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Another Hollywood Conspiracy

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by CB328
Hi, finally I am getting to broadcast my first posting here on ATS. This is a pretty far out there theory, but as it ties into another conspiracy theory I thought I'd throw it out there.

This conspiracy has to do with actors and actresses, namely why so many of them date/intermarry. Now it could just be because they spend a lot of time around each other, and their compatible with each other, or have narrow "dating pools", etc. But I have always felt that there was something fishy about all these celebrity couplings, and the prodigious amounts of press they receive. It may sound far-fetched to think that the media is paying them to get together for media attention to sell more newspapers, advertising, etc, but there could be a deeper reason.

I've heard some people on Coast to Coast AM from the UK mention the Tavistock institute and how they and the royals, masons, whoever conspire to brainwash/dumb down people through culture and media, especially young people. The theory is that by getting the kids into celebrity worship, movies, pop music, etc you can brainwash them, or at least keep them and their society from seeing the truth, or being smart or successful enough to do something about it. So my thought is, is some shady organization like this conspiring to get stars together to distract the youth from a cold world, or maybe give them false hope that they too can have a dream wedding some day, even if they live on welfare in a trailer park?

For the most part, celebrities end up dating and/or marrying other celebrities for a few specific reasons. First, that they both already have money. So you don't have to worry about some gold digger trying to get with you for your cash.

Second, that celebrities have to close themselves off from the public more than the average joe. Being a celebrity means that you can't walk down the street without somebody taking your picture. People will peer over your fence to try and get a picture of you naked. Or break into your home and steal your stuff simply because you are famous. The only ones who don't harrass them in this way are other celebrities. As is only natural, one or two of them usually hit it off while spending months together on set and start dating and/or banging.

However, some celebrity couplings or breakups ARE staged for publicity. Point in case, the Kat Von Dee / Jesse James "breakup" very recently. Von Dee's show "LA Ink" was on the verge of being cancelled. So, she had a staged breakup with Jesse James on the show. The show still got cancelled. Directly afterward, they got back together. That was a scam bought and paid for by the media.

Or also take the latest season of "American Chopper". If you watch the show, you will probably notice how Paul Sr. is always in the loop as to what his son is doing, whereas Paul Jr. is left in the dark. This is because the show's crew was split into two teams. The Executive Producer heads the crew at OCC. He gets briefed on everything that happens and informs Paul Sr. in order to hopefully create controversy. Because controversy usually equals ratings.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:30 AM

Originally posted by okamitengu
i have a theory that many of these celebrities dont even exist.

with the use of body doubles, makeup (and full masks) body suits and such i believe the entire industry has very few actual actors.

the same body double could with makeup easily play 4-5 (or more really) individual "artists"

the few that are real, or drift into the "system" are either chewed up and spat out, OR get involved and have other stand ins do more work for them.

i used to research this and found some anecdotal and circumstantial support. but could never document or verify anything.

its easy to marry two names together on paper. body doubles to go to events here and there.

if i could prove it i would be a happy man!!

Do you mean something like this????

and this:

Regards and Nameste,


posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:43 AM
I believe there was a 30 Rock episode where the blonde chick was paid to date that guy from spider-man, pineapple express, and planet of the apes because he wanted to cover up that he was in love with a pillow.

Most actors I find to be extremely weird in general so I would not be surprised.

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