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Did Rudolf Steiner predict the USA PATRIOT 1916?

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 12:47 PM
As some of you may know I made a thread yesterday entitled: Brothers in the Shadows: Evidence that Secret Societies Manipulate World Affairs. The main protagonist of that thread was Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher, social reformer and esotericist.

Although it is not essential for you to do so in order to understand this thread, it might be worth reading the above thread first so that you have a more rounded apprehension of the man himself. It also serves to show just how visionary Steiner was and how well connected he seemed to have been with the secret societies he so often mentions.

Anyway, as a result of that thread I delved further into the lectures and writings of Steiner looking for more revelations and it wasn't long before I found something.

I first saw it mentioned in the book 'The Crisis of Civilization', written by the Russian Anthroposophist Gennady Bondarev. Bondarev first states:

Speaking of the above-mentioned map Rudolf Steiner remarks: Nothing special has been said about the Scandinavian peoples; it seems as though they will probably be granted a really long period of clemency (Jan. 14, 1917, GA 174). This is the solution to the riddle of the relatively happy liberalism existing in the Northern European countries.

This first statement struck me as prophetic, for it is true that the Scandinavian regions are relative safe havens in the modern world and have been for decades. Countries like Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland often find themselves topping the list of the Global Peace Index.

But it is what came next that made me go

But of the U.S.A. Rudolf Steiner says that free thinking will have come to an end in the year 2000. Of this there can be no doubt. It will then become apparent that not only the Russians, with their inclination to slavery, and the eternal militarists (the Germans), are capable of creating Imperiums of evil, but the freedom-loving Anglo-Saxons have this capacity too.

Here we have a reference to Steiner predicting that in the year 2000 America will put an end to free thinking and become a militaristic nation with the inhabitants becoming mere slaves. This was said in 1916!

For those still wondering what on Earth I am referring to...USA Patriot Act.

Bondarev gave no specific reference for this quote and so I couldn't be fully sure it was legitimate. I did some further snooping and found this...

"Soon after the year 2000 has been written, a law will go forth from America whose purpose will be to suppress all individual thinking. This will not be the wording of the law, but it will be the intent" [GV,p98].

Rudolf Steiner spoke these words in 1916, in Berlin, during WWI, in a lecture on the secret societies. A precursor of David Icke, Rudolf Steiner began warning the world about these secret societies during WWI.


Still, it wasn't enough.

After an hour or so of crawling through the Rudolf Steiner archives I finally managed to find the quote from the horses mouth...

We might say that the present time is doing very well compared with that which will come in the future when the Western development blossoms more and more. Very shortly, when one will have written the year 2000, there will come from America not a direct prohibition, but a kind of prohibition against all thinking, a sort of law which will have the name of suppressing all individual thinking. The other hand there is the beginning achieved in this direction of suppressing all individual thinking into pure materialistic thinking where one does not need to work upon the soul on the basis of external experiments, in a the human being is handled as if he were a machine.

- Things in Past and Present in the Spirit of Man (Lecture IV) April 4, 1916

You can see it for yourself here.

Here we have a man, speaking in 1916, explicitly stating how in the year 2000 (or just after) America will introduce a law that suppresses free will and individual thinking. It even hints at how the "prohibition" is not a direct prohibition, but a prohibition under the guise of something else, ie - protecting citizens from terrorism.

86 years later, in 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act is passed as a direct response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Later he goes on to say:

Now, in the Future you will not get a law passed which says you must not think. No. What will happen is that things will be done the effect of which will be to exclude all individual thinking. This is the other pole to which we are proceeding. This is connected with the development of the West.

Could this even be referencing the September 11th attacks? Instantly a quote comes to mind: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor."

Anyways, it's all pure speculation.

I happen to think that the dates are an unbelievable coincidence, although coincidence might not be the right word. Maybe, "coincidence" instead?

Usually I don't put much stock into these sorts of things. But having read some of Steiner's works over the last few days I am inclined to, in this case, think again.

Over to you fine people...

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 01:47 PM

Really, what can you say? The man nailed it.
When I think back over the last 10 years what has struck me most is the regimentation of society, Even though the US is broken down in to 2 camps - liberal and conservative there are certain subjects which have been taboo - 9/11 of course but also the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with such legislation as the Patriot act.
The usual response to challenging such ideas is that you're "unpatriotic" or you "don't support the troops". Sure, tie a yellow ribbon on something and everything is fine, right?
Had Steiner been speaking of the US Congress he would have been even more correct as they seem the perfect example of the antithesis of free thought.
There have been challenges in Congress but one will notice that these same people are no longer in office.
The same goes for professionals who have questioned the 9/11 commission report, Kevin Barrett comes to mind.
If Steiner could predict this what else has he predicted that has yet to come to fruition?
I'll be anxiously awaiting additional prophecies that you might find.
Great stuff, Star and Flag.


