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The Strange Energy - A Puzzle Worth Solving.

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posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by Flatfish

Right there with you...Mine was a wave..but a wave of tingles...that is all throughout ...that is the best that I can describe. And that is not sexual...although it felt similar to that...just a wave of tingling!

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 07:16 PM
Question 1: What did you experience
So I've been under massive anxiety lately regarding what I'm doing with my life; Where I'm going, what's my purpose, where should I be. Tentatively, for the past 10 days or so, I felt like the answer was to return to my birth place and be with my family. This means leaving the last 20 years of my life behind and REALLY starting over. Hence this extremely stressful internal dialogue/struggle going on for over a week.

But the night before last I got a major 'GO' from the universe... All these things I was reading, videos, the music that I was listening to it all started conveying to me, "Just do it, live for you, it's 2012 go for it, get rid of those old habits"
And the craziest part was the emotions that came with it. I am NOT an emotional guy; it's even a point of contention in relationships; "you're a robot" etc. But that night (morning really) I had intense body tingling emotional outbursts. Joy, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding type of emotions with major physical detail associated with them.

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posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by Cinquain
reply to post by Rafe_

I don't mind contributing whatever I can to help out along the way, even if it all amounts to nothing in the end. It's not hurting anyone, is it?

Absolutely not and it is exactly what i am doing,only from a different perspective.

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by tw0330
Look, I wasn't gonna post. But it's happening to me again. Right now. "Symptoms" include: feeling over-heated suddenly, vibration feeling/sense/sound, tingling on bottoms of feet and on fingertips and palms of hands. High-pitched rhythmic sound/vibration that switches 'frequencies' periodically, like someone turning the dial on a radio every minute or so. And I actually feel like I'm 'zooming' along even though I'm sitting my arse right here on the couch! Oh, and I start taking these deep, cleansing breaths (not purposeful-- I just notice I'm doing it after the fact.) Sometimes my head hurts right on the very top of my brain, lol.

So, I was reeeally sleepy 10 minutes before this happened. Now I'm wide awake. It truly DOES feel like an energy surge. I hope it's a good thing. I hope it's not cell phone towers gone wild!

Speaking of which... 3 days after Christmas, I was riding in the car with my son. He called his sister to ask a quick question. Then she texted him back to say that, according to her cell phone, he called her from the future. The time stamp on the call was 20 minutes ahead of the time on her phone. Now that's just plain weird, I don't care who ya are!

Something is up with energy. I am convinced. If I had to guess, I'd say the entire solar system is meandering through a weird cloud of something that is affecting all matter, and signals and such. Heck, another satellite is due to plummet to Earth, no? How many is that now?

Have a nice trip, folks!

For your data: Female, 50 (but not really, that's just how many times the Earth's been around the Sun since I've been on it, lol) and Caucasian. Southeast, USA.

I have an 'energy-transfer' story about last night to tell that involves my skeptic debunking husband. Made him sit up and wtf. But I've been wordy enough. Nother time, maybe?

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 04:14 PM
I'm going into present tense for my information, because my experiences have been on going, with the most recent being last night.

Question 1: What did you experience
I've been experiencing the symptoms of vivid dreaming. I've had sudden, unexplainable headaches, and the anxiety. I've also seem to have energy spikes. Combine this with my clairaudience coming in at odd times, including hearing thoughts, mostly dark in nature, that are not my own.

Last night, I was talking with someone I'm teaching right now. He wanted to talk about some things, and by this point the conversation had moved on to something more casual. I clearly heard over the phone a conversation that went like this.

-I hear a door open on the other line, and hearing my friend say hello to his boyfriend-
Friend: How was dinner with [name] and [name].
His Boyfriend: Oh. I forgot my wallet, so [name] had to pay and he wasnt happy about it.
Friend: Oh. I'm sorry. I'm talking to [my name.]

-His boyfriend says hi to me from somewhere in the room, and I reply back. There's a bit more dialogue between the friend and his boyfriend, and then I hear him leave their apartment and go somewhere else in town-

Shortly afterward, I heard the door open again. The conversation REPEATS itself, and I stop my friend halfway through and say this:

Me: Woah. You just said all of this five minutes ago.
Friend: No I didn't.
Me: I swear you did. Like, down to the same words about [boyfriend]'s wallet being forgotten, and everything.

My friend swears he didn't say anything like that at all. My assumption was clairvoyance/clairaudience.

Question 2: Where was your location at the time of the event.
The overall symptoms seem to flare at night.
Last night's event took place around 11 P.M CST.

Question 3: What were you doing prior to the experience
On the phone.

Question 4: How long did it last?
The symptoms have been constant. The event was about 60 seconds either way.

Question 5: How many times have you experienced it.
That was the first time I had it occur like that.

Question 6: When is it/was it strongest?
At night.
Question 7: Is there anything you know of that may have caused/enhanced your experience?
I have some slight clairaudient ability.

Question 8: What did others around you feel, if anything?
I've noted that other friends of mine have had more vivid dreaming, and my student/friend has occasionally gotten spontaneous headaches.

Question 9: Have you noticed anything else happen (unrelated to people)? (such as animals acting or strange noises)

The overall energy of everything seems to be very thick and heavy.

Question 10: What kinds of things could cause something like this, that you know of.

I noted an occurrence similar to the "heavy, anxious feeling" occurred around Harold Camping's "May 21st" prediction, but nothing came of it.

Question 11: Is there anything in the local/national/world/internet news?

Not that I've noticed.

Question 12: What is your Age/Race/Gender
19, Caucasian-Lebanese mix/Male

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