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Andromeda Council and Ufology At Its Worst

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 01:56 PM
I'm glad this only got one flag. For I actually wish to apologize to Alex Collier and George because, they both have real experiences behind them, and I believe the intent of their hearts is good, that they are sharing, that possibly had some degree of control. You probably cant get messages out without the illuminati tweaks. For example the council of 12 reminds me of the Great White Brotherhood/Saturn and the Majestic 12. And the duality info.

But they are both sharing form real experiences, and we need to see the world for what it is, to see the corruption and the control they have.

We want ufology disclosure but we dont' wake up enough to protect the ones doing this from the threats and control. So unless we are willing to do the work to free this world ourselves, and unless we take responsibility in this way to push for this, we can't throw the baby out with the bath water.

We need to grow discernment and know what Love really is, KINDNESS and EQUALITY. And thus, we can sift through everything, and find the good information, the stuff the resonates.

I love them both. And have a much more balanced view on this right now, while not endorsing any message that says, its balancing dark and light in our own souls because its not, thats not progression/ascension. That is a gravity thing.

However, I can see through the details, I spoke up for those who can't out of a friend promoting these videos, and not really listening to what I had suggested. But I think he was really searching and I was put in the confusing position of saying there is some truth and not so truth, from real experiencers.

So I wish this thread could disappear. And I'm sorry, love you both, disapprove of the other stuff.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 02:30 PM

There are a very small number of people of psychic abilities and the people that ACTUALLY HAVE THESE ABILITIES are the least likely to be creating videos or groups. The people of REAL ability are introverted and quiet by nature as what they can do is a deeply personal thing.

I totally agree.
People that have psychic abilities does not talk about it, and do normally not boast about them having it.
In my experience the people who boast about having the ability, doesn't have it..

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by Squiip

People are called to share, and nudged inside. I alluded to a river, well Goodness/God/Family, the Force, the Eschalon as Terrence McKenna pus it. Its the way it goes. And that river just flows.

While certain aspects of the information appears as if hijacked by polarity sides here, the only ones who take the microphone/podium and control any who wish to have it, it did dawn on me how unfair being upset about this is, for it was in our hands to stop the corruption and free up the microphone.

We can't be babies about this, we don't get spoon fed info from others who are taking risks without some agenda unless we DO THE WORK WE CAME TO DO! And start to work for disclosure.

And, aside from the fact that Alex and George both have real info, there is someone else who shared Real Et situation Sleeper/Lou Baldin. And I'm sure he has some watchdogs on the thread too.

And very similar, all the information on here, and the quantum ufology/spiritually school:

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 02:52 PM
Maybe you should try to relate to the prominent reality, in wich you live.
In my opinion you dont seem to ATM
Just reciting..

I wish you the best

Peace Brother

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Squiip

Yours is actually a classic example of someone who thinks they can speak for or pressume to know another person's reality, and cast slurs on them, from their own opinions and faulty view of reality. You're very wrong. But I have no interest in converting you, for you have your own journey to walk and account for, and your own seeking or lack of, to do

Much Love and Happiness on your journey. And awareness!

Just going to add this in general, that is the very thing Im sorry for doing, for I shouldn't have judged the parts that are markers for illuminati. They could have been brought up in a milder way. Because the whole issue in this world for awareness and freedom, including disclosure needs to addressed by humanity. So, its possibly not something I can actually blame you for, since I also did it, to some degree.

So perhaps a better way of putting the bigger names in ufology is to weed through and eliminate anything that has a mystery school feel. There is a lot of good information too.
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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:27 PM
This is such an important issue that has come out, and so I'm going to post this one again.

Both Alex Collier, and George K, are real experiencers, but we get the information somewhat mixed and tampered with. WHY?

Because evil and the dark empire has the microphones, and they are big threatening bullies to your family and well being.

So if someone who does more than share a bit on a forum, but actually widens exposure to their story, and gets more the microphone, its going to come at a cost. To the person doing this, it would unlikely even be overt unless they're really from militia back ground. They would be "advised" even from people they trusted and may really respect and loved, and things would become altered, and of course other more overt methods.

These men have demonstrated braveness and courage to even come forward. But you know if we want straight goods, its up to us.

We are co-creators of this world. That dark side empire only exists in managerial positions and is only able to control the mike because we let them.

And people arent just fodder to our brief bits of info. For that glory, we arrogantly presume whole families should be sacrificed or have their lives destroyed, financially, health wise, etc.