"behind the external politicians, who are just straw men, stand the real leaders (secret society members,) with the conviction that it is the mission of the Anglo-Saxons to exercise a real world rulership, for many centuries into the future".

Project for a New American Century anyone?
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Absolutely, I couldn't agree more

He also mentions how, in the future, the world will be a materialistic one, something the "secret societies" are working towards to enslave humanity, to turn us into mere machines...

The other hand there is the beginning achieved in this direction of suppressing all individual thinking into pure materialistic thinking where one does not need to work upon the soul on the basis of external experiments, in a the human being is handled as if he were a machine.

He actually mentions it regularly in his lectures.

This man was so on the ball, it's almost ridiculous

And yes, I do believe there are more astounding predictions. I'm in the process of looking into one of them now.

Thanks for the great post, as always.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 02:58 PM
For the second day running...

Some of you must have something to say about this?

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 03:28 PM
well first, every paragraph you quote says the exact same thing, but different wording...
so saying and if that's not enough, here's more...when each thing you quote says the same thing, it's not more evidence of correct predictions.

Second, how does the patriot act prohibit individual thinking in the slightest bit? I full heartedly disagree with the patriot act, but to say it prohibits individual thinking in any shape or form is a huge stretch.
This site is still up, and I see individual thinking everyday from many sources, both online and off. Heck, on every major news site there's a comments section. And I've read some very anti-establishment comments. I've seen criticism of every facet of our government, including the federal reserve.
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by Ghost375

Originally posted by Ghost375
well first, every paragraph you quote says the exact same thing, but different wording...
so saying and if that's not enough, here's more...when each thing you quote says the same thing, it's not more evidence of correct predictions.

I think you have misunderstood.

I wasn't using each paragraph as further proof for the prediction, I was merely showing my research process as I tried to locate the original source of the quoted paragraph. The first two were from second hand sources, which, for me, wasn't good enough.

Originally posted by Ghost375
Second, how does the patriot act prohibit individual thinking in the slightest bit?

I understand your point, after all, we aren't living in North Korea.

But I would argue that 9/11 and the subsequent USA PATRIOT Act did change the world, mostly for the worse. Many argue that it was unconstitutional and that a lot of the procedures that were passed are illegal. Therefore, I think it is fair to say that it infringes upon civil liberties and absolutely effects an individuals thinking process.

This being a primary example: I. THE PATRIOT ACT: A NEW WAY OF THINKING

I also wouldn't get bogged down by the terminology, although it's hard not to. Steiner uses the term "individual thinking" quite a lot and it not always to be read literally. He uses it interchangeably with the ideals of freedom and morals and liberties.

Of course, some aren't going to see the relevance of it, that's fine. I expected it. Maybe I have been a little too engrossed in it recently?

I still think it's pretty remarkable

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

You said that this is all speculation.
I'm personally not finding much to back up that claim.
Great job you have been doing!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by deadeyedick

That was probably my sceptical side showing through

I agree though, it does seem pretty straight forward.


posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 12:00 PM
I dont know why I didnt stumble over this thead yet as I´m very interested in Steiner. I began reading his books in ´97, mostly I was into his political work, the social threefolding idea, which is IMO the only ALREADY WORKING alternative ( see my threads).

Those quotes are fantastic, I found more, maybe about the internet ( or maybe an surveillance device from our NWO guys or military-industrial-complex)

lecture from 1913:

´´And from the earth becomes up-sprouts a terrible breed of naturenesses, those in its character between the mineral realm and the plant realm inside as automat-like natures with a redundant understanding, with an intensive understanding. With this movement, which will seize over the earth place, the earth will be covered as with a net, for a fabric of terrible spiders, spiders of an enormous wisdom.´´

(Und aus der Erde wird aufsprießen ein furchtbares Gezücht von Wesenheiten, die in ihrem Charakter zwischen dem Mineralreich und dem Pflanzenreich drinnenstehen als automatenartige Wesen mit einem überreichlichen Verstande, mit einem intensiven Verstande. Mit dieser Bewegung, die über der Erde Platz greifen wird, wird die Erde überzogen werden wie mit einem Netz, einem Gewebe von furchtbaren Spinnen, Spinnen von einer riesigen Weisheit.)

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posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 04:16 PM
Yes, he is talking about AHRIMAN.
He linked Ahriman to the US many times.

a reply to: anti72

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 04:29 PM
a reply to: LiveForever8

I would say this is more along the lines of political correctness than the Patriot Act although the PA can be used as an enforcement mechanism for it.

It's the PC thought police that are the real evil hiding behind the tyranny of equality before liberty.

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