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The Afterlife, Geriatrics, and Ghosts

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by abaraikenshi

there was an elderly woman who lived 2 houses down from me who was 92 years old. she was the sweetest lady you wuld ever meet. Right up until the end she was always pretty well with it however she suddenly started occasionally complaining that pappy (her husbad who had passed away some 20+ years ago)was keeeping her up at night and wuldnt let her sleep.(this was about 6months before she passed) she lived alone and was cared for by an in home supportive services nurse who happend to be her neighbor. for being 92 she still had very good mobility and culd get around with a cane. one night at around 11:30pm her caregiver went to check on her only to find her out of her bed and ouut in her yard she had gotten up in the middle of the night and had tripped over a plant stake in her yard and sliced her leg. when asked what she was doing she said that she had been sitting outside with pappy and he had went on to bed and she went to check on her plants and fell. they stitched her up and sent her home. At this time I was a volunteer fireman with the local fire department. two days later we recived a call tht she was unresponsive. we took her to the hospital she ended up having to have a tumor removed on her brain i believe. about a week later we were doing an inspection on the hospital and i happend to stop by her room and visit with her for a few minuets. before leaving she told me "now you hang in there in the church son (we went to the same church)God is your only hope let him guide you. as for me pappy is coming to get me tomarrow and I am going on to my reward" at first i thought it was the medications she was on, however the next day we got word that she had passed away that morning from natural causes. Now I am no authority on these things but she seemed convinced beyond a doubt that everything she said about her husband was real. Now it culd just be that it is all in the mind that since they so closly associate death with being reunited with loved ones that culd cause this. or it culd be real as u said in the OP we will not know until our time comes but tht lil snippet is jus my oponion hope it was helpful
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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by destination now

What a great link to lots more fascinating stories, thank you.

It sounds very reassuring to have your passed relatives come to take you to the next realm.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by abaraikenshi

Great post and thanks for sharing.

This spiritual awakening amongst mankind is alive and well and is profoundly as to why I continue to visit ATS.

The stories are intriguing and I feel that there is overwhelming evidence as to what is really going on here.

That indeed those that are ready to transcend to the other side are being welcomed by those relatives whom which already have.

Similar to how we are picked up at the airport when we fly into a new city/town to visit our relatives.

It's simply a form of support of our relatives. These souls who are our relatives are always in support of us whether in this realm or the next.

This also segues into the stories of those who have had near death experiences and are told by their relatives that it isn't yet their time to pass/cross over.

Once again they are greeted by a relative and given the situation report.

In these cases of near death, they are told that they must return to their bodies because they have

more to accomplish in this life.

Which I find really intriguing but it all makes sense.

This being due to the simple fact that everything in our existence works in cycles and nothing ever really ends but merely transcends to the equal and opposite.

We exist in this dimension and pass on to the other once we have accomplished what had been intended for us only to eventually return to this existence once again.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by abaraikenshi

I have been a part of this site for years just browsing and reading about the paranormal ( it has always interested me ). Although, I have never made an account or replied to anything before. But when I read your post I felt like I was reading my own stories! Really amazing!! I am now a stay at home mom and in college for nursing. I left my job at a rehabilitation center as a CNA 2 years ago to be with my daughter. I worked there 5 years and like you have seen a lot of death and suffering.

Sitting here .. I can think of a couple stories .. I'll share

1. A man, not sure age but he broke a hip and was on a downward spiral with his health. Very alert, no confusion. I worked nocs with one other CNA and one nurse. We were doing our rounds and got to the very end of the hall where the man stayed. He was sitting in the dark at the edge of the bed. We went over to him and asked him why he wasn't sleeping. He began to tell us that his wife was in the room dancing and soon he would be dancing with her. Shocked and confused we told him no one else was in the room, he said that she was dead but she came back for him and they loved to dance. He also told us his hip would be fixed for good and he would be able to dance once again. We wondered if he was beginning to lose his mind and went about the night. The next night we went in to do our rounds and the bed was empty. He was gone. He passed during the afternoon.

