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Future Life Progression..

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 03:16 AM
There seems to be allot of talk about past life regression through the use of hypnotherapy, were a person is put under hypnosis and regressed to a different lifetime perhaps this century or thousands of years before this time. But what about the people who are progressed into a future life?. Its called future life progression and it was found by accident by a DR. Bruce Goldberg, His theory is that we are living all of our lifetimes at once due to the hypothisis that time is not a linear function as our minds percieve. He has progressed people forward in time to the 23rd and all the way up to the 35th century in order to have them deal with things that are bothering them in this existence. sometimes the people are male's in a life and sometimes they are females in certain lifes to learn karmic lessons. Im not sure what to think of this are there people who feel they have not only had past lives but future lives. How would you know unless you were regressed or progressed ? or could this information come to you in a lucid dream, or astral projection state.
Any thoughts or has any body seen a future life of theirs.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 08:45 AM
A link to something on the good doctor's work would be appreciated.

It reminds me of a potential tangent from theories I've been reading about multiple timelines.

I can refind anything that people might be interested in but seek out the essay "The End of the River" (I think) for a critical analysis of some of this, though it focuses mostly on McKenna's work in Timewave Zero.

Coincidentally, who's to say that McKenna's self induced mushroom trips weren't something along the lines of what Goldberg is suggesting. He wasn't seeing machine elves of another world, but his own future life.

Maybe. I dunno.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 09:37 AM
The only time I remember seeing the future was back in 5th grade. I remember waking up, getting ready for school and so forth. I remember everything I did that day as if I was awake!! It was a wed. and I woke up and thought it was thursday. I was a little confused but whatever. I went to school and I relized that what I had drempt about actually was happening throughout the day. Teacher saying the exact same words, friends wanting to play basketball, it was the same score! I had told my parents about it and they said "oh, its just your imagination". Still to this day I wont forget about that day. But other than that. NOPE no future visions. If you saw something about the future and you tried to change it, would it not exist because you tried to change it?

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 12:15 PM
Link to Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Foxtrot sounds like you may have had a precog dream about your future day at school, i have had little bits come through to me in dreams about an upcomming day too its weird when it happens.
Your question "If you saw something about the future and tried to change it, would it not exsist", that is the same question i was thinking of. Goldberg does explain how it is possible to have 5 parallel frequencie's for each timeline due to the soul having free will and each action has a certain effect on the outcome of the life.What will be predestined is the basic framework of the frequency, the same family members and parents and similar lifestyle.but in the example he uses with one person he progressed is that in the year 2088 that person was responsible for a nuclear meltdown at a plant that he worked at, but this person was able to change that outcome by choosing a different frequency and the events were averted.
Thanks Rant for the multiple timelines theory, that is the main thrust of Goldberg's work as well. Goldberg has since 1974 worked with 35,000
past life and future life patients, he also eludes to human evolution being speeded up by DNA manipulation by visitors to this world as found by his work with people as well...Pretty far out stuff!

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 06:35 AM
Thought I'd dig up this old thread to see if anyone had anything else to add to it?

I've been reading a bit about Future Life Progression. Whilst I've never participated in any Past Life Regression sessions and was initially critical of it, after some research I came to believe some of the accounts I read. I'm still not 100% decided if I'm a firm believer in reincarnation, but after taking part in Sleeper's thread about the meaning of our lives, I'm certainly much more open to the idea.

Future Life Progression is a different subject entirely though. First off, we're talking about a future which - in accordance with the beliefs of many of us - has not yet occurred. In order to accept that FLP may be possible, we have to accept that time is not as Linear as it may appear and our futures are accessible to us even though they have not yet occurred from our point of view.

It also raises some questions relating to suggestive nature of the subconscious. For instance, I take part in a FLP session and learn that I will be married to a tall blonde doctor later in life. Will I now subconsciously go out and target tall blondes who have a penchant for medicine? Or would it have occurred anyway no matter what I do?

I guess the same criticism could be levelled at past life regression - are we really seeing a past life or is our subconsciousness throwing out information we gleamed over the years from TV and history books?

One of the articles that swayed my opinion lately was in a UK magazine, about a young woman who participated in a FLP session. She saw herself married to a tall, kind man with a goatee beard who worked as a financial advisor. She enjoyed the session but wrote it off as dreaming and had forgotten about it with a few months. She was then set up on a blind date by one of her friends with someone she had never met. As you can guess, he was tall with a goatee beard and worked as a financial advisor. He proposed to her on their second date, citing that for him it was love at first sight and he felt like he'd known her for years.


posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 07:11 AM
I've seen the future of this life-time many times through dreams, and watched it come true. So I have no doubt it is possible, as I do feel time it not linear as percieve as well.

