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Is it genetically wired into Brits to drink tea

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by SheopleNation

You just can't follow a discussion. Tea has caffeine as well, which makes you pee more and dehydrates you! Which, makes my original point. I think you like to argue just to argue. Either that, or you just don't read replies. ~SheopleNation

Jeez man take a chill pill. I wasn't being that serious to start with. I just want to argue huh, doesn't that take two?

I know tea has caffeine in it, but it has been proven it hydrates as well as plain water, because there is not enough caffeine to become diuretic, unlike coffee...

It's not just about the caffeine. Never heard the old saying, 'coffee dehydrates and tea hydrates'?

Maybe if you were more informed, you'd have got where I was coming from in the first place?

posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 10:33 PM
Actually, I love chewing tea leaves. So is that diuretic or what?
After you drink Viet Nam first slush, you just wanna taste the leaves wet too...

Plus, I heard from bio-gardeners that the best organic fertilizer is tea. So don't ever throw out your loose tea - it is a well-preserved mineral coctail for your house plants.

I think tea is one of the plants of consciousness - reagrdless opf teh scientific controversies. And it may have been a factor in the late British Empire - when I got to be a regular tea drinker, I was stimulated, but gentl ana on the long term. Coffee, in my experience, is more theoretical and violent at the same time. I didin't think you could found a sane empire on coffee-drinking - as done in most coporations, EU or US. They get overboard and they get the flunking down effect before they know it and they fight it with more coffee and sugar.

Just think about it: Coffee was discovered in the Arabian Desert by Sufis. The goats were chewing someinthing that made them vigorous. Islam is a Scorpio religion in terms of astrology, so self-immolation in Allah is a highest state mystics can attain.

Tea, on the other hand, provides a more even lift. One thing is you can become more emotional from lots of cups of tea...

Just my experience and my two cents...

When I am way too tired in the middle of a seminar, a fat cup of green tea, eating the leaves, with some meager amount of sugar will refreshen me really. Whereas coffee in the same place would give me indigestion and headaches... although the taste is nice, I can testify.

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