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Agenda 21 For Dummies

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posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by Reaper2137

Thanks for adding a sane, common sense post to the site.

Star for you!

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by RUSSO

Yeah I saw that, Its nothing too bad. If humans could be trusted to remain in balance with nature you wouldn't need some one else stepping in. Also I would think that when 149 countries sign a treaty the laws created by said treaty go into effect. This is nothing new, The U.N could dictate terms to the United States because it signed said treaty.

If you don't like it, thank the many American's who litter the American C.E.O who dumps in our natural resources and says its alright. When you think about it while I like the ideal that Agenda 21 is about, any person with common sense would tell you that its just tall talk.

There is no way that they could do much of what was gone over, There is simply way to much to fix that our Fellow Americans have screwed up. The cost alone to fix just whats on that map your showed would make The United States go broke. There is not enough money to fix these problems.

Although the amount of jobs created would really help our economy right now, I just don't see this happening any time soon. Maybe after some sort of natural disaster or terrorist attack, They could start the process.

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by unityemissions


Be Free of Your Rights, Even Liberated From Life: Agenda 21 Comes Calling:

United Nations Agenda 21 – Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development . . . doesn’t that sound nice? Who could be against sustainable development? Who doesn’t care deeply about mother Earth? Let’s save the world.

There’s a catch. Many catches, actually, at least 22 of them, but one is worst of all: The redundant theme in official documentation that human population must be reduced by 90%.

Agenda 21 is swaddled in euphemisms so warm and fuzzy that few Americans seem concerned about its fangs. In the simplest terms, Agenda 21 means total centralized global control over human life. No rights of property ownership . . . no rights at all. And exactly how 90% of the population will be liberated from life is rather hazy; the only clear aspect is that it must happen.

The gravity of Agenda 21 makes it hard to write about without sounding alarmist, or eliciting groans and shouts of "conspiracy theory." But NWO alpha psychopaths are obsessed with power; ultimate power concentration, centralized control over all aspects of human life, mass murder . . . such is the grit behind the silky euphemisms like “Sustainable Development”, and the decoys, “Save the Earth” and “Green”! Agenda 21 warrants about a million times more public scrutiny than it seems to be getting; I hope to encourage more people to become aware of the program.

Of course it’s much easier to hide behind, “Oh, they’d never do that!” or shout “conspiracy theory!” or to simply play dumb . . . or be, dumb. But I think many Americans might be surprised, even shocked to know how far this thing has progressed, and they might be glad to read about it in the UN’s own doublespeak.

You can read the full text HERE

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by RUSSO

Population control is a bad thing? we are 3 to 4 times over our carrying capacity. This is what is needed for the human race to survive as a whole. Its going to happen sooner or later, mostly due to wars, famine, death and a whole slew of super bugs that current med's cannot help.

Its some thing we have brought on our self's. Have you asked your self were would they get the man power to kill 90% of the world population? I don't know about you but troops from the 1st world have a hard time taking orders that would kill their fellow people.

I should know I used to be a soldier for over eight years, until I got hurt. You can disobey a direct order if you find it unlawful. So like I said there is really no way for them to enforce these laws or stipulations. Don't give me than they would just send in merc's. Do you not think that a countries standing military wouldn't kick the crap out of these people?

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Reaper2137

Conscious population control is not a bad thing. Kill people IS.

They change the meanings of words to confuse the people, they also change the names of the programs to not aleart the people to what they are doing and they brag about doing so.

Joan Peros talks about her trip to the United Nations Summit in South Africa. She exposes the fraud of Agenda 21, Global Water Policy, Sustainable Development. She states the UN is moving to ENFORCEMENT on programs "WE THE PEOPLE" aren't even aware is active in the United States of America, Global UN "Agenda 21".

Google Video Link

"Agenda 21 is a 40-chapter UN document to reorganize the world around socialist, command and control regulation."

Michael S. Coffman, Ph. D.

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by RUSSO

Once again, were is the bad here? So they kill 90% of humans? to even find that much your looking at China, Russia, 90% of third world countries. England the United States? we have less than 10-15% of the world population, 90% of pollution is coming from Third world countries trying to break into the industrial age. They burn every thing they can get their hands on.

Which isn't bad every one should be entitled to try and improve their life. The path were on is wrong, it needs to change the rate we as humans are going we are going to run out of our natural resources within the next 50 to 100 years. Than means unless we do some thing drastic right now. we are looking at a world shut down any ways.

What do you think is going to happen when we run out of every thing? we are no closer in developing real change on our dependance on fossil fuels, even with that advent of energy cars the cost is still to high to make a dent. humans are killing off entire species on a daily basis. yet because we think we are some how above other animals this doesn't matter.

