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Conversation from the Ethereal Realm

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 04:41 PM

Originally posted by pshea38
This story gets more to the heart of matters. Ex-member Yankee451 (banned because
he sailed too close to the truth) espoused similar themes in his compulsary thread 9/11 For Psychos.
There have been so many BS threads going over the same old ground recently that
it was beginning to feel like Hooper and Alfie and the others who purposely attempt
to deceive had won out.
Aetheon and Yankee have it right along with Septemberclues and Letsrollforums.
9/11 was a massive fraud involving large levels of compartmentalised co-operation.
Fake video, victims and actor eyewitness testimony all combined to produce a
fantastical narrative presented to the public to explain away what was essentially
a demolition job and to justify all of their subsequent pre-planned criminal quests.
It is highly probable that very few if any real people died that day, most listed being
computer generated entities with no basis in reality.
Media complicity was integral to the success of the scheme.

The time has passed for traditional (already sold-out) routes to justice.
These lunatics are in charge of the asylum and it is abundantly clear just how much
vital and incriminating evidence they have been and are witholding.
It is no surprise that the world continues on its journey down the tubes.

The 9/11 Hoax is fully exposed!

I agree with you that not nearly so many people died as they claim.

I came to the conclusion years ago that 3000 deaths was an unreasonably large number of deaths, and thought it was more likely to be around 300.

Most of the deaths would have occured when the first plane hit the tower. Most of the people on the impacted floors would have been instantly killed, and some people on higher floors were trapped, but all the people below the impact zone would have immediately began to evacuate the building.

The first plane struck about half an hour before office hours began. Many people would have been on their way to work, and because there was a mayoral election that day, many would have stopped off to vote and be somewhat delayed.

So it was probably mainly maintainace staff in the tower...janitors, caterers etc, as well as a few early birds.
The first plane struck the north Tower high up, only a few floors from the top. A chilling photograph on page 22 of "A Nation Challenged" shows about twenty people hanging out windows and clinging to the outside of the building above the strike line trying to evade the smoke. No doubt some have already fallen. These people must all have been killed.

But 3000?

They *did* evacuate the towers. The South tower had about half an hour to evacuate below the strike line of the second plane, which although lower than the first, was still quite high. By the time the south tower collapsed it would have been completeley evacuated, except for a few first responders. So hardly anyone would have died in the south tower.

In the north tower, people from the 88th floor made it out, leaving about ten occupied floors where people died. Were the 3000 people who allegedly died all on those ten floors? Not likely, because all those not immediately killed were at the windows where they could be seen, and they numbered in tens, not thousands. When the first responders trying to rescue the trapped people saw the south tower collapse, no doubt many would have reluctantly abandonned the attempts.

So where did the 3000 people die? Pretty obvously, they didn't.

No doubt the number was exagerated to increase the level of horror people would feel, and the size of the lie. It's paradoxical, but the bigger you lie the more people will believe you. It also allows the argument to be put, which is compelling to a lot of people, that no American would deliberatley kill 3000 other Americans, so therefore it *must* have been foreigners.

But realising not nearly so many people died as they claim is pretty cold comfort.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 05:07 AM
So where's the rampaging troll attacks?
Seems like the ATS trolls scurry for the cracks when the light's turned on just like our familiar kitchen friend.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by aethron

I came to the conclusion years ago that 3000 deaths was an unreasonably large number of deaths, and thought it was more likely to be around 300.

Your reasoning has no basis in fact or logic.
Fact 343 fire fighters and paramedics died that day. So much for your 300.
Name one company that allows you to come in late because you are voting? I have never heard of even one.

Here shows a few statistical calculations and factual numbers as to the population of wtc at the time.
It's a lot higher than your 'gut' feeling.

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