I just have this strong sense of injustice about what the bloodlines are doing and cannot bear this world so over reacted and am so sorry for the shallow way of thinking, because this is a joint responsibility.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 11:46 AM
Now, to bring up the code I saw in the one video. This is very very real.

There are so many things linking up that are important, and we need to understand , that nothing is being done randomly.

They are literally preparing for a regime switch, which is a real joke on humanity as, I've already been told that there is a One World Government, and only One Party running the world already. Its one Country already, with one Group at the top.

So CHina/Islam/Sharia combo intending to walk over us with their iron feet, is actually the same people who've dont this all along. And they're Saturnists. Shadow side.

Its invasive everywhere.

Ie. ufology quellched.

Ufology suddenly changing things, and on an anti white angenda. Suprression.

Free thinking capped.

The space program capped.

Religions fundamental and limiting.


Think deeply, I've been watchign and connecting these dots for a very very long time.

I was very upset when things changed last fall, when suddenly some very good posts were halted. And a change introduced.

Now its true, one kind find the clues, the codes and even through interpretation see this in the bible, or religious works, BUT, suddenly its capped for the most people won't.

IN other words, no one is allowed to think deeply.

Most people dont't envision change, ie Venus Project, or pull out of controlling repressive spiritual beliefs BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT ENCOUNTERED THE IDEAS.

When your put in a box, fresh free thinking ideas are needed.

Given time those seeds take root.


I just realized this year since October due to some events I can't go into, just how strong the military, the controllers of this world CONTROL FREE THINKING IN RELIGIOUS MATTERS.

And I'm going to start one of my missions. To Free Minds. We Need To Think Freely.

That I Now See Where They Control Means The Right Door Can Be Picked Now, And The Enslaved Minds Freed.

Its time for people who are aware to really really really start sharing alternative quantum spiritual truths in large ways to reach ordinary people, and cross relating to the Bible, to spirituality, so they can start to have Discernment and walk away from all codes to a Warring God and Pyramids, Direction From The Top, and Focus on Self Discovery and Grass Roots Knowledge.

The Pyramid Must Be Inverted!

But this isn't the other side of the coin, to religion, this isn't their occult/luciferan/satanic stuff. That is just their two headed control coin.

Its the WHITE SQUARES in all the spirtual material, and deep thinking on Quantum Physics.

Apparently there is a real repression on this kind of information. Its not allowed.

Free minds are very dangerous to their plans.

Free minds must be superman in the system.

So that is the key.
Dandelions Are Free!
Christ and the Crystaline Structure of the Pineal?

Some information seems to be repressed alot.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 12:29 PM
The very door that leads to the entire control grid of the human mind is religions and they keep eveyrones minds locked. Its so good, its wonderful to actually see the door. The one door in the maze that needs to be blasted open. Not to hurt people's faith, but to educate them as to the black and white squares so they can see with discernement what is KIND, what is PEACE, what is Christ Like, what does growing up and overcoming this world really mean.

Time To Free The Mind!
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 11:29 AM
I really didn't want to resurrect this thread, as its judgmental and hurtful, and I am sorry for the words spoken, not in my assessment of agenda's, because real agendas, which may or may not be understood fully consciously by both Alex and George, are being expressed. But I think we need to really respect that having a big microphone usually comes at a price.

So I'm sorry for this, but a friend just sent me more recent material of George Kavassilas, and its interesting enough to analyze. For this correspondence bears a surface resemblance to a friend of mine, though slightly different background information was shared. Yet I see far more than both of their positions here. And something Fear based information does not resonate with Home, and Family.

But I don't agree with the way that George is answering, though recognize truth in both the positions to some extent. . Its really an interesting exchange.

The bottom line one has to realize is Love. And we don't enter in a system without Love and the promise of aid/help/a line down, when things get rough. No one is left to linger here and even what one could call a "seed", or projection of self, is not expendable, its not ballast, its still consciousness/ soul and as such is treated as one would treat their own family. I'm well aware that I share a planet with those who would harm their children if they break the rules. I would never harm them. There is nothing Harmful, Limiting or Callous, awaiting us above. No one would wish to return home on the system the correspondent describes and I would be bearing False Testimony as to What Love is Above so Faithless, if I said otherwise.

However, incorporating both sides of the duality is not the trip. But learning from mistakes and extending mercy and healing to all, with support and encouragement, that sounds right after all.

The one writing is giving some truth in what he is saying, but there is a plan that extends beyond this. What would be the point of recycling soul and matter?

