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Illinios H.S. science project exposes adoption

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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 05:13 PM
Umm... Could he have possibly been in class and found out he had a trait one of his parents had to have in order for it to pass along? That can be a giveway. Bloodtypes too... I don't think it was a DNA test for reasons mentioned in the other posts (cost, time, forms, etc).

Perhaps also, he had a hunch and brought it forward to his folks as fact, catching them in their lie when they reacted. Some kids in HS are clever.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by BiggyMcBigPants
reply to post by getreadyalready

Good point. Also just noticed the OP referred to the parents as his brother in law and wife... ummm, I don't know about the OP, but I always refer to my brother in law's wife as my sister.

It could be his wife's BROTHER and his wife. :-)
We did a blood typing project in HS, 30 some years ago - it was a pretty easy project.
Some types cannot be born from others - so perhaps it was not DNA - but genetics studies and a simple typing test that did result in a blood type NOT expected and questions arising as a result. In any regard his parents should have told this child at an early age. This is going to create a lasting emotional problem. As a matter of fact my guess is there are emotional problems and dysfuction pre-existing in this situation otherwise his parents would have raised him with this knowledge in a matter of fact way. Sad.
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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 08:56 PM

Originally posted by OLD HIPPY DUDE
2. I already said I don't know all the specifics , twice.
He is in bioligy class, what other way than a DNA test would tell him he's adopted ?
(not related to his parents?)

4. What age should a child be told they are adopted?
It isn't my kid, so its not my choice

Answer to 2. It is possible it was a BLOOD TYPING project as some types cannot be born to others.
(I just did a simple google search and type O parents cannot have a type A child, I think there are other examples of this with other type mixes but this is a start. This is a simple lab project and easily done in HS biology class)
Answer to 4. This child should have been RAISED with this knowledge!!!! There are beautifully illustrated books out there now FOR TODDLERS that cover this topic so it is presenting in a sensative and loving way. As in your parent Loved you enough to let you go because they didn't have the resources to care for you, and WE Loved you enough to bring you home. We waited and prayed for you to come into our lives. ect.

This is just one major, major area where it is not in the best interest of anyone to lie. It seems to me that families that have a problem with honestly in matters like this have other dysfunctions relating to honestly, you know skeletons, old bones. Family secrets. All it does is cause emotional pain when the individual discovers the "truth" and now has to face the mountain of doubt about everything else. But to be at loss about your very IDENTITY. I feel empathy for this kid.

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 01:22 AM
I think this "dna" test was of the variety of Recessive gene acknowledgement. If both your parents can roll their tongue, then you can roll your tongue. If both your parents have disconnected ear lobes or connected lobes then you have to have the one they both have.

So maybe they got caught by that.

Cause I just can't buy it that a high school got DNA samples from every kid in the class and their parent/s to show the results that I am positive the kids wouldn't even understand without another 4 years of bio chemistry and stoichiometry. Aside from the cost, the logistics of it would be a nightmare. Deadlines, what if a kids parents refused to be sampled? What if a kid refused to be sampled? Did they fail the assignment?

What they even be trying to teach them with this? Hey kids, lets find out which of you is adopted and doesn't know it!!! What other results of a DNA test would they be examining as a learning exercise?

I'ma stamp this....Highly Improbable.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 01:47 AM
I did a project in highschool in the Advance Placement Biology class, And we went and did a project that matched Chromosomes to eachother and as the project was to put fictional Characters labeled A. B. C. Etc and matched them in a family tree.

It doesnt strike me as odd that the kid probably decided it would be good science project to do it on his own.
Buuut What i'd LIKE to imagine about the situation was that as his first example, used himself, only to have to report to the class that he, in fact, was adopted.

Which, I imagine, would mean he'd be pretty embarrassed.

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