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Abductees as bait: Going Fishin'?

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 08:52 AM
Many several years ago, in exploring an interest in the UFO phenomenon, I discovered quite early how disappointing personalities and the methodologies employed by 'researchers' can be.

'Researchers' run all over the place loaded down with all sorts of equipment; geiger counters, thermal cameras, IR/UV cameras, compasses for testing magnetic anomalies, laptops, video cameras, and even custom made ghost-buster type equipment, some of the essembled tech quite impressive, all in an effort to chase down and collect evidence, and to interview eye witnesses.

Cumulatively, these researches have been doing essentially the same thing for over 50 years, and in all these decades of 'research', the only thing we really have is more dubious pictures, and more dubious eye witness accounts, all amounting to so much more of a whole lot of nothing.

Every 'researcher' I talked to had their own closely guarded set of case files covering interviews with people claiming to be alien abductees.
This particular aspect piqued my interest.
Here was something someone might be able to sink their teeth into.
What's the point in running all over the country chasing balls of light and wild stories when you've got a whole group of people that claim to get visited, sometimes often? Why would anyone run all over the place shasing something when all they need do is sit and wait where 'evidence' suggests these aliens are going to show up again?
Why not take a closer look at these alien abductees, get their permissions to put them on close watch, and even lo-jack them with gps, then simply sit and wait, cameras rolling, for the next time these aliens are supposed to show up?

My premise was that it might not work right off the go, but, regardless of the advancement of any sufficiently advanced technological society that may or may not be abducting people, every technology has its limitations, and through trial and error, patience, and application of scientific method, those limitations could be explored in using habitual abductees as bait.

I went to Mufon meetings, met with 'researchers', and suggested as much.
I got blank stares.
I got told that cameras turn themselves off automatically before abduction scenarios due to high EM fields.
I suggested putting the cameras in Faraday cages with UPS battery backup systems.
I get told that the aliens will mind control their pet abductees and that abductees will go into a trance and turn off video equipment before an abduction scenario.
I responded with suggestions to tamper-proof equipment, and/ or put faux-equipment in place for the abducteee to turn off while the real equipment is disguised as accessory to the decoy equipment.
Researchers still resisted and claimed that adbuctees will just leave the room to have their abduction experience somewhere else.
I respond with suggestions to rent the house/apartment across the street, or set abductees up in a controlled environment like a warehouse as part of a study where cameras can cover the sky and areas around the place where the abductees are, and all I ever got was more excuses.

In summary, if aliens are visiting this planet, and supposedly abducting people, we know where these aliens will eventually show up, yet 'researchers' (note the quotations) either refuse, or are hesitant (at least in my own inquiries) to pursue such an option as staking out abductees to lie in wait for the next visitation.

Why is this?
My personal opinion leads more along the lines that both researchers and abductees both know they're frauds looking for attention for whatever reasons, but, since they can both use each other to validate each others claims and authenticity, it's a good working relationship of scratch your back, I'll scratch yours.

My personal opinion aside, what do you think?
Further, has anyone else had similar ideas in using abductees as bait for a fishing expedition, and if so, what happen?

From time to time whenever I run into a 'researcher' I haven't run into before, I'll bring up this idea, and each time I'm met with the old similar resistance. Each time I'm let feeling more certain than before that the whole alien hunter researcher investigator sideshow is just that, a sideshow chock full of shills and frauds.

Eh. Go figure.

Thoughts anyone?

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 09:03 AM
It's amazing that all someone has to do to not be abducted is become a skeptic! lol

The times that abductees have been monitored, the aliens magically don't show up... and then when equipment glitches (as it tends to do sans aliens) it gets chalked up by the charlatans as proof aliens messed with their gear. I'm not saying that abductions don't happen... maybe they do, but I think a large percentage of the stories are pure bunk born from fertile imaginations and 'me too' merchants looking to add some meaning to their otherwise mundane lives.


posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by InfaRedMan


posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Of further note, I know a few people who claim alien abduction, and have run across many more, and there's always something 'off' about anyone that has such claims.
They're bipolar, manic depressive, OCD ADD PTSD OMGWTF, or something. Suffice to say, they don't fit in with the conventional Joe or Jane you meet every day.
As to whither this is because of their 'experiences' or their experiences are just symptoms of their omgwtf whatever else mental disorder they have, I can't say.

A girl I knew in highschool claimed repeat regular abductions, and with her permission, back during those highschool years, I stalked her house every night for weeks on end with my old 1974 Yashica TL Electro film camera at the ready to capture whatever evidence there could be.