Its not like in infinity each clip is not eternal and all there, forever, so that nothing can be erased. But it goes far further than this. Both George's position and the correspondent depict Family Above, as something short of Love.

They aren't, no mistaking this. And no one plays games with existence and growth, its not a virtual reality game, hard core mode, where you just die.

When I'm more awake will go through this better, but I feel like I've been hit by a ton of bricks, sore throat all that stuff. So slow mode today.

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:15 PM
From the messages, this one that was sent in resonates truth, its just not quite that way.

I was attempting to put a higher truth into easy terminology. Let me put it another way so you may understand: this universe, the world and everyone and everything in it are projections and a projection by definition is an impression. An impression of who we really are, an impression of authentic existence. Only as projections may we exist in an imperfect world where both light and darkness coexist for the purpose of elevating our Light Frequency. I am happy not to “grasp what it means to be Hu-Man” because I am not of this world. I am of the next world, the heavenly kingdom. I was “devalued” before I came here and it is the reason why I am in a “devalued” existence. I came here to elevate my degraded Light Frequency and to help others do the same. The “fact” that “Mother Earth” will ascend is a “big fat lie and deception”. In a vision I saw the Earth shaking violently as a blast from the Sun approached it. In another vision I saw an angel walking across a burnt out desolate landscape. Mother Earth will not save you. Only Jesus Christ. ETs hate him. Did you know that? It is your perception only of a “division being propagated”. Sounds like an ET cover story to me. If you have the courage, try an exercise to “test the spirits”. Say to your ET friends the next time they present the following words: LORD JESUS CHRIST, PLEASE BESTOW THE DIVINE MIRACLE OF YOUR HOLY BLOOD UPON US ALL....

We do not “integrate” lower vibrations, we elevate our Light Frequency so they may no longer attach themselves to us. With a higher Light Frequency, we elevate ourselves above all lower vibrations of experience. The truth we are multi-dimensional beings existing over multiple frequencies gives the illusion of being “fragmented”. For example, in the waking world, we exist in the lowest frequency, and the dream world is a higher frequency. We have one goal only: to elevate our Light Frequency based upon the plan set into play before we projected. Of course, we have a role to play in planning our projection; however, our level of awareness at the time we make the plan determines to what degree the The Light and Darkness influence our plan. Wisdom is gained only when we connect with who we really are, which is only possible by elevating our Light Frequency, which elevates our awareness and higher knowing. There is nothing to learn here. We need only raise our awareness. Everything there is to know we already know. The veil of illusion blocks our awareness so we may have the experience of gaining awareness. Wow, I have never heard so much new age jargon in one sentence!


We are like slivers of ourselves and sent into an imperfect world.

We're here not to cling to earth, I've never been allowed to or able to ground in any meditation except to touch a tree branch, but its rise above.

Christ real/metaphor, is still real, and we need to raise and elevate consciousness, which is about seeing through the world and perfecting Love.

However, its not just this casual, you're on your own now kiddo, its just the way its done with huge risks, and most don't make it, kind of thing. That is so Fear Based and so not Family. Its simply not done that way. We all make it, and even if someone loses memories, they regain them in the end, for they're always there. I have perfect faith in the Perfection of the Love, not in terms of, just Loving but impotent, and unable to help, but in terms of Really Putting in the Effort to ensure all go home.

Its odd to find confirmation in Christ, just at the time the astrology in the bible is evident and I'm reading Seneca, with many of the great Philosophers ideals shining in the scriptures too. But thats the Source that gives the truth. The stage is set, and the Players come in. So Im learning to see past the settings and realize there we were given great Teachers and the Christ is real.

Ascension and earth ascending, has been shared by a friend, and this was going to be our new home, but all I know is we're striving for home and this simply Is Not It.

Either way it doesnt matter as long as we go home, and the shorter road is the best always.

But we're connected to, and Children of LOVE, and caring responsible ACTION ORIENTED PARENTS, not something else. This is not Hard Core Mode of a game. However that being said, the long way home is a very long time of being in a universe with suffering and losing memory for any reason is not a good thing. Turn everything to the Highest Love and understand how terrible causing pain to another and receiving it is. Growing up is the only goal here.

I guess for the most part its the information given that rings the most truth, with the exception that no one is allowed to linger endlessly. We came in with a promise and that promise is kept.
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:31 PM
Twenty one out of twenty nine posts, all perfect examples of ufology at it's worst.

