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What is armament buildup China CCP up to now?

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 10:56 AM
It is now known that China is building up to 4 aircraft carriers. Carriers do not operate alone but are protected by a convoy screen of up to tens of destroyers, frigates, minesweepers, anti sub crafts, etc, and even battleships for EACH carrier.

With 4 Carrier Battle groups, that would be one massive flotilla, not including its normal naval operations and submarine fleet. That's a lotta ships to be built and for what purpose, despite its consistant reiteration of seeking 'peaceful' rise?

In 1933, when Hitler became the dictator of Germany, he went into secret re-armament of the military. While the rest of the world was in economic depressions with many workers out of jobs, Germany's workers were stunningly fully employed. They did little manufacturing for exports, but were only involved in the manufacturing of weapons, instruments of terror and death to others - parts and components, guns, tanks, aircraft, sub, ships,etc while continuingly decieved other nations that Germany seeks only peace and to protect itself, made pacts and alliances that were meant to be broken later.

By end 1938, Hitler was ready, and the world then was turned murderously and hideously topsy turvey for the next 6 years of his evil conquests.

Today, we see the same thing in China with its alarming arms buildup. China is just like Germany, without enough resources of its own today and would need others, by bribes or by force to build up its independence. It has a rich hinterland in the other nearby surrounding lands such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore's port.

Imperial Japan circa 1940s too was in similiar circumstances and saw asia as its resource backyard, hoodwink those asian state with its programme called the 'Co-Prosperity Sphere' with the intentions to 'free' asia from white men's domination and share wealth, but the truth was it only went on to a murdering spree to rob asians of their wealth and made them slaves, far worse than the Europeans had ever treated them.

China today too is handing out the carrot and stick treatment, offering its slave labour, loans and lands in china while its citizens are deprived of freedom and social expenditure, for investments in return for unrequested yet favours. Those who dares go against China are met with its naval's show of power, such as happening in the much disputed Spratly Islands today.

China and their bootlickers often claimed that its fleet is only comparable to USA, so why can't they too have their own fleet to roam the open oceans.

Thing is, USA is a democracy and proven to be ruled by law. For any international disputes, small nations can recall their ambassadors and sent protest notes to even the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and gets a hearing in Congress, to discuss, debate and find solutions to any problems in a fair and reasonable manner.

But China's CCP? The only law is that which comes out of the mouth of the power lusting dictator, civilian or military, at the moment. Once asia is dominated, small states swallowed, resources filled, the big game for world domination goes full swing.

Hitler did the same. England and France, powerful nations then, despite its promise of help to smaller states such as Austria, Czech, Poland, stood idly by for fear of war on their own shores. But in the end, war came to their own shores by an emobolden Hitler and burnt their nation down.

History, sadly....often repeats itself.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:04 AM
If they've got any sense they're probably trying to defend themselves as much as possible against the crazy nazi's who run america??

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:15 AM

China is just like Germany

not sure how you come to this conclusion... there is a clear difference between nazi germany and modern day china..

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:23 AM
it was england that declared war on germany when they invaded poland .

and as for china , why should they not have a powerfull defence force ?
knowing the usa,s track record of invading any country that does not bow down to them
or if they have resources that they want .

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Sadly, I think you are on to something.

China with their one child policy has bred a huge military.

They have us right where they want us.

We are so in debt to China. When they start exerting their power.

We will be in no position to argue.....Taiwan will soon be an issue.

Our leaders have failed us miserably at home and on the world stage...

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:39 PM
In terms of governance, China CCP is no different from Nazi Germany in the way they rule. Dictators are the same anywhere anytime. Perhaps they don't murder jews, but they sure as hell don't mind murdering unarmed students and protestors in China.

If one studies history thoroughly, one would realized that it was England's PM Neville Chamberlin that APPEASED Hitler all the way till Churchill step in. England and France, then the most powerful nations on Earth, had guaranteed the aid of Austria, Czechkoslavia and Poland and each other. England failed to honour her pact even as those states fell one by one even when their leaders gave in to Hitler's demand. Even when France fell, England did not come in aid. Instead, England retreated. Remember DUNKIRK always.

It is one thing to have a powerful force, but quite another to flex its muscles now and then, as they did in the Spratly Islands spat instead of comming to the negotiation table. And rest assured, they will show in force when they want Taiwan - a soveriegn nation back. Kurile Islands is next.

