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Seeking Info - REM Stage in Sleeping / Experience

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 11:39 PM

Wanted to share this and see what you guys think.

I had something very strange happen to me the other day. I was on the bed, resting my eyes, when within seconds I was like in another reality or dream. I'm not sure what this transition was was very instant. From the couch to me being seated on a front porch step at a strangers home, It was actually unfamiliar . I was thinking, 'dad is gone, ..and NOW mom'', feeling it, dealing with it, , *mom's alive btw*, then I started literally talking out loud,saying things like oh no, what am I gonna do ?'' which helped in bringing me out of it. This was totaly like going from one reality to another, It was so vividly, real...VERY lucid. If what I researched is correct, then there is no possible way I was dreaming this. What was this if nOT a dream? OBE, prem ? ? ?Comments appreciated.

I can honestly say, that I initially did think this was a dream. Now I'm not so certain.
Because I researched this out. Have found that for one to start dreaming , it takes anywhere from 1-2 hrs to get to the REM stage, I just found this out, so this could not have been a dream: It happened that quickly. That is how I understand it... So please tell me, what was this if not a dream?

Thanks in advance!
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posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 01:07 PM
Am being very serious. Am wondering if I have a sleeping disorder ONLY because of it not taking the typical amount of time it takes, anywhere from 60-120 minutes, to get into the REM stage of sleep for dreaming.

I realize why not many people would like to talk about WHAT I pictured/experienced: I actually want to discuss the possibility of it being a sleep problem or what YOU think this could possibly be? Forgot to mention someone was in the room with me at the time... They are in full agreement with me that this was NOT the typical 60-120 min that it takes to get into the REM sleep.

Anyone, have suggestions or ideas ? Thanks in advance !

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 01:38 PM
Are there no experts on here that have studied sleep/dreaming?

Am curious to know ANY ideas as to what this was. It honestly did not feel like a dream. IMO it was like I had gone through a door instantly to another reality.

If not a dream do you have any ideas as to what or how this happened? I'm a stickler for details btw.

Was this a vision, alternate reality or come on guys... where ya at?lol What could this have been? And if you know of ways to control this please advise.

Has anyone else experienced such things as INSTANTly dreaming? To me, this just wasn't like any normal dream, again it felt like a total different reality. I just don't know where it came from or how I got there if it were not a normal sleep. Sometimes too, it seems my dreams carry over into my waking reality. Like I have known things I shouldn't have known by normal means. Too I can only conclude that before hand I had dreamed this. It's all Greek to me.

Appreciate comments and advice! Thanks in advance.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 05:39 PM
Well, I think I know it was a premonition of sorts...

....Mom passed last evening...She was to be released from the hospital just yesterday and was doing fine, then suddenly had complications...undetermined cause of death. I want to know whY but fam doesn't want autopsy..Bless her heart I know she is no longer hurting now and with my precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...God bless her dear soul...
Love ya Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...We'll miss you..

As tears are streaming down my face...I now I believe this vision was given to me to somewhat prepare me for this is teriibly unexpected ..

Would appreciate any/all prayers for the family... Thank you.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 05:44 PM
Sorry seekerlou

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by SeekerLou

Yes these are how my dreams Precogs occur too, not in deep sleep and only for a few seconds. I also dreamt of my mothers coming death but I was dreaming of my loyal dog Tara and my Grandma at the time both had already passed. Tara lead me into a small room where people were sitting.. Who's next I asked? She lead me to a lady sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.... It was my mother. This dream was in late 2007 and she died in May 2008.
It seems when we have the ability to have these experiences our loved ones can let you know in dreams of which are exceptions to the rule of thumb regarding Precogs. This maybe the defining method as to where and who the precogs come from. Family= Dead Relatives in longer than usual dreams with a message to pass and to allay fears, inpersonal= Short bursts of a wordly nature from sources unknown.... I'm a 43 year dreaming veteran and I'm still learning.

It is hard OP but it does get easier..... Sometimes though it hits you when you least expect it... emotion that is, just ride it out and remember its not the end else how was your Father? that right he was already passed? able to warn you.... They love us and can defy the laws of the universe to warn us.. Loyalty and Love to the end and beyond

A star for your Mother and to all parents that have gone on.....