Every thing has a right to life, every thing has a right to be in balance. When you tip the scales nature will find a way to balance it. I don't know if it will happen today or a hundred years from now. Nature will find a way to put a huge dent in our population.

be it thru super storms, super fires or supper bugs its going to hit and hit hard. Look at our past to see a bit of our future. every few thousand years their is bubonic plague or flu, scientists are flipping right now because of the bugs ability to withstand modern antibiotics.

So in reality you shouldn't be worried about man, worry about mother nature. That chick can and will fry us, its not a question of "if" its When is it going to happen.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by RUSSO

Are rights inherent?!


Prove it

We are adapting.

Evolve or decay, brother...

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

This is exactly what dumbing-down the populace was intended to accomplish, was it not?

Even when told the truth, it is nearly impossible to grasp the scope and the absolute insanity of these UN agendas, especially the wording in the Rights of the Child literature. It has been discussed on ATS before, on the topic of whether religious instruction was child abuse, usually determined by one's own biases, but not always.

The UN feels that it is, and all nations have ratified the document, except two, one being the US.

The guidelines would cause children to have the same legal rights as adults, inasmuch as they are free to choose what they want to do, how they want to live, and are to be left to themselves to decide what they believe in spiritual matters. It makes religion one more cultural choice, and forbids parents to enforce any rules or to place the child in Sunday school, religious classes, or mandate church or other religious attendance, period.

I urge all to find it, and read it.

Keep your critical thinking sharp. There is a reason why college is and will continue to be kept out of reach for most of us, and those who have these skills-no matter how- will be needed even more as there are less and less being turned out by the educational establishments in this nation.

I suppose we are better off without engineers and architects, with this subjective math.

Maybe we will all be glad to do our business in government-built housing, and live our lives there.

At least those builders know numbers and stuff.

Final query: is this why the government has stood by and let so many homes go into foreclosure, knowing they won't be bought, since credit is being denied to creditworthy candidates and everyone else?

So we will gladly go into their stacked-up boxes? So we will eventually have no land to build a home on, and no knowledge of math, science, and engineering in just a few years?

I have thought so for some time.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Copperflower

wow, I am going to college. Its available to anyone who has time now a-days. its not out of reach go to your local community college, you will see what I mean. A bunch of trash who will not even make it though. My school has only a 10% graduation rate, and a 13% transfer rate.

Still not seeing any thing bad about this, Agenda 21 looks like it would help mankind more than any thing else would. If I were to venture a guess, it wouldn't matter if the United States signs it or not. They just have to wait us out. We are going down the crapper faster than an unwanted baby on prom night.

I would also say that its only a matter of time before some thing bad hits the world. not really talking about ele or what ever is the next comet. more like flu bugs of some sort. been a long time since we have had a good plague.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Reaper2137

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Real-Life College Dropout, subtitle, Loser i.e. Beck's song.

Thanks for your reply, and I trust you will have success in fulfillment in your career and life.

Now this will be a big lengthy, but it is necessary, and it will be personal, but it is a personal story from a person, so what can I say?

I started college classes back in high school, remember AP? I scored 28 on my ACT, not monumental, but one point higher than our valedictorian, a friend I respected. I scored 129 on an early IQ test, not bad for a girl, although my brother tested 130 or 131.
He was in line for valedictorian at his school, but was expelled after being falsely accused of something minor, but overreacting to the accusation/expulsion by throwing a football through a window at the school. The expulsion was made permanent.

He was disgusted, and never forgave the education system for not believing in him, or giving him a second chance, or understanding, especially since he was valedictorian. Still hasn't gotten his GED.

I started school right after high school, eventually went to Auburn, a main school here in AL, and was derailed by the craziness of peers who were not in college and didn't care at all about education, but only mischief, and family, who left the logistics of school up to me, since I was intelligent, and they had no money to offer, I was to do it on my own, emotionally as well as financially.

Thank God for student loans, but it took a while for me to understand all that, and have the nerve to take on such massive debt, which I was raised to avoid, and pay off quickly. But it was the only way, so I did it, eventually.

Shortly afterward, I had to leave my school because of threats made because I told my family about my "friend" and his criminal exploits, since I was shocked about it. Otherwise, I still don't think I could have kept quiet, I mean, this guy came from a good family, but robbed a bank!

I thought it was temporary insanity, but that is because I was young, and didn't believe a person could just like doing wrong. Not a guy like him. (I laugh at my idealism, but I still have some, and I am glad).

Obviously, I went to another town, people went to jail, and he actually got probation, but meanwhile, his accomplice was taped threatening my life. That is why I had to go to another town, away from my beloved Auburn, where I did well, worked in my field, and had a bright future and great friends, some for life.

