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OWS and the Dream of a Violent Revolution

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by projectvxn

I know that Hitler's rule was born from civil unrest.

I know that communist movements are born out of anarchy.

I know that George Soros has a part in funding some of these events, among thousands of others.

I know that if a police "officer" punched my friend in the face for absolutely no reason, I would give him a reason to never do it again if his fellow "officers" took no immediate action against his illegal actions.

If no legal system seeks a legitimate penalty, and we know they won't, then the public will get fed up.

Blind nationalist submission is not to be mistaken for patriotism. The slaves all sat and watched their brothers and sisters be whipped into submission. There has never once been a Western revolution that did not become at least somewhat violent at a point; you can only turn the other cheek until they've bored through to your skull. These are not the days of Ghandi; strong words and sitting around in a diaper will get you laughed at, and probably by the exact same people who mock the Occupations. Violence will occur, and honestly, your insinuation that the protesters are instigating it here is simply a fabricated story and sheer admission of ignorance of current events.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:02 AM
the violence is inherent to the system ! ! the system is super-violent against children, women and even men !! why ? because you are not really free ... they do treat you like a slave but their system makes you feel like you are free and full of joy .... they give you just some $$$ to buy your happiness .... until you see what happens to the average people losing their houses because of subprime fraud or being killed because of no money for health care ....
I tell you, you do not have to believe me but if violence arrives it will be because the system in place
( neo-capitalism and corporatism ) has to protect their system by all means !
so be prepared to hear the right wing people tell you that socialism is the Satanic system, that YOU are violent, but they just deceive people and want to destroy every hope of more freedom, more human soicety ..
When you see the violence in Syria, in Lybia, what do you think ?? is it the people's violence ???
when you see sharia and women killed for stupid reasons, with stones ... is it the system of the people or not ???
it's the system above the people !! the government that needs to keep the people under control ok ??? just like in USA or everywhere else until it changes by the will of the people !! You and me, they up there at OWS and us here in Greece or elsewhere ....
mind for Greece, could become a new dictatorship again ..... remember 1967 !!!! the colonels with full support of the greedy wealthy people controlling the world ..... you know their names ???? ok.

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by projectvxn

Do not couple the revolution with these fools at OWS.

They may want their fight, and want the death of the rich, but that is why for each of them out there, there are people like me. I want revolution - but I want the revolution to be based on the first American Revolution, not the ideals that these people are preaching.

I have not participated in the protests because they do not follow the belief in the Constitution and they radicals in every way of thinking, promoting socialism at every turn and wishing death upon those more successful than they. I know this because I have seen the schedules of events and the "education" seminars these people provide on Marxism, Communism, and socialism in general. I have heard the chants and I have seen the demands. I have watched as they claim no leadership yet are funded and directed by those very 1% they are protesting. Just like everything else, the OWS movement is attracting a lot of sheep to the pasture, unawares of the wolves that surround them.

I understand vxn, that you were not born in this country, but you understand its history more than most. With that said it means that you should understand that the system is so very corrupted to the core, and the people so savagely deluded with the two party system, that hope of ever electing Constitutionally minded candidates will never exist. Such would be against the interests of those in power and they will, as they have done for so long before now, make sure that it does now happen.

Even when the Tea Party sought to change the outlook of Americans it was co-opted and destroyed, becoming a radical wing for the Republican party. Only then did the Tea Party candidates get elected into office in 2010, not based on their Constitutional standings, but upon the same old Republican ticket as always.

So these protests have me in a dilemma. While I feel that the people involved are not dedicated enough to start a revolution, if it would happen it would be very bad for this country because their agenda is not a Constitutionalist one, it is no a free and individualized one. Which is why if it does happen, there will be instead of an attempted peaceful Constitutional Revolution, there will be Civil War, the collective versus the individual, the socialist versus the capitalist, the Patriots versus the Progressives.

The Founding Fathers held off violence for years and years when things got bad. Even up until days before the fighting began, many were against war of any kind. The army lines were thin, patriotism was practically non-existent, and it was looking like a meager cause. However, when the Declaration of Independence was written and announced, a new surge of patriotism came and the ranks of the military swelled because people knew what they were fighting for. People who want were against violence from every angle knew that if they wanted their freedom, the only way they were going to get it IS TO FIGHT.

I have long said that if it comes to it I will fight - but that it not on my terms. There will come a time when we march on DC without permits, without legislation to back us up, and without warning, and we DEMAND returned control of this country back to the people. And we will keep walking, and we will keep demanding... and one of two things are going to happen.

They are going to accept defeat.


The Boston Massacre 2.0

That is their choice. But should they choose the later then many will fight and the fight will not stop until freedom is won. They will think that they are unbeatable, but as history shows the British, too, were unbeatable. They will outnumber us, they will instill more laws against us, they will turn brother against brother, but in the end, so long as we remain steadfast, freedom will be won, and it will be through violence or the threat of violence.

Man does not change. They are an arrogant, proud species. They will hold onto power even until their death, for fear of its loss will make them seem worthless. Violence has long been the answer to such foolhardiness. Violence WILL be the answer once again.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by mastahunta

Originally posted by projectvxn
reply to post by mastahunta

And yet, all you hear out of them. Even their own videos, is "down with capitalism" and "we want revolution". I'm not blowing it up man. They are making their own bed.

Have you been to an Occupation yet???

Check out this members experience, we all know who he is, he is hardly a liberal.

I've been to the one here in Reno. And all of the people who I know from hanging out down town are there. All of them.

They just all happen to be part of the Communist Party. The rest were liberal college students whose parents paid for their education and they spent three hours talking abut how evil the UNR economic department is. It was a complete waste of time.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by RidgidHarpy

I fabricated nothing.

These are OWS members own videos.
Sorry you can't accept that.
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