Well done, Unity!

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:40 PM
As an example of the set, stage the world and its universe is. While sungazing one day, everything around me was shown as if, a charming pop up story book, it wasn't real. The energies were, like the inside of a TV set, there is form, waves of energy, wiring, and current, but its mutable and transformable. I was very aware of being in a popup childrens book, and we need to grow up. Raise frequency. This universe is not my home.

Also my earliest memory of where I came from was beaming in like a Ray Of Light, sunlight, not a craft, being sent in, and remember taking the warm glow of the nest/womb, but also, much my infancy, I remember.
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Don't mind her...they released her from some institution and is not taking her meds...which is what I presume.

Just another new ager caught up in delusions and now whats to spread BS all over ATS.

Shove your love, light and goodness crap...What we need are answers based in reality not fiction.

I noticed the posting one most in this thread is yourself...seems like everybody knows who you are already and they do not buy your BS....

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:45 PM
No more replies from me...your Fantasies are just too much fro rational people.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by draknoir2
Twenty one out of twenty nine posts, all perfect examples of ufology at it's worst.

Well done, Unity!

Not sure what you're talking about. These videos were sent me and all have some agendas in them. But, I don't want to put them down because they're real experiencers too.

I like exploring ideas and spirituality more, and also have experiences. So if you don't feel up to reading the correspondence I'm discussing, as its really interesting, just posted and getting into the discussions and ideas presented and sharing your own beliefs concerning the details in the link, the actual ideas expressed, then your post is not contributing. Just being negative and putting things down for the sake of being that way is not an intellectual process, or a growth process, its childish.

Because I want people to share on the ideas, and really discuss them, being consciously aware of life, standing still and seeing through things, and pushing holes and windows in our boxes, is basically what these posts are about.

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by kerazeesicko
No more replies from me...your Fantasies are just too much fro rational people.

I don't call you being rational. Just saying. Agendas with gravity are not healthy mentally, emotionally or spiritually, and harming others, suppression is a very dense gravity. Since I've encountered a few of your posts, whats beneath words that are just designed to put down is the only thing I'm interested in, so Im going beyond the words, because they're meaningless put downs More interested in what is inside you and you sharing from deeply held or thought upon beliefs, and why you feel that way, sharing your own journey. Thats communication.
This isn't.
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 01:04 PM

Divine Intervention comes from The Father. ET manipulation is at hand. You must go “above their heads” and they do not like it. I have had direct experience of Jesus many times in visions and dreams. He has spoken to me and he recently held my hand in a dream. He is real and I know exactly how he appeared then, how he appears in authentic existence and how he appears now (ready to kick ET’s ass). The “christ within” and “christ consciousness” are the “false christ’s”. Jesus says the kingdom of God is within; but as projections in this world, ‘within’ is an access point only, enabling the direct connection with the kingdom of God. Still we must seek in order to find it. it is not something we assume or take for granted. It is something that is hard earned and hard won and the level of opposition from darkness is immense but those that endure to the end will be saved, as Jesus says. By the way, the ETs have a counterfeit Jesus! I have seen him too.

I'm sorry, this is not even close to true.

Father/Mother and Family. Father is not the ALL GOD in existence, this is not MALE. And the idea of Christ coming to "kick ass"????? Not really. Love shows and the frequency is very high, there is no battle. Yes ET wants to keep us in their boxes so they can be bigger fish in the illusion, however is that ET? I don't consider anyone that is not striving to exit this TV set, screen to their real selves and Beyond to be ET. The "dark" side is from wounds, hurts, insanity, delusion/illusion, and is regressive. Its not real, they regain what is real, LIGHT within Consciousness as they progress.

As for the False Christ Consciousness, this is not true. We do indeed have the Spirit of Peace and Love with us and he said, that we could do as he has done and greater, and its in Unity, Family, Christ Consciosuness that we grow.