Starting back, I went to community college, then was date-raped. I kept my son, and tried to believe I could still finish, even one class at a time.

Quickly I noticed some correlation between payment structures and due-dates for bills and other daily necessities,as some others have noticed how costs and wages are obviously related to keep people poor, but I didn't believed that, I was young and strong and believed I should just work harder. Love for the boy really fueled my fire.

Fortunately (ironically, folks), e.coli entered my life through a surgical error, after a PC decision to get my tubes tied, as they say. I had had a love child and believed this was a responsible decision to keep from overpopulating the world, and being one more unmarried mom, even though I had bad instincts about the surgery. Argh.

Only through being almost completely disabled was I put in touch with the whole student loan option, and returned to school full time and finished four years of a five year degree in Art, along with some engineering and honors courses in English and history.

I gave up physical custody of my daughter to her dad, shared legal custody, and believed that was the responsible thing to do, since he had his degree in music already when I met him, and had a dad with his own law firm. Obviously they were better off than me, so after a long and exhausting battle, I was counseled to let her go to him at age three, and finish school. Then go back and try to regain physical custody, since he stopped my visitation, derailed my attention from school constantly, and made the pressure increase on my poor son. His normal mistakes were considered possible evidence for future proceedings, and this was right in the middle of my education and my son's.

Then Social Services entered my little life, and I left school to handle a lot of things. To end the madness, I took a plea to a crime I did not commit (spanking = Child abuse), and said to hell with my future without my children. Through this time, I could not concentrate on school at all, but was terrified about how or if I could work again, though I had been told I was disabled for life. It sure felt like it. The pain in my abdomen was tremendous and made worse by stress, eating, breathing, you name it. Ironically, through my school, I worked for the Justice Department, because of my journalism background, editing Counter-terrorism training manuals for First Responders.

LOL. Irony, yes.

I have never been able to return to school again, and moved back to the town where my daughter and her dad live. His dad sent him to law school a few years ago, and I work as a server/trainer at a restaurant.

My first solo art show opens here downtown in a couple of weeks, and is the third I have been involved in recently. He never plays gigs or does anything musically, just to add that. He became a corporate lawyer.

My daughter thinks I don't care about her since I can't/won't go through the court process again to see her, but have encouraged her to reach out to me, since we live only a few miles apart now.

It cost me a lot I won't go into, mainly the option to finish school in my college town, but I did get my son back. He does love me and he does have a conscience.

But with my degree, I could be a much stronger mom in so many ways.

Only two semesters left, and no kids to raise now, so I could finish, right? I found out that with interest, I have maxed out my loans, and must pay for the rest myself. I guess that is fair.

It will take a while but I plan to do it.

All this just to say, my story is actually more common than you may have seen at your stage of the game, but as my ceramics professor always said, "Life gets complex."

Give it time.

Within reach?

Doesn't seem like it to me. My home just got foreclosed, and the equity I put into it with restoring antique rooms and fireplaces was my school money. Four years of work down the drain because of my husband, who refused to go to college, and thought he knew everything because he has a decent job. He mismanaged our finances, egotistically refused to include me or anyone, and lost our home.

Within reach.

Hmm. Trying to believe it, maybe you understand better now.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by Copperflower

wow, I am so sorry that, that happened to you. Not sure how many husbands you had but they don't sound like men to me.

I was in the Army for eight years, was not until I was hurt in Iraq, (roadside bomb, Firefight) That I came home and told I was disabled. Not really a surprise to me lol..

Well I went to school, This is a calif, so It may just be easy to go to college here. but It seems to me that with all the college programs here that pay for college, with out having to have loans. (bog, fastfa other free money) might just be a state thing.

From my perspective its easy to get college paid for not so easy to finish with the amount of trashy people who use school like welfare than drop when they can't get any more.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by RUSSO

dumbing down generations of children? Clearly you have not watched the video (should not have even seen it), but I dont care because people like you who promote this type of fascism, I ignore. I really hope you enjoy this nefarious system that you love and defend so much. ITA: It's great to see how you pursue my threads.

you dont know much about agenda 21. please stop your scare mongering. When fully implemented it will help to limit social and natural degradation. These are mitigation measures to help alleviate things like poverty, deforestation etc... It is far from perfect but people are trying...

BSc Env. Science....

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 07:18 PM
normaly I just hover around in the forums and just look at the info, but now I see myself forced to posting this!

