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U.S. Government limits access to the details of bird-flu research to the public.

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 11:59 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. government paid scientists to figure out how the deadly bird flu virus might mutate to become a bigger threat to people — and two labs succeeded in creating new strains that are easier to spread.

On Tuesday, federal officials took the unprecedented step of asking those scientists not to publicize all the details of how they did it.

The worry: That this research with lots of potential to help the public might also be hijacked by would-be bioterrorists. The labs found that it appears easier than scientists had thought for the so-called H5N1 bird flu to evolve in a way that lets it spread easily between at least some mammals.

What we have here apparently is research that has been conducted on bird flu, the results of which are being limited to the public. I believe there are two scenarios. The first is that the information is being limited so that bioterrorists cannot access the information, as a matter of national security. The second is that the government has sinister intentions with this bird flu strain, and is making the nature of said strain top secret, so that it will be easier to release it upon the people.

What does everyone think? Could there be other motives here? I am inclined to believe the first scenario, but then again that is the one that I want to believe.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 12:07 PM
I think it really does make sense from a public safety standpoint. I think that the procedures used to make the virus more deadly should be obscured but the trials and results absolutely should not.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 12:13 PM
You have any idea how much a pandemic would cost the governments around the world and society?

Of course it should be kept under wraps.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 12:31 PM
there too many healty peopple in the world who don't need expencive medical therapies..
pharmacy is eager on this an money pit...
they need the bird-flu.....
the mexican flu was just an worked!! they sold a lot useless medicins....
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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 12:33 PM
I was looking around ATS for posts about this yesterday, I was going to put one up myself but forgot that I still need a few more posts before I can start threads. Anyways, when I was poking around yesterday I found a couple earlier threads about this research. Interestingly, it appears that Scientific American already posted a summary article which for the most part tells you how to create the necessary mutation:

ATS Thread

Scientific American article

Money quote:

The variety that they had created, however, when tested in ferrets (the best animal model for influenza research) still did not transmit very easily just through close contact. It wasn't until "someone finally convinced me to do something really, really stupid," Fouchier said, that they observed the deadly H5N1 become a viable aerosol virus. In the derided experiment, they let the virus itself evolve to gain that killer capacity. To do that, they put the mutated virus in the nose of one ferret; after that ferret got sick, they put infected material from the first ferret into the nose of a second. After repeating this 10 times, H5N1 became as easily transmissible as the seasonal flu.

Yeah, that was really, really stupid....

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 12:51 PM
This is obviously a mainstream propaganda stunt, lol. They dont release "stories" unless there is an agenda behind it. So whats the agneda here? Well its to frighten the people into talking about a terrorist bio release so thet the people will be more willing to accept a police state. Its like "please mr officer, scan everyone, go down thier pants and check they havent got a vile of bird flu virus".

Total baloney and totally ridiculas.

Oh and i almost forgot, they are restricting the information to make them look like the good guys in the eyes of the sheeple. I havent fallen for the untruths, has anyone else?
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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by TheMindWar

I agree and disagree, I think the purpose is to provide a scapegoat for when "they" actually release it unto the people. Most estimates I have seen suggest 60% of those infected will die, well those that live now have a convenient lie to be told so they don't blame the powers that be, I suggest it will be one of the following:
1) those researchers let the virus escape the lab.....OR
2) those researchers shared their data and it got into the hands of the terrorists

Same effect either way.

ETA: Your point about them spinning this so they look like the "good guys" by restricting the info I 100% agree with. I think that is EXACTLY what is going on there.
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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Nathwa

There are no rogue bio-terrorists. The 'anthrax' indecent was a false flag.
If my taxes are paying for it I have a right to view the data.
I have pet birds ergo I have a valid 'need' to know.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 04:03 AM
That's the thing. They don't want the public to know they are creating and or modifying viruses for their Global Depopulation Agenda.

This is just one way out of many ways they can cut the population down to their figure of 500,000,000. The upcoming World War 3 will do some of the population reduction. They will probably release their new Super Flu in the aftermath of the destruction. That way the people will be more open to infectious diseases and viruses!

So there ain't no way they want the people to know about it!!

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Nathwa

What's even more scary is that Yahoo UK! News has only just reported this!!!

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by Nathwa

After I read the article, the first thing I though was, WTF are they doing genetically modifying this virus so its easier to trasmit to mammals. Two independant research groups actually played with this fkr of a virus and made it more deadly as part of their "research".... what the hell man???

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:45 PM
This post is nearly a week old and noone has seen it, I only saw it because I searched for it. We need more profile and flags and people to see this very important post.

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