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Let's go there... Free thinkers.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:18 AM
Face it, we've been plain ignorant thinking we're the only intelligent life out there. You know, never being able to look past our books, suggesting no such thing of extratrerestrial life. I mean, the same thing that tells us to pay our taxes.. I feel imprisoned. In something created for me, which I believed in so much, yet is slowly being stripped from me. EVERYTHING written here, is of my own opinion, and not be to give offence to any sort of religion. For I was recently awakened.

I've been rambling my thoughts around quite a bit lately I noticed time seemed to be speeding up in my reality. Thoughts processing at an accelerated rate for which I had no tools to disperse. Is it our subconscious that keeps us willingly giving in? The fact we're told we are living for somebody elses sacrifice, and thus shall repent? Obeying evermore to the fact we as an individual are useless, Always doubting ourselves and eachother. A racial war through apartheid showed how our over seas colonies bread poverty and cheap labour. Through America, it was okay to slave, trade, and do as you wish with these human beings. Presenting and labeling the idea of racism. and establishing it in our country. But they didn't stop there. With the abolishment, companies now create their factories in third world countries we created during the arms race. profiting off the lower taxes, cheap labour through places such as sweat shops. Whoever essentially wasn't apart of the major wars never profitted from it, and became as poor and manipulative as they are now. I haven't been able to do as much research as i'd like, for I've been looking for a way to get it all out, where it can be heard as well.and I can analyze it back, so forgive the free flow.

With the greed of single owners of billions of dollars, that one could do so much with, others are left in the dust. With the greed and ignorance of these banking cartels. dating two generations back to john sr. rockefeller. Have carefully moved into the internal system, where they disguised their power gain through philanthropic acts. They've initiated the policing system, and now have the ability to create laws. and thus, this mans 8 or so grandsons have control of the entire american continent, europe, and japan. We're basically a risk game. We are manipulated by a freak who's obsessed with organization in the security of grouping and control. some work together, others no.

Back to my original topic. We are a single spec in the grand universe. just a rock. what we have come to know as the basis of life is carbon. Us and our discoveries are limited to the earth and its limits, our goal should be obtaining new elements and resources. we have 10 strands of dna we dont use.. said to be tied to our diets. A brain induced chemicle called '___' supressed in our brains. Making it impossible to achieve full abilities using our pineal gland that releases it? Abilities these outer aliens posses and use around us? I dunno. I've become a free thinker, I take in all ideas, because now I see anythings possible. And knowledge will essentially retain fear. With this, we are given a book thats never relevent to science. Or the idea of aliens, just god in the clouds watching his lovely people slave for heaven, pay tax, work, contribute, heaven. People, heaven is earth. Here. we've given too much control to government.. and these bankers created corporations that seperate our minds as we disconnect in material jobs and prayer. This new generation I'm apart of was cleaverly brainwashed. I grew up through poverty and all that blah blah blah. bs. Nasa dropped in a couple years ago with a message, we're the only earthlike planet. Introducing the almighty ( I say that lightly) Algore. With him, the idea of carbon trades and taxation. Another poorly disguised scheme in the agenda. because Nasa just dropped in a few minutes ago, yeah.. 150,000 other earthlike planets, and a new section of possible earthlike planets with the discovery of a planet like tatooine, a planet of ice that orbits two stars. Now when I say earthlike I mean containing water. go back to the idea of the galaxy, something thats expnding and evolving on it's own, essentially created from nothing, which was essentially created from nothing, which was indefinately created from nothing. Because no matter when you find the answer of what created, your still stuck with the same question, or miss interpretation where at some point, something must have come from nothing. So they introduced a god. with hijacked religions perfected to their own writings. It stopped at god, and people are left in their two dinemsional thinking of good and evil, likes and dislikes, friends and enemies, black and white, right wrong, and so on. Freedoms rubbed in your face. if you wanted to, could you go fulfil your dream of a beach shack by an ocean full of fish and always good to surf? Enjoying our gifts. We've come to the point where our governments sheeple will shun you of that everlonging feeling of acception and accomplishment. Majority rules. You'd be labled instantly. Who dares live off the land. hippy. Or just the cool handsome blonde guy who fullfills his hobbies. or the creepy guy in the shack who surfs at night? mild examples.