As to the real Christ? Does this author maintain that there is only one way now? I've also experienced Christ but and something that was jarringly fake, Oct 6. But the need to send out positive urges to help here, from the Cosmos was still the same for me in that. If this isn't the last cycle and earth continues, would it not be another Age of Aquarius sungod they would set up? We need to think deeply. When Christ was taken from me, he was returned. When I read enough in Seneca and others to start to question the story recently, the Real Story became more apparent, and the Christ as real, whether or not he is actually here and died on the cross. I started to question, did I need him to come and do that, for the same message and principal, which is Eternal and Truth. But we do need the Intercessor here, and feel comforted by Immanuel and that personal Love. Yet to be a child do I require he suffered and died? No! Does that mean he didn't, NO! It means, I believe in the real Christ, and that message whether he is real/fable/truth/or both, always.
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 01:33 PM
George's points were not speaking from Spirit either, (in fact the one writing to him had more grasp on the Beyond in ways but still had this fear based thing that is nothing like Beyond) as I read down the page, the concepts of superior creativity of Male energy, and his previous points on integrating lower frequencies into self are all misconceptions. Female and Male are equally important elements, and unity or understanding balance between these virtues occurs but we don't loose our identity. The Female is not passive, but active unity and love. The heart of the Mother is really important and angels bend on knee not subservient but so in love with Her. Its an expression of Love. Our spiritual Parents are Wonderful and no words express this enough, can't find them. We're striving to grow up here.
Don't mix the lower with the higher, it doesnt evolve the soul. That is the gravity of this plane, a mixture of light and dark elements, its not the ascension.

Also what is the ascension? To me its going home! With a body, or light body? Its very real in the Beyond so its incorporating something of us here with spirit, to soul. But what if thats a trap? I just have faith, thats the main part of all of this is Faith. We have a veil that while it is lifted and pierced still is there for a reason.

This isn't a fear based thing, but a practicum. And the learning from this is extremely necessary to the soul, even those who didn't put enough effort in have valuable information on their weaknesses. And its really about Infinite Progression. Because if it wasn't, this would change the Nature of Beyond and Family, wouldn't it? Think deeply on that one, for nothing but consciousness is real and exists. Its never fodder.

Basically we come in on certain levels, not from darkness. I never came in from darkness, and that is merely illusion and its existence isn't real. No matter how small our lights, we don't exist in illusion.

We're different sizes, and grades, and like a sliver of self, the "child" projection, still nonetheless consciousness and real soul/spirit. The As Above So Below is somewhat true, think of Family here and realize Family above gives Life and gives it in Abundance, infinitely.

So what I see of the universe itself can also be seen of the sections of space, solar systems, sectors of the galaxy, galaxies themselves.

However, when the DVD is over, and I'll use the universal DVD as an example, then the players aren't recycled with the movie. When the never ending story ends, in volume 1, or 2 or 3 or 4 or 1 233 993 234.....whatever number we're on, we dont get sucked into it, not any consciousness, seed/projection or bigger light does.

We are helped and taught and learn more course material, attempt to do some good works and then another movie is played, and another volume of the story opened another practicum begins. So how long do we want to suffer basic 3 bottom chakra harming other vibrations? Because repeating is not fun.

But there is no other possible thing, anything else turns Love and Goodness above into something you would run from.

I'm not even going to address at this point winterlands and the debate between torture chambers for harming others versus healing, counseling hospitals. I know what Love is however. And anything we do is best faced with a Support Team. Always take an idea to the highest love and principles.
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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 02:20 PM
I guess I'm going to give the real way it is, in a very simply child like form. I can't flesh this out in the most wonderful way it is Beyond, for there is no way to do so, at this point. But infinity is the platform. And infinite progression is the existence that we are a part of.

The projections, seeds of Self, are children. They don't have children the way we do here. But we're a part of this Greater Family, however frequencies are infinite, and we don't all exist on the same frequencies or levels. Naturally the children are in their own levels. With a lot of help from those who help them.

We came from innocence and goodness. We lived this way always.

We learn many things and even tried to help in our own ways, like assigments, and then we enter the stories, the popup books and losing identity, memories, we have to put into practice whats real in us. And find out those areas that still require work and its goes on endlessly.

Now do we, become the one we Left? Have no idea. Connecting to levels of self and Family for answers above is apart of the test here, seeking truly and attempting to see the world the way it is, and strive for more, not to be content with just going with the flow.

But no one is ever lost. Though we are all suffering to various degrees in not being home, in this world, and those who harm others are going to discover they're hurt themselves the most, but this is still all a part of the learning process of the spirit/soul.

We have enough in our own souls to know to avoid harming others at least seriously, so its not like we walk all paths. Really its more, weed your garden regularly and try to root out programs.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I'am more of stargazer than a sungazer myself, even though our Sun is a star in of itself.

Do you believe that the ET races that visit our Earth have the compassion and fortitude to help save our Earth, in case of some cosmic collision - Like a huge asteriod that could come in at any time, especially from the direction of the Sun?



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