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Human ancestors interbred with related species

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by sbctinfantry

Thanks for the advice (and i am not looking for stars and flags) . I am here to look for truth.

I wasn't aware that the subject of genetics is well known here at ATS. Completely blows my mind that you make that assumption when nobody even knows that the Neanderthal genome is complete but is not available online like the human genome. Only the reads are available at EBI. Even Alu sequences are not known here at ATS. I left GLP because of lack of intellect there, they post questions like " Who is the hottest chick at GLP?" and not discuss real issues.

My take on conspiracy is that for one to understand conspiracy, one has to understand symmetry or truth otherwise a conspiracy has no substance but is just a fantastic idea. For one to understand our origins it is not enough to say someone said this or someone said that. One must go and look for himself and decide for themselves if there is a trace of truth to what is being said about a conspiracy.

For example, John Lear said Aliens live in the moon+the sun and the government knows about it. First thing a person like me will say is "it is ridiculous to say Aliens live in the sun", I would dismiss that. And then you have the moon that doesn't have the atmosphere nor any magnetic field to protect it from the sun. Yet somehow the moon mysteriously doesn't get burned by the sun. And we see no evidence of it here. It is always white as it casts off a refection from the sun. Maybe our atmosphere bends/refracts red light so that it becomes white when we perceive it?

I actually thought there would be a minimum of one person here (with a relevant background) that we can go back and forth to dissect the evidence/distribution of Alus and what it could mean ( because nobody knows including people here at ATS).

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:22 PM
The reason I digressed into the Blue Beam and Iron Mountain documents was because of this informations possiblity to write / erase our real / percieved ancestors from history. Changing history is a big deal, and when someone predicts it in a way that is very similar to the way it is changing today, I ask questions. Am I supporting the CT? No. I am merely giving information, much in the same way you are, for personal examination and independent conclusion.

As far as this thread is concerned, 2% is astronomical in terms of genetics. I am well aware of this, and I've already touched on that issue before, so let's continue.

While the only evidence of evolution from Neanderthal is speculative in nature, there has lacked a serious counter theory to it's supposition. The research you presented is just as speculative as the commonly accepted theory of man's evolution. Both are backed by science and facts, which is the main weakness of scientific research. I am personally for looking at things through Occam's Razor. The simplest answer is usually the closest to the truth.

However, just because there is no fossil record of the commonly accepted version of man's evolution does not mean it is incorrect. In fact, much of what we know about Earth is circumstantial and speculative in nature. We grasp at straws for the majority of science, while many proponents (if you listen, read and watch) peddle their ideas and theories as factual.

So, who are our ancestors? It is an easy conclusion to draw that we do not know, and we should not assume to know. However, we can speculate. Speculation has it's place in science, for sure. I personally have found in my own research that what prevents us from using the larger portion of our brain, (for instance) is a governer like system (found on vehicles, for instance) that prevents an overload. During special occasions, our brain can be seen functioning at a higher percentage. In reality, to say we only use 10% of our brains is a myth, and laughable.

We use 100% of our brain every day. If you believe you only need 10%, feel free to remove 90% and see how you feel?

At any given time, we use roughly 10% actively, but that does not account for the relaying of certain signals, it doesn't account for the redundancy in our brain, the backups. There is a reason that someone might lose the ability to walk, and then regain it later, even when brain tissue is destroyed. Our brain can learn, reshape and reorganize.

I digress..

Alu Repeats are only found in Primates, that is correct. However, that is misleading to most readers who don't understand the discussion. When you say primates you mean that it is a mutation of the small cytoplasmic 7SL RNA. which is found in all Euarchontoglires (a clade of mammals, the living members of which are rodents, lagomorphs, treeshrews, colugos and primates [including humans]).

What you should clarify, is that this is an evolution of a component of the signal recognition particle. Of course this begs the question as to why the mutation has become a defining factor in what it means to be human, for better or worse?

For one, it has been linked to many current diseases and defects (such as cancer). In reality, and in this context, a mutation causing mutation seems plausbile, does it not?

On another note, a more speculative note, is it indicitive of a mechanism placed there naturally or artificially? Is that mechanism malfunctioning due to interbreeding, something that was not anticipated or a concern for the mad scientist (be it nature or alien)?

It definately lends creedance to both. Mother nature makes mistakes, I assure you, all the time. An alien race like say, the Annunaki, wouldn't have much concern for the distant future of a race of slaves they would not be around to tend to, do you think? Of course, I'm merely playing the advocate, I don't personally adhere to any one belief system, which is why I remain unbiased on most matters.

I suppose we can discuss different blood types, and how certain blood types interact. Some can interact with any, while others only wth themselves, but we would just be speculating, wouldn't we?

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:49 PM
Seems to be a slow but steady indoctrination to change the ol' text books (I can't stand institutionalized teachings).

Yahoo front page is planting the suggestion that what we were taught is probably not true!!

Closest Human Ancestor May Rewrite Steps in Our Evolution

Why can't they just admit we are all genetically engineered by Annunaki and perhaps other species too??? And all living things (animals, insects, trees, fish etc) on this planet are alien in nature and are simply the expressions of other places. It makes the MOST sense.

What's the worse thing that can happen if they admitted that that explanation would answer so many questions?
What?....people will divorce their dogmatic beliefs and embrace the truth? Oh my. We can't have that now, can we?

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