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Agenda 21 For Dummies

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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 09:51 AM
Ok I had never heard of this "agenda 21" thing until just a few minutes ago on C-span... strangely, I've been watching a LOT of C-span these days, with all of the stuff going on in Congress (struggling to figure out what to do so the entire COUNTRY doesn't default on its loans), to the astronauts coming back to Earth from the final space shuttle mission on Atlantis this past Thursday, and now to Jon Jarvis, the director of the National Park service being interviewed live this morning.

During his interview, people were calling asking all kinds of questions - 2 of these phone calls involved men questioning about Agenda 21; the first phone call resulted in the caller asking Jervis what he thought about Agenda 21, to which Jarvis replied he "was not aware of Agenda 21". This led to interviewer saying something like "Ok, well if anyone out there knows what Agenda 21 is and would like to inform us about it, feel free to call in."

A few minutes later, another man calls in and quickly summarized what Agenda 21 is - basically stating that the United Nations owns all of our land and plans to take over it. This resulted in Jervis saying something like "I've been working for the National Park Service for 35 years now, and have never once heard the words "Agenda 21" cross anyone's lips."

You can watch a recording of the show here: (it's 3 hours long but there are 2 other segments before Jarvis is on)

2:33:29 man calls in and asks what Jarvis thinks about Agenda 21
2.50.21 man calls in from Missouri and explains what Agenda 21 is

Jarvis also talked a few minutes about Mexican drug cartels coming across the border up into the parks of Arizona after a woman called in (around 2:36) asking why the government has yet to do anything about it - something else I've never heard anything about and thought was interesting.

Also mentions the law has been changed so that any park goers can now carry weapons in the parks?

Another man calls in and asked about the oil spill near in the Yellowstone River - Jarvis says the Oil spill was 150 miles from Yellowstone so it did not effect the park.

On another note, it's nice to "meet you" on here CopperFlower, I too have a similar past regarding college, but the differences for me are that I never had any kids, and I had brain cancer when I was 17 - that is supposedly now reoccurring some 13 years later, and I've never managed to pay back my student loans, which have now defaulted.

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posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by purplemer

I really don't think Russo is trying to use "scare tactics", it seems to me that they are simply trying to make people aware of what's going on. Just as I stated, I have never once heard of Agenda 21 before, which is why I'm now going out of my way to read up on this stuff myself; when asked on the interview which I linked to, Jon Jarvis stated he had never heard of Agenda 21 either - perhaps he really has never heard of it, considering it's a document that was wrote up by the United Nations.

Anyway the part of the Agenda 21 document that gets me thinking, mainly because the United States is now faced with the possibility of defaulting on their loans.

2.24. For many developing countries, the reactivation of development will not take place without an early and durable solution to the problems of external indebtedness, taking into account the fact that, for many developing countries, external debt burdens are a significant problem. The burden of debt-service payments on those countries has imposed severe constraints on their ability to accelerate growth and eradicate poverty and has led to a contraction in imports, investment and consumption. External indebtedness has emerged as a main factor in the economic stalemate in the developing countries. Continued vigorous implementation of the evolving international debt strategy is aimed at restoring debtor countries' external financial viability, and the resumption of their growth and development would assist in achieving sustainable growth and development. In this context, additional financial resources in favour of developing countries and the efficient utilization of such resources are essential.

How exactly does one "eradicate poverty", and who defines what "poverty" is?

For all I know these days, "poverty" could be anyone that makes less than a billion bucks a year... considering the fact that the United States is currently in debt by over 14 Trillion dollars...

Do you know any Trillionaires? I can't even find a job.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Precisely the problem, because it all sounds so good.
But everything carries a price as does agenda 21.
This is collectivism (socialism) couched in language created by Madison Avenue.
Like that super cool toy you saw the add for on TV that did everything but once you got it wasn't quite what you'd hoped for.

The bottom line here is will we do the right things to save ourselves and mankind or will we be forced into it?

These are all worthwhile goals, few would argue that point.
But how do we get from our current position to this proposed utopian landscape?
Will it be by logical argument, making hard decisions and sacrifices willingly or will it be at the point of a gun?

People are wrong to not take this seriously, this is deadly serious stuff all couched in rosy glowing terms.
If we are to no longer be masters of our destinies then surely we will be slaves to dogma and legislation.

Events and trends from seemingly unrelated areas are converging towards this point of Agenda 21 - a globalist guidebook and constitution for future generations of man. Economics, foreign policy, the destruction and suppression of family, speech, religion - all guided towards this plan explicitly laid out by the United Nations.

Before you put your trust in the UN ask someone from the Balkans, Gaza or Rwanda how it worked out for them.
Our fate will be little different.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by Copperflower

Wow Copperflower! Thank you for that very personal but instructive story. I agree the odds are stacked against the bulk of us commoners getting anywhere financially in life. It's like walking a balance beam while people are throwing stuff at you constantly. One tiny slip and BAM!! - you have to start at the beginning again. And the whole time you're working and scrimping to save things keep coming that take whatever little you'd set aside. All the while watching the rich ownership class and most government living very well off your hard work. It's enough to drive one insane yet if you persist you become something even greater than wealthy, you become a survivor and one with dignity and self-respect intact.
I wish you great success with your art. I realize your show has come and gone since you created your post but the future lies ahead.
I don't care to write my life history atm but like you I too am an artist. I just did an interview and should have an article published by early summer next year in a periodical of a few million readers. It pretty much will guarantee the business my wife and I created will be swamped with work.
And it only took 35 years to get here.
All the best,

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

I interpret it as a bunch of cooks worried and scared out of their meagre wits by very vague doom porn.

Collectivism isn't at all as bad as it's made out to be.

Does it bother you to share a flight with all those strangers instead of having the entire plane all to yourself?

Does it bother you to share the road with other motorists?

Does it bother you to share the bus with other commuters?

Does it bother you to live in an apartment block? Or spend time in a hotel or motel or guest house?

That's all collectivism.

Even sharing a home with your family or a room with a sibling is collectivism.

Sharing your income with your family?

Collectivism again.

I doubt any zoning regulation, building code changes or other stuff like that would be intrusively retroactive.

I think it would only apply to new buildings.

Perhaps call for state and locar government subsidy programs for things such as thermal rehabilitation of old, energy inefficient buildings and what not.

Why don't people come with exact, direct, contiguous quotes and show us what's so dreadful about it.
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