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Sharia Law - A simple Video that highlights how vile and primitive their supporters are!!

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by backinblack

Pfffftttttttt How long ago was slavery abolished? When did the last witch hunt happen (soooo any smart ass replies I can see here)? Sharia law is disgusting and any supporter should be stoned to death! Oh crap...

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
reply to post by backinblack

So, we can't talk about these practices, because someone at sometime who might have looked like us might have done something terrible too.

No, It's more a case of we shouldn't just look and say "That's barbaric, let's bomb them all."

The majority of Muslims practice a moderate form and detest Sharia as much as we do..

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:08 PM
By most you mean.... most in the First World? Because, I doubt you could possibly back that up.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by Aeons

Well why don't you show us the actual numbers then??

Those practicing full Sharia law V's those that don't...

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by backinblack

Gee yes i have. I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you check the news lately about what's going on in Syria and Iran. Its legal to stone women to death all in the name of your precious Islam. What are you trying to defend or say here? are you saying you think it should be legal to stone a woman do death?

Fact 1:
in most muslim countries in the middle east Sharia law applies and a woman can be stoned to death.
Fact 2:
its a barbaric and primitive islam practice.

Don't be ignorant you just make yourself sound foolish...

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by backinblack

Here is a list for you.

Countries using strict forms of Sharia Law include:

Death for Blasphemy:

1. Afghanistan
2. Bahrain
3. Iran
4. Mauritania
5. Oman
6. Pakistan
7. Yemen
8. Saudi Arabia

Imprisonment for Blasphemy:

1. Algeria
2. Bangladesh
3. Egypt
4. Iraq
5. Kuwait
6. Libya
7. Malaysia
8. Morocco
9. Somalia
10. Tunisia
11. United Arab Emirates

You have been served
Dracula out...
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:48 PM
When I was in Malaysia the local newspaper said a court sentenced a Muslim woman to repeated flogging for drinking an alcoholic beverage. Also, a man received the death penalty because they found drugs in his car when it was searched at a toll station. The first law is only for those that are Muslim. The second law is for everybody.

If you convert to Islam you cannot renounce your faith later if you lose interest. You get an Arab name attached to you when you blend with Islam. That way whenever you enter a Muslim country you have to follow the customs or face punishment. Those that are born into it have to leave the Muslim country if they choose to lose the faith.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:57 PM
Cop outs like slavery and witch hunts are bogus. When societies mature they evolve into better societies that have tolerance. Most religions do the same. However, the war religion that bases it's doctrine on killing people and hatred does not, and that religion is Islam, and Sharia is an institution of oppression and humiliation. Sharia has no place in a just world. Their fear and phobias over women go to the extreme to the point that they are no better than cattle. The view on unbelievers is far worse than that.

World... wise up and wake up. And smell the coffee.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:08 PM
There was slavery in "modern western societies" are you forgetting gulags and labor camps under Nazi and Communist regimes? Those happened during modern times. It was limited towards the 40's either the Soviet Union lasted until what 1991?

You are running under the false assumption that western society is morally superior. Keep in mind our 'modern western societies' started both world wars.

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