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BREAKING: US Plan to Impose No-Fly Zone over Syria

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posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 06:23 PM
No doubt the US would prefere for the Free Syrian army to gain victory in their
civil-war (oxymoron) and the will support them as such. the trouble is they have
no heavy weapons which is why they need a no fly zone, if someone could give
them some old F-14 phantoms, they would have a better chance at it. Air superiority
and heavy weapons, that is what they need. this war is going to be bloody but
the US will not directly intervein. it will be through the proxy of NATO and only
if their reble forces are in serrious threat of being slaughted, it's the old
bay of pigs rutine. hopefully it'll work. as long as they can work out
something with russia about the naval bases, and oil of course.
Appart form the Assad family have had a history of slaughtering their own people
when they revolt. It's probly the best case if all the major parties can keep out
of direct confrontation. it's only a prone in a larger game, it also might be a dry run
for what will happen in iran.
It might be a new era of empire.
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