.

Some visual examples:

The Obelisk Stone that Islams stone in Mecca:

The Vatican's Obelisk:

More Details:


Fluorite's Ocatahedron Pyramid Geometry:

Fluorite's Point Obelisk Geometry:

Fluorite Jewlery:

Most that viewed these geometical shapes just learned the highest secret of the Masons and why the G in the middle of their Compass and Square logo isn't one for God, but it stands for Geometry.

Learning these secrets of the Ark in the old days used to be a death sentence, but today unlocking the secret is easy to see for those that worked around the Manhattan Project's fluoride operations and had seen the methods to make HF and its properties in air and its knock down effects on humans and especially upon birds.

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