I can't believe people are positive towards things like population decline....
If you like those ideas, why dont you start with yourself?
A 6 billion world population is sustainable, and there is pleny room for more. We are not a pest like locust, not something you can exterminate when there are too many of them.
I mean... '- We beat the system! ' we can make our own rules now

When the power and wealth is truly evenly distributed around the globe, a real golden age for mankind will begin.
But instead, our 'leaders' choose to keep us in the dark, make themselves rich, and play war with eachother.
The whole Iraq war is about money, and anyone who still does not see that is truly blind. This fact alone shows us that something is wrong.

posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by DeusImperator

Yes, because every one every were is saying we have enough food right? It doesn't matter that we have to double the United States Farmers capacity to feed more people right? Yes there is more land but we don't have the resources to feed people on this land. This is common sense, Why don't you study some thing like Wildlife conservation and find out just how screwed we already are. It's only a matter of time now, sooner or later some thing bad will happen and its only going to get worse.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 01:26 AM

Originally posted by Ex_CT2
A nightmare that will not go away. This is one of the reasons I'm so frustrated and disappointed when family, friends, acquaintances blow me off when I try to explain how things are so, so much worse than they can even imagine. I couldn't get anyone I know to spend 9 1/2 minutes watching this if I put a gun to their head. And suppose they did watch it? How would a normal, sane person interpret it?

I think the problem is lack of context. Without a suspicious mind and a critical eye; without that certain, unquestioning knowledge that things have gone *horribly* wrong; without the constant recognition of bad trends underlying even the most innocuous-looking everyday things, people just will not--cannot--absorb the horror. It's easier and much more comfortable for them to believe that we--a bunch of conspiracy nuts--are just making a big something out of nothing....

I too have had people blow me off when it comes to the UN. People say, oh its so inept. It may be inept but it is certainly not benign. After reading about the UN Agenda 21 a couple years ago, I started to really see the programs being implemented. It's very creepy. It truly is the seat of the One World Govt.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by Reaper2137

just some of the possibilities. I agree some stuff is going bad, maby we just need some better 'planning'.
If we want there is plenty of food, water and energy to go around... But hey, the people in charge don't want that, because then they might lose money. For them it is money before the people.

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by DeusImperator

I agree on some parts, Like there being no money in it. That is what Agenda 21 is for to make people comply with what is best for all people not just a few.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by Reaper2137

I was extremely wary of marriage, so for good or ill, like any good American, I did it on my own as much as I could.

The state, wow, that really rang a bell.
I grew up in four states, and this one, Alabama, seems to have a vested interest in culling the herd of the smart ones and leaving the rest for menial tasks. It is impossibly difficult to break out of blue collar and into white collar jobs.

Perhaps that is why it is easier to imagine depopulation/enslavement scenarios when one lives in the South. Many of us have a strange barrier to advancement, and it is personified in people like Jeff Sessions, lol.

To succeed here, to really feel and pursue opportunity, most educated people like myself, the ones who have already gotten their degrees, I mean, have had to leave, almost down to the last one.

It is getting more and more difficult to encourage people, let me tell you, in the way of finishing or pursuing a degree. At least around here.

Now that I am better, and I am glad you are, too, by the way, I plan to either make things better, or leave and finish my own agenda and see what seems necessary then.

Good luck, study hard, and thanks for your service!
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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 03:43 PM
Here is the UN link to Earth Summit Agenda 21 booklet

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

The UN does seem harmless, until one looks at things from the outside point of view, beyond our media and its artificial realities.

Propaganda like this, a parenting video, lies wrapped in many truths, is what the UN is spawning. The narrator, an adorably mature little girl, breaks it down like a shotgun for the dumb adults who don't realize that their brutal treatment of kids is what is apparently ruining the entire world, sustainability and all. That is what she says.

Check out this vid, and please, have some nonbelievers of UN power and influence watch it. The Nazis started the same way, you know. And just like in this "program" of peaceful parenting, it began with those trying to better themselves through education.

The US is also constantly held up as somewhat barbarian because it has not ratified this style of parenting, which agrees to make physical punishment of any kind completely illegal. Who gives them the right to become this intimately involved with a family?

Why, the world crying out for peace. This video even claims, by reverse psychology, that it is we, the barbaric ones, who are holding up world peace, since every country who has ratified this UN dogma is doing amazingly well in every area that can be measured! What a miracle!

Anyone can see the shallow reasoning, and the brain will see the holes. The question is, how long will the US hold on to independence, and thereby produce more independent people who can continue to resist the UN's every whim? Each is designed to subtly take more and more control until it is Gattaca on this planet.

I always get the feeling that this type of world seems best to these folks, with their eugenics and the constant pressure to do things their way. How very undemocratic.

I don't disagree with most of their premises, which is the hook for getting most of them ratified. They make an argument that less sophisticated cultures trust and more sophisticated cultures find attractive and sensible, but no one points out that it is still built on many fallacies.

If the UN has the inside track on how to run the world, how come we disagree with them on so many fronts?

How come their agendas always play out to less, instead of more?

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