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Positivity Thread for Sad & Lonely Souls (help me make it if you enjoy spreading happiness)

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by creatureme

Funny conversation I remember of my late sister....
My sister wanted to have children ok.
I said, "Cindy, how do you think you can raise children when you can't even train your dog to stop using your living-room as a bathroom"?
She answers, " I will just send them to Catholic school".

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by celticdog
reply to post by ottobot

I have learned to get rid of past pain is to confront it personally or mentally so you can let it go. Having no contact with your parents has and will cause you pain. Your parents are hurting too. This first pain caused the rest so go back to source to heal.

No, actually, having no contact with my parents is immensely freeing and calming to me.

You see, my "father" emotionally, mentally, and physically abused me until I moved away. He is the reason I have always felt like I was not worthy of love.

My "mother" emotionally, and mentally abandoned myself and my siblings long ago. And, recently physically abandoned my youngest siblings (minors), who now live with my "father" while she goes gallivanting around "doing her own thing".

They are not hurting. They are both quite selfish. My "father" only cares that I don't talk to him because he has no control over the matter, and he must have control of other people because he cannot control himself. However, I refuse to allow a person with no self-control free access to my innocent children. So, not going to happen.

My "mother" hates that I tell her all the things she is doing which are ridiculous. Thus, she avoids talking to me.

I'm not particularly torn up about it. I have made a life for myself away from those people. In reality, they are relatives by DNA, and that's about it.

Apologize to them ,apologize to yourself..It is tough to speak your mind when you have never done it.

Indeed, I have definitely spoke my mind to both of them. It is over and done with,

I use to be just quiet and walk away from confrontation. My Dad is a talker/controller but not really a listener.He means well but if I keep letting him do it to me it makes me feel bad.So I have put the boundary up which upsets him.I have done it several times and he is starting to listen just a little bit.It is having your own personal boundaries is the way.

I can understand that. That's good that you have been able to set up boundaries that you are able to enforce. My boundary is, "GTF away from me." with my "father". I recently went on a trip to visit my siblings and he decided to show up since I had specifically left him uninvited. He didn't care about anything other than trying to get me to apologize to him for shutting him out ten years ago, and started in on how he was justified in his "discipline" and so on. He started in using the same language and manipulation he used to use to control my emotions. The difference is that I am an adult who understands that he cannot control me. I left.

Here's a tip project the colour pink around the person you are having a problem with and push your energy towards them and say stop in your head. You cant let their energy take over yours then you become weak and feel drained after being around them.
That is an interesting idea. I will try it sometime.

Have you given thought that maybe you might be empathic. You take on feelings of others but think they are your own. It makes you over whelmed with loads of feelings.I didnt know I did this for years now I have learned to put a shell around me to block those feelings from others which in turn you get to your true feelings.

Yes, I am empathic, I have always known this. The problem I have is that I shield all of my own emotions, because if I actually let them surface, there is always someone there to attempt to manipulate them. Basically, I have recently been learning to completely ignore attempts at manipulation and just go ahead with what I have to do or say. Like I said, I don't understand this situation. It is so ridiculous and absurd; I don't see the point.

Number one chakra to start with is the root chakra to ground yourself other wise you are like a balloon,floating about with all kinds of feelings then work on the others.....................Take care and here to help
Yes, I have been grounding myself. I have been learning to stand my ground in all things. I have always been very disciplined and stuff, but I would just let other people get their way because I had no strong opinions about anything. Now, I realize that I should do what I need to do to Live (as opposed to Survive). So, this is my current path - learning to Live within my life.

posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by ottobot

That is brutal with your parents. At least you have told them how you feel. Here is a few more tips this one helps me a lot with that family members steal my energy. There are energy vampires some are more extreme that others.My wife does it and doesn't realize she does it. They connect to your solar plexus. It is like ropes connected there. With your hands kind of grab them then cut them with a chopping motion with the other hand. Then I visualize the sun growing out of my solar plexus this protects me( I try to do this everyday)because if I dont I feel my wife's anxiety.It has happened when she has been at work and I feel funny and over whelmed all of a sudden. I use to let people walk all over me but since balancing my chakras and energy protection people notice there is something different about me and know they cant take what they want from me. This is on a subconscious level on their part but I see how people are around me. I met a customs officer through friends and he told me there is something different about me than what he sees with most people he couldn't put his finger on it.. Try these techniques to put a shell around you so no one can take your energy but you can be aware also. I also visualize when I am in the shower the water as white light and it washes off the days bad energy that has clung to my aura.Just helping out a fellow empath

posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by celticdog

I just did the solar plexus sun, and I actually felt very warm all over.
That is an excellent visualization. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.

Yes, I definitely know a few psychic vampires. It is tiring to be around them, though unavoidable at this juncture.

I know it is a process to become who I am supposed to be. Sometimes, though, I get confused and start questioning whether or not it will ever happen, or I start thinking maybe the person I'm supposed to be is that trodden-on doormat I started out as. Yet, I know that is a lie. It's just difficult for me to visualize and believe that I should be who I am without shame and without hiding that for the sake of the insecurity of others.

Ideally, I'd live by myself on a mountaintop until I could figure out and become entirely confident in my own identity.

However, that won't happen. So, I am going one day at a time.

It is kind of you to offer your assistance, it is much appreciated.

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