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Bizzare personal encounter of the Third/Fifth kind?

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 02:08 PM
The fact that I'm posting here means I consider it more plausible than some others I haven't posted in. I hope that you OP (if you are still around) haven't made this up as this is getting banal and out of hand.

It sounds interesting but I want to ask this question to all with such stories: Where do you live? In big cities or small towns or houses in the middle or close to a forest? As someone living in a city, I can say some creatures coming to visit me like some aliens does not sound possible, even if such things were true, for the fact that they are in a city where they could be exposed and seen by others.

I just don't get it, how do you get such things happening if you're not dreaming. I've never had any close encounters but I DO DREAM things THAT HAPPEN some time in the future, I have dreamed cataclysms, and here are my UFO related dreams:

2008. I'm at home in (Location). It is night. I hear some strange sound from outside.
I look at the window and I see green lights in the sky. Then I recognize something like a
a spaceship, more than one craft appears.

18.03.2011. I'm in my city, outside, it's dusk or early morning. I see a light orb in the sky.
I want to take the camera and record it but I miss it. Then during the day me, my family
are outside the city, hiking on some rocky mountain place. We all see
a light orb again, this time I record it and I have brought my binoculars too. Next we see
2-3 missiles (like the ones used for launching a shuttle in space) launched into the sky, like
against something flying in the sky.

17.05.2011. While sleeping in my bed and the night sky can be seen from a part of the window
without a curtain, in my dream I see some strange pink-red lines in the sky like a text but they
are neither recognizable letters, nor any known symbols. They appear like many random lines.
When waking up I feel some tension or pressure in my brain.

19.10.2011. Someone, not seen who, tells me how to levitate myself using my mind and thinking
of something related to charges. I can then see myself levitating any time I want and with ease. I
feel the levitation as absolutely real. I state that at first it was hard, then it became easy to do.

This is a log of dreams I decribed on the morning after having these dreams.

So I think you and your girl have been dreaming, probably about the same, it can happen. And dreams can in some cases represent a real event in the future, so dreams do not mean just imagination, my dreams happen.
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