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SOG and Osama bin Laden

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 01:33 AM
The Theory

Osama bin laden was captured, not killed by the c.i.a special activities division which used elements of seal team six and cia paramilitary operatives.

The Players

the operatives used in the raid and in similar covert special activities are s.o.g (special operations group) and are under the direct command of the cia. they are taken from the best of the best, including delta force and seal team six.

they're not just the elite of the elite, they are the best period.

the cia and specifically the special activities branch are the only agency allowed by u.s. law to conduct covert operations and operate with plausible deniability.

meaning they are expendable, and if this mission failed the united states would have denied all responsibility and we would have never heard about it.

The Mission

Now this is where a little intelligence and logic comes in. the best of the best planned and executed this mission. it was multiple months in the planning, even coming from the presidents own mouth.

no stone left unturned, every possibility thought of trained for. the cia is an intelligence unit. their sole purpose in life is to gather intelligence. their tactics include deception and covert operatives.

an armed osama, let alone an unarmed osama would absolutely be no threat to any operative. to claim they shot him because he resisted and couldn't/unable to capture him, to put it mildly is unbelievable if not impossible.

what makes more sense with anything involving the cia: that they captured him, faked his death and transported him to a black site to interrogate him freely, without their hands tied by legal and constitutional restrictions, the media, or international pressure that he be treated humanely, or that 26 navy seals and cia operatives felt threatened by an unarmed 50 year old man.

Operation Neptune Spear 2.0

Neptune, named after the roman god of the sea.

the plan was perfect and almost flawless in its execution (the stealth helicopter crash). the president announces that ubl was killed. america gets its justice. the media get their story and the cia gets their hand on osama bin laden to interrogate by every possible means known to man, including some of the most brutal and vicious torture techniques ever devised.

now, if they don't have osama, then the cia is incompetent, failed in its sworn mission to protect america and to completely dismantle al qaeda and destroy every individual osama has ever come into contact with that is a threat to security of the united states.

somehow i don't believe that. we'll likely never know. the proof is locked away in the same vault that holds the truth of the kennedy assassination. never to be seen again.

First rule of assassination- kill the assassin.

in this case the expendable assets. coincidentally or not, a few months later, a chopper crashed in afghanistan killing over 25 covert seal team six operatives, some of them involved in the osama bin laden raid. even though officially they say otherwise.

that is the risk you take if you accept and join the operational arm of the cia special operations division. you are an expendable asset and freely forfeit your life for your country.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 02:02 AM
You sound like the director making points during the hollywood production.

To the real masters of the plan, hire me to come up with better situations to present to the media. These situations are easily foiled and down right silly.

If you're really trying to fool the populace try a little harder.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 03:02 AM
You know what? I think you're onto something here. I hadn't thought of this possibility at all. It has been my opinion the OBL died of natural causes years ago, hence all of the fake videos featuring lookalikes; but what you have written does make a LOT of sense.

What pisses ME off, is the murder of the SEALS involved in the operation. TPTB were probably afraid that one day, an operative would go all Jesse Ventura on them and write a book about what really happened. I think that was a VERY big mistake on their part; because if WE can figure out that the SEALS were killed by their own government, then their brothers-in-arms can figure it out too, and I'm sure they have much better intelligence than we do.

If I were "them" I'd be crapping bricks from now until I drew my last breath, knowing that the deadliest, most highly trained, most proficient killers in the world were going to be looking for a little PAYBACK! I sincerely hope the SEALS "get some."

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 09:45 AM
Ah, the idea certainly has a helluva lot of merit........
Though i was sure the dude was dead a while back myself.....this makes a lot more sense than the pap the gov boys are peddling about it.Burial at sea indeed......look at the death of Che and see what they would really have done with the body.....
The whole Osama thing makes hardly a lick of sense to me anyway, unless it is a sop to the american public about 9/11 in the sense they can say they "got the guy who planned it all" rather than tell us he croaked of his ailments.
Rather an ignominous finish to the (trauma bonding) they pulled off that day.The benefits of public blood sacrifice having been proved again in the ensuing wars....
If your theory is credible it makes for an interesting corollary, we should be seeing some high Al Queda members dropping sooner or later as the interrogation screws tighten...?
Or you figure this millionaire revolutionary is made of sterner stuff?

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Very interesting and very true to a point. The helicopter going down is the stickler. A little leaked intel on where something will be can have horrible consequence.

My only questions is...what do they do with him...OBL? Is he going duck hunting on the Bush ranch with Mr Cheney?

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