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Bush is showing weakness, Kerry was a hero

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 09:42 AM
Seek - I haven't smoked anything other than Arturo Fuente & my own commissioned blend for a looooong more high friends in low places.....want to hook a fella up!?
Because from reading that post, you must have the "Bubonic Chronic" !!!

First Fact: Team Rove pulled the "mutual disclosure" card from their collective arses when the Senator's Son country club appointment to the ANG was being revisited.

Second Fact: Seeing as a "Cluster" of years length was unfolding in front of us in Iraq, with no exit strategy, as well as an election, the logical question of CINC capabilities arose. And from that analysis, we were given a War Hero vs. Chickenhawk choice.

Third Fact: Seeing as the political arm of the administration trumped the Pentagon & the last 3 commanders of CENTCOM, why WOULDN'T Kerry point to the fact that he too was pimped in a Businessman's War of First Choice as well? And that HE WOULD NOT go that route on his watch?

Fourth Fact: "Kerry has the press stumping for him"!? Really, now I have to smoke that shiznatt you're Bogarting!!! Kerry has been consistent on the " Can we talk about the issues, please?" message. Bush was a media creation, by a complicit corporate media, and he remains as such, always their darling, always having his team own the Sunday morning talk show circuit, always promoting Fox and having CNN break their necks to catch any fecal nugget left over.

The Rest:
- Kerry can control a South East Asian propaganda museum's content? Damn, he realllly should be president.....what power!!

- We have not been guilty of war crimes away from the camera in our campaigns!?! TWO WORDS: Abu Graih
- We know what Kerry carried into the field? I guess he had to; He couldn't drive back to that Austin Power's love shack, like Bush's, that was right in beautiful coastal Texas, and pick that stuff up!
- Injuries: let's see, we've got his crew's testimony, peer officers testimony and commanding officers testimony.......All of them lied to us, huh?

What's wrong with being financial stable? That IS THE AMERICAN DREAM, to do better than our fathers? What, are you going to give me a "Workers of the World UNITE" speech!?!

Good to have you back, you crazy summnaAbyotch!

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
'snip- lots of good stuff>
. . .
Yes, BT and PG, you both will certainly be proud to vote for this man, hell, your both probably working class-millionaire's like him.....

Three cheers for the working-class poor, the ignorant, and of course, the stupid (down-trodden).



Ah a good one. Would have given you one of my "atta-boy" points but I used the last one on BT- sorry

I also cheer "the working class." Just call me 'blue-collar bubba.' Your post ranted about Kerry, but why should I vote for Bush? (again) I will NEVER vote for another Republican for national office!

tax cuts that crippled the economy-
deficit beyond counting-
fear and hate in the streets-
(Yeah I know- it wasn't his fault. It was Clinton or Carter, right?)
invading another country-
(why?)(actually two- but Afghanistan was righteous)
increased government controls -
(isn't this anti-GOP? 1984?)
health care-
can't sue HMOs-
- - - longer list, but you get the idea.

Where are the issues? As long as Bush is running (and running hard with deep pockets) the issues will be sidelined.

Bush will probably win, but not with my vote. The country will have deficits amounting to about $100,000 per adult! - pay my share will ya?

pass me one

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by Netchicken
Kerry can't use his war record as a part of his campaign, nor can he now point the finger at Bush's LACK of a war record. (which is the real crime)

What part of Kerry's war record should he use, the War Hero part or the AntiWar Hero part because he is SO proud of both.?

By backing off now Bush also gets the kudos for being a good sport. So he wins BOTH ways.

And all i hear is how Bush is a moron, dumber than a monkey. He pulled this off didn't he?

posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
All the while, Kerry has the Press stumping for him, he has the primetime news orgs and outlets stumping for him and making triffle excuses, he has fat-arse Michael Moore and his so-called "Documentary" stumping for him, he has some so-called "authors" stumping and promoting anti-Bush rhetoric for him......did I forget anything else BT and PG?!

And Kerry is Still Slipping in the polls. This is good stuff.

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