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I would like to hear from others who have had this sort of CE

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:18 AM
First off, I am going to copy/paste the report (since retyping it is long, and I'm lazy). The Info for looking it up on their site is June 23rd of this year, Stokes County, NC.

It is as follows:

My g/f, I and her dog were walking along Oscar Frye Rd, somewhere around 1/4 of a mile from Rt.268. We stopped for a smooch, when suddenly, I see what from my perspective, giant headlights to my left. They were spaced FAR wider than a standard plane's lights. And then, it did almost nearly a 90 degree barrel roll- and held that position for something like 2 minutes. While we're (or at least I was) goggling this sight- it traveled out of our sight behind a tobacco barn, and- well, we didnt see it for well past 30 seconds. It SHOULD have popped out from behind it in less than 10- at the speed and altitude it was going. It just simply.... took too long to appear. I started up the road, intent on looking for it (I was 40 feet from the building), I was 3/4 of the way back to it, when my g/f says 'here it comes!'It went over us, and right on cue (it had been completely silent the entire time) I said 'uh, where's the engine noise?' WHOOSH! Suddenly, engine noise!

What happened next, I am not proud of, but it's sure to bring a chuckle... I was carrying a 9 iron, you know... Just in case. As this thing got closer (noting the fact there were no formation lights, it had wings FAR too wide, and my g/f swears up, down and sideways the cockpit was the size of a bay window- it was far wider and longer than a standard cockpit window- more on that later)... I ended up 100% *Convinced* it was not of this planet. It was headed for us, far too slowly, and basically stayed less than 45-50 FEET up. Was I scared? Oh, hell no! I jumped up and down in absolute, unmitigated, unrestrained insane GLEE, Holding the putter. And then realized I had no camera, and swore like a sailor in port. Needless to say, the thing flew on, and disappeared behind some trees, completely.

*ahem*. Anyways, even during this incredibly ridiculous display- I and my g/f noted the following:

No windows other than the cockpit. Not even a lit 'the door is here' one.There's discussion as to it even *having* a standard door- it was the left side of the craft- where doors usually are...

The cockpit window was 10% longer than a standard jet cockpit. Also, it was a continuous piece of window, not broken up by anything holding it up. I also have been told, it was a lot taller as well.

The 'cabin lights' were on, and unfortunately, all my g/f could see was a shape. Yes, it was THAT close.
I noticed wings too far up on the body, just too wide for the amount of 'jet', the 'on cue' engine noise, and the fact there was NO jet wash. None. Not even a slight breeze.

There were no formation lights, only something akin to spotlights on the 'wings'. The underside of the wings were white metal, but instead of smooth and wheel well markings- it was a V shape from cockpit back as far as I could see in the craft lighting.

It was going hella slow for the altitude it was maintaining.

What the HELL took it so long to go behind, and then past the other side of a smallish, thin building? My theory is it stopped to hover.

A nearly 90 degree smooth as silk roll? for 2 min?? Also, I think it did do it for our benefit. As for the jet sound... there was something off about it, but I am just not sure what.

As someone who has seen nothing more than the occasional weird light flitting around in the sky (and as far as *I* am concerned, that's all they are- occasional weird lights flitting around in the sky. I like my meat and potatoes as seen above.

There's more to this tale, I think- but I am not sure: The MUFON investigator called me and said "anything else, email me". The phone interview went on for an hour and a half concerning this event.

The next bit of weirdness was the following (also copy pasted- sent in to the MUFON investigator directly):

Sat June 25th
No UFOs but 2 *identical* Ford vans, right down to speed and even the dim headlights passed us on the same road as the sighting. Me and my g/f both estimated that by the time they got to the intersection, something happened, and the 2 sheriff's cars in the parking lot of the store at the intersection went flying down the road towards the way they came. Time was Approx midnight.

What struck us as weird: Besides the above- the trailing van's headlights just simply did not show up in the front van's rear windows. In fact, NO light was even interacting with any of the windows- it drove under a street side security light- and you know how there's some light going into the car- not this time. And as dark as it was in the van, you'd figure that maybe there'd be the instrument lights from the dashboard or anything... Nada. for lack of better info (and I did not feel like pulling out the camera... for obvious reasons), I'd swear the 'windows' werent made of glass at all.

Not to mention I did not see a single license plate on either van....

Now, in the previous report, which I filed right when we got in the door- there was a LOT of police activity about 35- 45 minutes after it, which is weird out here- we live in the middle of Redneck Hell, and it's usually so dead, they have a funeral for the sidewalks when they bury them at 5 pm. No one stopped to question us, detain us, or even *look* at us. With me holding a 9 iron during both incidences, yet (fend off bears, drunk drivers, hillbillies, ect). I have crude drawings of what my g/f saw- I WISH I HAD PHOTOS! They would have been the most crisp, sharp, detailed photos of an alien space ship ever seen! I am sure someone would have been screeching "HOAX!" at me- it was that low, that defined, and that slow.

As for the vans... Can anyone tell me if this is related- and how? That time, I had the camera with me ( I learn fast)- but I wasn't exactly up to taking pictures of something I was not sure of- Until they had gone past, and I realized- there were no glass windows in the vans, and they were just- well- alien looking. Too uniform. The lights were a fun touch. exactly the same dimness on both vans. traveling exactly behind each other, at the same speed, on a gravel road. Didnt even slow down- and no slippage. Went around a curve, yet.

Again, I ask... anyone have something like this happen to them? I'd like to just fill in blanks, add to what I already know (or dont)....

edit on 29-6-2011 by wylekat because: Somehow, copy/ paste ate the date for the vans.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by wylekat

was this your experience or someone else's? first ihave heard about it. do you believe it?

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by chrissiel123

This was mine, and it's kinda hard NOT to believe it! Any closer, and that alien would have been double parked on the road.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:35 AM
Your problem is as excellent as your report is and truly interesting , in this day and age you don;t have a video for people to call it CGI and you didn't manage to knock a bit off for someone to tell you it was made in Croydon Surrey..

Me,I'd rather one case like this than a hundred indistinct videos of lights in the sky however, I am in a minority.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by FireMoon

I am the same way. Lights in the sky? That's all fun and good. On video or in a pic- that's what you have. Lights. Nothing else. THIS.... Ahhh- ya hadda be there. There's several reasons this was interesting- but one of them is our (somewhat) lack of reaction. My reaction was- *coughs* I am sure I am a viral video somewhere in the galaxy...
My g/f was just standing there, looking up and going 'Huh. An alien's in the cockpit.'

I have found that 2 sets of eyes no looking in the same spot make for a more complete observation.

I am STILL kicking myself for not having a camera! But then- who knew?! Also- with the alien 'revealing' himself the way he did- could this be a precursor for contact- as opposed to abduction?

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by FireMoon

***and you didn't manage to knock a bit off for someone to tell you it was made in Croydon Surrey.. ***

*snicker* It was close enough for me to hurl the 9 iron at it and hit it..... Although, I am sure if I had, I wouldnt be sitting here right now. :-P

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Great sighting. Lucky you. I understand you want to kick yourself for not having a camera ready. (Been there, done that, could have hit mine with a rock. Should say spade, I was planting potatoes when I saw it.)

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 11:18 AM
Great and detailed report, I could picture it as I read it. You already said you're kicking yourself for not having a camera so I won't speak further on that but man, what a sighting.

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