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New Google Earth imagery for Creech AFB 5/23/2011

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by jimbib

I got a message guess they might be the UH-1, but your guess is in the same family. There are half a dozen regular Nellis spotters, and zero Creech spotters on the internet. :-( Kind of sad considering the number of people that probably drive past the base on at least a weekly basis.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by FosterVS

They have a road terminating at
36°38'52.55"N 115°39'19.56"W
I looks like a storage area. Could be good stuff or targets. The other road terminates at
36°36'15.78"N 115°32'57.03"W

Now if you look at Gotham City here
36°46'41.20"N 115°26'25.09"W
and click the history, the road is unpaved, then paved, then unpaved again.

I've looked for home rentals in Cold Creek, but Google spoofers dominate the hits. It would be interesting to rent a shack for a week and watch Creech. You can camp in the hill there, but the area isn't desolate enough for me to enjoy camping. I have watched the range get bombed from Tikaboo, but you just get whatever light flashes make it over the hills. It must be impressive to watch them bomb it. You can see the illumination flares from Tikaboo.

What passes for a motel in Indian Springs will be gone soon. The USAF is buying the last chunk of private land on their side of route 95 for security reasons. That will leave one freakin' expensive gas station in town instead of two, and perhaps no place to eat. I think the gas station on the west side of route 95 has sandwiches.

I make it a point to divert to Cold Creek when I'm in the area and watch the base from the road to the prison. They are always flying predators or reapers out there. You just need to get some elevation because they often fly them in the canyons which can't be seen from the altitude of the road.

If you've never been to Cold Creek, the town lives off the grid. Lots of solar and propane generators. Quads out number the horses these days, but the locals seem to have fun. There are still wild horses out there if you head out to the Bonanza Peak trail head.

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