2. This one had me in tears. I was truly changed and just know in my heart there is something else after we die. This woman had not been with us very long and we knew she was close to the end. She was on hospice and my duty was to keep her as comfortable as possible. She didn't speak and didn't eat. DAY 7 of very little water and no food and she would not give up, she just kept fighting. Something was keeping her around and we all felt helpless. She showed no sign of pain and like I said.. very rare moments of sipping H2O from a straw. Her daughter from Florida finally showed up after being called 2 days before that any moment her mother was going to go. I was in the room at the time working on the woman when her daughter came in. Weirdest moment of my life right here! The woman opened up her eyes, sat up in bed reached out her arms and said i'm ready. She laid back down and within 5 min she was gone. I ran to the nurse and she came in and checked for sure. She was gone. I was forever changed.

I'm sure there are more but those were the big ones I will never forget. Working in a nursing home or probably any health care facility is sure to change your mind about life. Whether dead or alive...

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by mrsbanke

wow interesting stories here thinks for shareing, I have experienced something similar to the second story. I have to be somewhere right now but will be back in a bit to share.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by duke396
Nobody off the living knows for sure anything although a lot of experiences being so similar, raises a question mark. I have seen two of the closest ppl to me just days after one of them died, clearly, as a colorful gas, 3 dimensional in the semi-obscurity of the bedroom. No, not high on anything whatsoever and completely sane(well, a NY-er
A few seconds as I laid down to bed. They were standing by my feet, hands together, not moving, not uttering a sound. Saw them 2 nights in a row;with my eyes opened,completely awake(and I'm not dead, yet;this happened a few years ago)
Science s in the fog still explaining these encounters but it's getting there. It's all got to do with the brain, the engine...the pineal gland, amygdala. Some ppl are born with it, some cultivate it. I am one of the born ones and here to tell you that the world of the unseen does exist and we are able of remotely do things whatever our creed, influence the course of life, literally. I live a magical life and am always anxious for the next miracle
I like magical and miracle as wording, care to call it manifestation, remote influencing, be my guest

It takes two miracles to be ordained in the Vatican
I got a lot more than that and finally got the guts to write it down for the world to see and just hope for safety.

May the Force b w u

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by abaraikenshi

Thank you for sharing this! I have heard similar stories, but it's the kind of thing that you take with a grain of salt. Coming from a nurse, who has encountered this at least a few times, it seems more credible. I am not sure if they are being visited by 'Jesus' or a 'brother' (not that they are not, either (I don't know everything,) but from my view I think that positive spirits are coming down to guide them (possibly their 'guardian angels') in whichever form best eases them through this transition. Interesting for sure!

posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 04:02 PM
My wife has worked as a CNA in two facilities over the past 5 years and has come home with very similar experiences as well. My mother has been a CNA for 38 years and had told me over the years many stories not only of loved ones passed coming to usher the terminally ill through death, but also some "rules" she has experienced, at least for her facility. The number one rule she said is the rule of three, when one person passed, 2 more would follow in quick succession. Second "rule" so to speak was that if you come to a nursing home add a pair, you leave as a pair. Doesn't matter if one is sick and the other is healthy, when one passed the other would follow within 6 months.

This second rule really stuck with me because of my grandparents. My grandfather had prostate cancer that metastasized to his bones and eventually brain. My grandmother has had 2 heart attacks and only has about 30% cardiac functioning. My grandmother took care of my grandfather at home until he went into hospice, in which he moved into my moms facility. My grandmother wanted to move in with him so she could live with him till the end but my mother absolutely refused and eventually, reluctantly told my grandmother why. She convinced her that she needed to live her life and not let herself give up as she had seen so many others do. That was 8 years ago, my grandmother is still alive and independent, still lives in her own home and still only has 30% cardiac function. To this day I think my mother saved her life, allowing her to meet many new great grandchildren over these last 8 years.

The third rule she told me is a bit more ominous than the other 2 and has always bothered me a little. The third "rule" was you never want to be put into what she referred to as a "high turnover" room. She said there are just some rooms that people just seem to move into to die. Nothing in particular about them just that the rooms seem to drain the life out of residents. People report shadows darting in and out of these rooms at night, residents have conversations with people who aren't there. Basically things that people associate with hauntings, I'm sure there are more but I guess I'm just curious if others in this field share the same beliefs.

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