One day, she claimed that she had an abduction experience that night.
Being the young wide-eyed wanting to believe youth that I was at the time, I had been at my post all that night, and saw ... absolutely nothing.
From that point, I tapered off, and spent my nights of insomnia pursuing other entertainments, but, on occasion I'd still camp out on watch. After the 3rd time of a reported abduction experience when I was on watch and saw nothing, I gave up on that line of inquiry, chalking it up to the girl needing meds, attention, or something else.

On and off through the years, I'd stick a toe in the water on the UFO subject and each time, as in my youth, it was always disappointing.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by nineix

I think this is a wonderous idea !! I don't understand why they do not try? I would think that a set up with one or more " abductee's" and multiple monitoring devices any results would be results, would they not? If multiple pieces of equipment, were to suddenly go blank or be turned off by an abductee or an abductee themselves disappearing from the experiment would be proof that something more than " their word against the worlds " was in fact happening.

An experiment could be set up anywhere, a house, a camp, an apartment, an office, or as extreme as a warehouse or other complex, with as many monitoring devices as possible from as simple as men with radios, compasses, notepads, tape and video recorder, all the way to complex motion, thermal, magnetic, radio or other types of motion capture devices and EMF, geiger counters, thermometers and the likes. This experiment could be very simple or very complex but the results would be much more valuable to anyone who wants facts and or proof.

OP I too have always found it incredibly odd that all sorts of researchers all over the globe will travel far and wide to make their stories believable, and will try to use the fact that UFO sightings and abductions are being reported world wide as reliable facts. Now I don't doubt that people see things in the sky, hell I've seen a number of things I can not explain, and that is why I put my trust in faith in those more educated than myself to do so. It bothers me when something like this makes far more sense, and the fact many abductees are not one time cases. It goes the same with any monitoring or experiments we carry out on living organisms. Often we will catch, harvest data and or material in a way that is the least harmful(in our eyes) then release, some times tagged so that we can monitor their behaviour after the fact. Why would an advanced life form act any different? There are plenty who claim they care nothing about us, and in a sense I believe that is true, they care very little for the individual the same as we care very little for the individual bat, whale, or lizard we capture. How ever we try to do as little physical damage as possible so that individual may return to the group and in turn we can learn more about it's interaction with it's surrounding organisms and environment.

If these abductions really do happen, what do you think ET's think of us? How do we treat our abductees? How have we in turn reacted to their presence? For the most part we haven't done a thing regarding the ET themselves. We have learned nothing about them, nor have we learned how to avoid or prevent future interaction.

I need to stop my head is spinning a whirlwind web of information that's not necessary for the experiment.

S&F OP. Excellent Idea, I would be willing to follow, and even take part in an experiment as such. This is the kind of material the world can actually perceive to be something more than a random fluctuation on Earths EMF, or some other natural phenomena that led to someone's Abduction experience. ( sometimes they are just crazy, or attention starved too.)

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by nineix
Of further note, I know a few people who claim alien abduction, and have run across many more, and there's always something 'off' about anyone that has such claims.
They're bipolar, manic depressive, OCD ADD PTSD OMGWTF, or something. Suffice to say, they don't fit in with the conventional Joe or Jane you meet every day.

Considering the proliferation of these unfortunate mental conditions I just want to warn you to tread carefully with this statement. I would say that they absolutely DO fit in with the conventional Joe or Jane that you meet every day, because OCD, ADD, PTSD, MD, Bipolar, and a ton of others are incredibly common among -everyone-. I think that it is ignorant to suggest that just because someone may have any of these conditions that they are "off". I'm not trying to attack you here, I'm not that kind of person... I just wanted to point out that this particular comment is inflammatory and personally rubs me the wrong way.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by nineix

Hi nineix
Very interesting thread.
It seems like there is some hypocrisy coming from the researchers and the so called abductees.
I like your suggestion of encasing the cams in Faraday cages, but one thing comes to mind, what about the aperture of the camera ? It surely has to "see" trough the mesh of the Faraday cages. unless the weaves of the cage could be looser in front of the aperture , but wouldn't that compromise the efficiency of the cage ? Anyways it was just a thought like that.
Oh and on a side note, I had a weird experience as a kid (5-6 yrs old) which seems very similar to what abductees report (ball of light, floating sensation and whatnot). Some people suggested I should try a hypnotic regression to see what really happened but I always refused because I think my mind was probably tainted by all those aliens stories I read.

Anyways, very interesting thread.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by ValentineWiggin

I totally agree with your statement..

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by nineix

But some people are really telling the truth and do not have any disorders what so ever....There is already a thread on this.....Not to be rude i thank you for your input just wanting to let you know..Have a good day

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