I read we are corrupted by a dominant species of alpha draconians, who want to be as kings in a slave world. For this system does seem monster, and every day point more and more towards global control and NWO. where the middle man is nothing more. Don't follow these globalists and their processed, synthetic meals. And ther claims of the new threat being Cyber ( in their own worries ) when ours right now is biological and chemical. we've sent these waves of distress that signal in our worlds frequency. picked up by an andromedan council of many glaxy systems, having achieved their higher dimensions of the world and its inter-relativeness in every aspect. Whether or not they have information on how this world came to be, is beyond me, but like I say this, we shouldn't be questioning how this came to be, and instead accept the fact we are devine and are the creators, in the sense that the creation is expanding at the same rate as our minds, and everything is just, evolving. So let it be, and expand with it. our minds are reaching the fourth density....

having left off with that, I'd like for everyone to discuss these stories, and share with me your resources to further my interests and studies. I promote rants such as this, where it is possible to take your ideas and find the related articles. running out of characters, so, please free thinkers, leave this government prison of impossible, hoax, myth, conditioned ideas, fairy tales. and think for yourselves. DO YOUR OWN REASEARCH. Obama gave job bill to 81% of the mexican immigrants, assasinations in any other source of fuel (such as cold fusion)
and our scientists clocking nitrites travelling at around ohhh... 12 / 8 ths the speed of light. which was our supposed barrier of speed. Pre historic jet prupolsion will be no more. now just to manipulate at a larger scale. please SHARE this info. ask your questions, converse, conclude.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:28 AM
the solution to many of the worlds problems is obvious
please read the thread in my signature for answers

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:44 AM
Slow down, take a breath or you will burst.
Analyze 1 thing at a time.
Remember, we are all living in the same world as you.
We all have to mature and see the world for what it really is.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by Tarno

Face it, we've been plain ignorant thinking we're the only intelligent life out there.

Stopped reading after your very first line. First mistake is generalizing, don't even think we are all the same. I have always believed E.T.'s exist, in my opinion it would be unthinkable that this is the only planet out there that developed intellegent life.

So don't generalize and think we are all the same.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 04:40 AM
Yep. As soon as i saw "free thinkers" I knew that it wasn't about that at all.

As soon as you "tell" people what they think you lose your point.

I think we humans are doing just fine though perhaps do have trouble coming to terms with our abilities as a species. You'll note that last part was a" perception" of mine as I said" I think" and "perhaps"

On another note.

I believe there's other life out there. And I" believe" most other people do as well.

If we're here they're there. But I don't think we've had a visit.

You're on a lonely island for years and one day you see someone walking on the beach and you don't say hello?

Or you're both on the same island but you're so far seperated you just don't know they're there and you can't get to where they are anyway is more like it.

Yes yes I know. The other person is able to fold the island in half.
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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:15 AM
It is all very confusing.
The first post (and I have read it three times) seems like a box full of words, thrown on a table with a request to make some sense out of it.
We all have to make our own minds up on interpretations given to us on any number of subjects by people claiming to be experts/authorities. After arriving at a conclusion we are then given an alternative explanation/debunking and have to start from scratch again.
The egg-heads tell us for instance that we have existed on this planet for some 4 million years (arguably) during which we did practically nothing much different to other species by way of evolution and we were all black. Then, some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago (arguably) white people came into existence, we made some giant leap and started farming, writing, and building megalithic monuments with incredible precision. Our DNA has been subject to some sort of interference with some chromosomes fusing together whilst others have been genetically modified. Recent discoveries have found that the Sumerian Tablets of Creation talk about Adam and Eve, The Garden of Eden and The Flood, in what appears to be the book of Genesis, some 2,500 years before Moses was accredited with writing it.
It gives everyone a chance to expound on their own beliefs and theories I guess but I would hasten to add that we should not take anything off the table simply because we personally believe that it is bunkum.
There is much to be discovered yet and we will all remain confused on certain matters whilst the conspiracy theorists will continue to keep us curious.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:34 AM

Originally posted by OzTiger
The egg-heads tell us for instance that we have existed on this planet for some 4 million years (arguably) during which we did practically nothing much different to other species by way of evolution and we were all black. Then, some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago (arguably) white people came into existence...

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WTF? You have a seriously tenuous grasp of history...

Nothing more to add.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:49 AM

Originally posted by OzTiger

The egg-heads tell us for instance that we have existed on this planet for some 4 million years (arguably) during which we did practically nothing much different to other species by way of evolution and we were all black. Then, some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago (arguably) white people came into existence,

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Ah um Sir. I think you're a bit confused there, White people came into existence hundreds of thousands of years ago. However blue eyed white people came into existence some 6000-10,000 years ago in northern Europe when the gene that causes brown eyes was swithched off. See two blue eyed people don't have brown eyed children but a brown eyed person and a blue eyed person who has a child together that child will have brown eyes

. So all blue eyed people such as myself are more related than most white people as white people go back hundreds of thousand of years. Only blue eyed whites go back 6000-10,000 years.
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