I've also seen my next life I believe. I just remember I was skinny, really pale skin, and had jet black hair. Everything was a little different but I don't think it was that far in the future. I remember I was on public transportation like a subway or monorail, and I remember the positive energy on there. Everyone was nice, and I got the impression everyone was intelligent, accepting, and wise. It was a very positive atmosphere.

I think its possible to see into future life-times for sure. Hell I've seen 10 000 years in the past! The future, man, I'd love to see 10 000 years into the future

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:32 AM
Here's my bizarre story with future life progression. Seven years ago i had a spell of insomnia. Late at night, if i tried TOO hard to sleep i'd start hearing some phantom radio station playing, in amazing detail, digital quality, right in my ears. Like i was wearing earphones. But I wasn't! It was like 70's music, or gospel music, but foreign-language. Then I'd wake up and it would be gone. This drove me nuts. I wondered if I was crazy. Who the hell picks up radio stations in their head??

Then two months ago, because of horrible allergies, the insomnia started happening again. And my phantom radio station came back. In my sleep I would shout out to my wife TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!!!! but there was none. This time I tried to [mentally] pursue the source of the music. It sounded like some kind of futuristic Swedish gospel music. But also nature music, like music made with ocean and wildlife sounds. I looked online to see if any music like that exists but found nothing. This 'radio station' also played 70's and 80's songs. Like Aretha Franklin(?) I even heard a U2 song, I tried to google it when i woke up but apparently it doesn't exist (yet).

Then one night everything fell into place. Because I could not only HEAR this phantom music, but I could also SEE objects around me, very dim but in crystal-clarity. This is what I saw: I was a girl (wha??) sitting in a grass parking lot, in the back of a station wagon, gazing out the back window at raindrops collecting on the glass. The back window had no defroster lines, I thought that was odd. Then to my absolute amazement and shock, I looked beyond the glass. Then I saw that most of the cars around me were sharp and odd looking, very obviously not yet manufactured!!! This was the future!!! I looked at each car carefully, trying to remember every detail so I could recall it later. A black mercedes drove by, so frikkin futuristic, it looked like a shark on wheels, the tires/wheels were concave. Obviously nothing from 2008.

Long story short, over the next two weeks of allergies and insomnia I saw/heard more brief scenes from this parallel/future life and being a skeptic of this type of thing, I researched as much as I could online. But mentioned it to no one. Except my wife. My best guess is this:

2050's Denmark: I'm a young female (yikes) who goes to some kind of 'nature church' with a ... boyfriend (frikkin gross). The radio station is broadcast from a portable music player. I'm always listening to it. I sing for my church and other 'nature' churches in Denmark and Sweden. I can speak english fluently. Also I take an electric train across the third level of a huge bridge to Sweden. I depart from an abandoned office tower at the Denmark-side enterance to the bridge. I still live at home. The station wagon belongs to my (future) parents. Getting gas in the 2050's requires filling out a government form where you state your intended use for the gas. I know this because my (future) parents always make me walk in and fill it out.

So I tried to find the office complex on Google earth but all I found was farmland. I DID find the bridge though, and I almost fell out of my chair when i did!! It is called the "Øresundsbroen" completed in '99 and as of this posting it only has TWO levels not THREE. So i'm not totally crazy.

While not ruling out that I could be just be a hallucinating wacko, I also cannot rule out that this music/imagery is real somehow. i'd like to make more sense of these experiences but there is very little information online. and I'm too lazy/too busy with work to research something like future life progression. Plus I'm not really into new age things I'm sure I'll forget about this again until my next spell of insomnia. But at least I thought I'd share with someone.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 03:22 PM
I enjoyed that thanks.
Good story.

I'll tell you my vision of the future, its around your timeline too I believe, maybe 20 years later... 2050 - 2070.

I saw myself infront of a mirror, but other then that I was on a subway / train... nah, it wasn't a subway i don't think.. I thought it may have had some natural lighting.. I recall being on the street and I think there was some electric vehicles. Everything made a crazy sound... I saw this slick yellow motorcycle this guy was on, it had to be electric, and it made sounded cool.

I wish I had more details, It was just a glimpse.

Your story sounds really interesting, especially for the fact gasoline is still around (makes me think we hadn't changed much..).. and the nature church seems really interesting.

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