They had shown their lusty hunger and are not afraid to use force to get it, unlike USA whom NEVER had run roughshed unless it was provoked as it did in 911, and even today, the american people still have a conscience to demand answers from the gov. In China, you will be shot dead or made to disappear if you did that.

In WW2, it was the axis - Germany, Italy and Japan that set the world on fire during high economic turbulence. China, an asian nation had shown a bit of both Germany and Japan. Who will be the bigger axis partner that Germany was? Could it be that should a default on USA happens, a right winger from USA will seized power and rule the nation, set the course for war on the European theatre while partner China handles asia?

The dots are getter clearer each day for one to connect. To avoid the awaiting fate, the script of repeating history must be changed...........

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 02:36 PM

1. When default happens to USA, a powerful nation with its own resources in both mineral and human capital, immense suffering will follow. None will take it laying down, with protests and riots occuring. The republicans will claim to have a plan, but it will be a plan financed by the rich elites.

New jobs will be created, but only in armaments. As their wealth is limited, huge amount of wealth and resources lay with Canada, Alaska, Europe and Central Asia. Those nations living there too will be faced with economic pain as well, but with the wealth that the republicans supported by the cash rich elites, they will easily surrender their soveriegnity to right wing militarily strong USA. Better a slave than be starved to death, will be the policy, while the rich elites gain further power and wealth through resources, if not yet screwed by the leader whom will one day seek utilitarianly for sole power.

Jews and muslims will be the first to be fully exterminated, their wealth robbed, along with undesirables' such as gays, troublesome atheists, unbending catholics, protestants, zorastians, christians, hindus,etc.

2.Believing that they would be tied down by manpower and costs pacifying and organising a new restructured Europe and Central Asia, China will be made an axis, and allowed free reign to take over asia pacific- from Korea to Australia, and turn every human there into slaves. The rich elites gains either way, for it is wealth they care about, and goes about with 'globalisation', using slave manpower for luxuries.

3. Russia, even though with outdated and poor military might, will be treated with reverence, and made to sign non-agression pact by the axis, just as Hitler did to prevent USSR from interfering with his conquests. Russia, with his might, believes deludedly that he is invincible as Stalin once thought too and never cared anyway for humanity, looked the other way. Once right wing USA and China achieves pacification of both east and west hemisphere, Russia is rendered another slave nation shared by both.

The end of freedom and enslavement of mankind, if according to plan. If not, it will be the total end of mankind, as our WMDs will wipe ALL human race out due to mistrust inherent in humankind.
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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 02:54 PM
you have been misinformed about 1933- 1945 germany

Indeed germany wanted peace, but they also wanted fairness and equality. they wanted order which was controlled by elite bankers who keep poking the little guys just like today

they proposed peace to france and UK, they failed becuase the fought against the bakers, anyone who wants to put order into the world will stumble upon hitler. hitler wanted order but when he tried to enforce it, it was too much for him.

the true evils are the bankers.

germany wanted central planning, not free market

they wanted to save nature, not destroy it...

your fear of hitler comes from your mother or teacher, they told you hes bad when your a kid and so you believe it today. listen to hitler, oh right he also has a book. the man was a vegeterian non alcoholic who didnt smoke, he wasnt racist, he was proud. he wasnt a skinhead. he may have had twisted ideas after the prolonged war, but thats what war does to you. tehre are no rules in war. its kill or be killed.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by RizeorDie

I wanted to laugh at your post and ignore it for its insanity, but fearing that you might be another Breivik, I will attempt to seriously consider your question and give you an honest straightforward reply so that you may wake up to the truth.

Even prior to Hitler's takeover of the Chancellorship of the Reich, his NAZI organisation are made up of pimps, gays and every despicable street roughneck you can find in the gutters of Germany. Rhoem was his buddy, a gay pervert who formed the SA and made his troops ferret out handsome males and force them to be his lovers. I can go on but you will get the picture. This is not the worse.

The worse was the despicable bullying and harassment and even at times murders of opposition figures by the brownshirted SA to stifle freedoms. Hitler supported such actions if not fully encourage it. Was this the actions of a 'freedom and equality loving man' that you claim Hitler to be? AND ALL THIS was even before he became a chancellor.