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:30 PM
Sorry you got no replies for so long, I just noticed the thread now.

Yes it is possible to dream right from the moment you fall asleep. Though usually it's not really very vivid/lucid. If it was vivid then you probably did get REM sleep which is possible (but rare) to have instantly upon falling asleep. This happens especially in the middle of the night when you use what is called the Wake back to bed (WBTB) method, and you pick up on REM sleep moments after falling asleep. There is a method of inducing lucid dreams called the WILD, that's a wake induced lucid dream. You mainain a level of conciousness while falling asleep and can even watch the dream form from the start. But you can't do this with a snap of the fingers, you really need to either have been practicing for a good bit, OR simply be lucky and get REM sleep as your are trying. The getting of REM sleep is made easier when you use the WBTB method, or have your sleeping patterns figured out and are timing it to work that way.

There is VILD, which is closely related to WILD. Here you use your visualization to induce the dream (and sleep itself really). When anyone falls asleep there are usually very subtle and light images coming into their mind's eye. If you know what to look for and with practice, you can pick them out and focus on them. But don't focus on them too much, follow them lazily and they will get bigger. If you do this right you won't even realize you fell asleep, you will just be in a dream.

This happened to me last night. I was exhausted and had messed up my sleep pattern, which is always likely to induce some of these visualizations and possibly night terrors and sleep paralysis type stuff because the stress makes it so hard to go to sleep, the process is dragged out. I like to call these visions sometimes because they aren't really like dreams. They are very weak. But what happened is I got a visualization of a waitress offering me a plate of food, maybe a dessert. I wasn't feeling very well and not hungry at all. I physically shook my head no and ended the drifting into sleep, probably because I really didn't want the food. Now it's not very vivid but it's enough to gain a response, it's enough to feel real. But of course after that happens you might think, did I really see that? Well why was I shaking my head then?

I will say it again, if you had a vivid experience, then it's very likely that you somehow had REM going. It is rare to get it right from the start but I would bet it happens to everyone whether they practice WILDs and VILDs, a couple times a year on average.

VILDs are not only a great way to induce lucid dreams, but they are very nice for falling asleep when your mind is just wired or you are really stressed, or you are exhausted and having a hard time relaxing properly into sleep.

Last night I had a weak visualization sort of dream. My mind was fully active, but I knew that I was asleep. One way I like to get this going is by moving my arms and swaying my body once I've gotten some serious visualizations going and I know I'm very close to falling asleep. It's your dream arms and your dream body that moves. In this case the minute your dream body takes over and what you are moving is that and not your real body, then voila, you are asleep and that was easy. And if you relax and realize you are getting sleep, then it's good sleep. The only way this can hinder your rest is if you continually wake up because you tried to do too much at once. It is amazing how you can dream and still be refreshed by the sleep. You could dream you ran a marathon and wake up in the morning feeling fine.

I believe as this relates to Astral Projection, when you are dreaming in this way you are in the Etheric Realm. Something between waking reality and the Astral. But my experiences on it have never been vivid, but very interesting. I didn't read everything about your experience with the relatives yet because I have no real experience on that side of things, but I have found at times that these experiences have a lot of people in them. Mine last night did, my dream was a weak visualization of me walking around to different people I know. Often I could only make out an outline and have to ask them who they were repeatedly to make sure. None of them were dead though... and it's probably "just a dream."

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 10:01 AM
Only on for a quick moment..
...just wanted to thank you for the condolences, and replies....
We just laid Mom to rest yesterday afternoon...I 'm taking it hard or course, for this was totally unexpected... she was due to be released from the hospital the day she passed....This separation is only temporal....and in this
I DO take comfort ,,,And knowing that she is at peace, in a FAR better place than us. She is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and one day we shall meet again on Heaven's shore...May her eternal Spirit live on in Glory!

Again, NoW I know this could not have been a INSTANT dream at that ..
I believe, that this was a God given vision , Whether given from loved ones or whoever, I'll give all credit to God for He is the reason we ARE....

That vision stuck with me, I couldn't shake was so strange, and I knew you couldn't dream in that quick of time... I just take it as God -HIS somehow preparing me for what was ahead of me ...It was around 3 months? between this ''vision'' , then her unexpected departure....... I Love and miss you, Mom, .. I'll see you again soon!!!

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