When he became a dictator through dirty political manoveuring of the aged president Hindenburg, he get rid of the unions, which many foolishly believe he stood for as his Nationalist Socialist Party was supposed to stand for, as well as communists in the german parliament so as to gain a majority with Hindenburg's party which he NEVER obtained in an election, no matter how many times he tried, - such is a 'freedom and equality loving man'?

I can go on and on over the facts of what Hitler had done, post it so that our generation knows his mistake and never to repeat it, but then this thread is not about the right winger Hitler. It's more about China's illegitimate CCP gov and their frightening military build up that may have drastic repercussions on our world soon.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Nazi Germany is not the same as modern China.

First off, Nazi Germany was a prime example of fascism. What this means is that Hitler's party managed to instill a strong nationalist ideology on the German people in order to build Germany from a broken empire into a superpower in a matter of decades. This was possible because Germany was basically crushed by regional powers with the Versailles Treaty, and their economy crashed big time. German society suffered from a giant "existential vacuum" which leaves people vulnerable to any ideology that will prove prosperous for them- and Hitler's vision most certainly did.

Modern China does not have nearly the same history. It isn't "CCP" as you keep claiming either (I don't even know what that means). It has most certainly engaged in economic and social changes over the past few decades. This has allowed private enterprise which, in turned, has allowed Chinese corporations to become very powerful, to the scary extent where corporations now act as communities where they basically "own" workers taken in from rural regions. These corporations feed, house and employ these low-wage workers, and in return the workers basically live under the corporation. It is even customary for the workers to attend regular corporate events for "team building", including saluting the corporate flag.

And what is even scarier is that the Chinese government fully supports this corporate slavery because it is a major boom for the Chinese economy. The government even provides police officers to guard corporate facilities from unions and worker uprisings.

In a sense, China has become a fascist state where corporations and government work hand in hand, and the people are only relevant as a production force. In fact, the only communist thing about modern China seems to be how the common people live and work together, and they accept this ideology as if it was Mao's conception of communism itself (which it is not!), mostly because dissent is not accepted.

I admit that I like China because it is the oldest surviving nation with a rich culture and strong discipline among the people. I don't like the turnabout that the Chinese government has made, however. I know that they are doing it in order to boost China's influence on the global stage, but in the end it works against traditional Chinese culture. But I can't really blame the Chinese government here when the universally accepted goal for progress happens to be economic growth. This is the fallacy that all countries work towards, and China just happens to be good about it.

My point here is that the Nazis had a plan to rebuild the German Empire which involved invading regional countries. China does not have such plans, but they are building up to engage in regional conflicts, especially if North Korea flares up. They will not let the US just decimate and take over a regional ally, and they definitely have the capability to do so now unlike in the Vietnam/Cambodia days.

As for China's armament buildup, they are doing it to counter US buildup. Let me make this simple to understand: in order to justify building up your military in modern times, you need an enemy. Under capitalist ideology, you always need an enemy to compete against. It is no secret that the US describes China as being its major rival in a post-Soviet world (which I think is to Russia's advantage, because they will build up with badass weapons whether they have a justifiable enemy or not
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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Why shouldn't China build up it's naval fleet up to somewhere near the capacity and capability of the US or Russia or NATO or anyone else?

Your comparison with Germany is misleading.

Germany had previously been very aggressive; China has not been overtly aggressive to it's neighbours in Asia and more or less respects it's own borders and does not seek the equivallent of Lebensraum or any other military advancement etc. (There is the 'little' matter of Tibet).

And China is being quite open about these carriers.

Yes, China is quite openly dictatorial compared to western governments / standards etc but what has that got to do with us?
Does that give 'us' some moral right to dictate what size navy they have?

And a bit of a history lesson; Britain had no agreement whatsoever with Austria which has close cultural links with Germany going back centuries.
Yes, the UK and France did let Czechoslovakia down but declared war in support of Poland, do some basic research!
The UK then had to do a strategical retreat in face of the Germanic blitzkrieg and France's capitulation.
The UK then stood alone against Germany.
And despite Hitler trying, he did not burn the UK down.

All this whilst the US made billions from both sides until Germany declared war on it and the US had no option but to fight against them.

You seem to plucking imaginary scenario's from thin air and making things up to suit them.

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