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Ancient stones a mystery for archeologists, scientists

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by Byrd

Thanks for the reply. I just came across it today on popurls and thought I'd post it.

I'll tag your comments onto my OP.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 09:31 PM

Originally posted by thetiler
You sound like LDS.

Plus read Simon Southerton's Lost Tribe book as well, he is a dna expert. They've analyzed thousand of indians and found NO dna what so ever.

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The indians have NO dna what so ever???? How is this possible???

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:33 PM
This ten commandments thing is a fake. However, that doesn't mean there was not much more travel and cultural exchange than believed in ancient times. I live in the Yucatan where there is plenty of evidence.

The general theory of the Americas is that "Clovis" people came over the land bridge from Siberia during the Ice Age, and slowly populated the rest of North and South America, by foot. This theory doesn't really make much sense at all, but as is usual in academia, all theories are ossified and no one is allowed to possibly contradict their professors. Finds that don't fit the theories are deemed "out of context" and swept under the rug.

Ancient people experiencing an Ice Age would be inclined to move towards the Equator for more balmy climes, rather than go deeper north into colder weather, crossing thousands of miles of ice with nothing growing on it. As in, no plants, no animals, no FOOD. The theory just doesn't really hold water.

The problem is that none of these archaeologists are sailors. European culture grew up around the Mediterranean, which is filled with fickle and opposing stormy winds and currents, and consequently very difficult to sail across. So it was assumed that sailing across the real oceans was just impossible. However, as a highly experienced sailor like me could tell you, it is pretty much a piece of cake. Two dudes sailed a freaking Hobie cat across the Atlantic! People have ROWED across the Atlantic many times! I wouldn't hesitate to take just about any size sailboat and cross the ocean, in the Trade Winds it's easy, as long as you can carry enough water. But they figure that for some reason Stone Age men were afraid to try it, for tens of thousands of years.

Archaeologists refuse to believe that there was ever ANY contact between the Americas and the rest of the world, until Columbus. Now they are finally accepting some evidence of Viking visits to North America before Columbus, but nobody before that! Stone Age men could not have crossed the oceans. Impossible! They ignore evidence which is all around. There are giant stone heads found here in the Yucatan, which are obviously Africans, and the archaeologists refuse to accept that there could have been black men down here in ancient times. They have no explanation for the statues having wide flat noses, everted lips and frizzy hair. This is just swept under the rug.

Recently, a few miles from here they found a skeleton over ten thousand years old. It appears to be a teenage boy, from Southeast Asia. And I would venture to say, no thirteen year old came here by himself, so obviously there were at least some of them. This turns their Clovis theory on its head. Has anyone heard anything about this in the media?

(Related: "Fossil Feces Is Earliest Evidence of North America Humans.") And Then There Were Four No fewer than 10,000 years ago, Chan Hol filled with seawater as Ice Age ice caps melted, the researchers say. No human, they conclude, could have ended up so far back in the cave system after that point—which is why they believe the young man is at least 10,000 years old. The exact age of the bones should be determined by ongoing carbon-dating tests, which should be completed in three to four months, Gonzalez said. The newly raised skeleton is the fourth to be found in underwater caves around the town of Tulum (map). One of the other skeletons—named the Woman of Naharon, or Eve of Naharon—is thought to be even more ancient, around 12,000 years old. (See "Oldest Skeleton in Americas Found in Underwater Cave?")

At about 60 percent complete, the Young Man of Chan Hol skeleton is remarkably whole for a 10,000-year-old specimen, the researchers say. Especially revealing are his teeth—lack of wear tipped off the team to the individual's relatively young age at death. For now, the bones have been sealed in a special chamber for the next six months to a year to dry out and to allow time for their minerals to harden, making the remains less fragile. Afterward, the bones will be scanned to create 3-D computer models that can be compared with the bones of other ancient Native American remains, project leader Gonzalez said.

American Originals The skeletons found in the Quintana Roo caves could force scientists to rethink their ideas about the initial population of the Americas, Gonzalez said. For example, the skulls of both the Young Man of Chan Hol and the Woman of Naharon have anatomical features that suggest their owners were descended from people of South Asia and Indonesia—not from northern Asia, like North America's other known early migrants. (Related: "Clovis People Not First Americans, Study Shows."

A man named Thor Heyerdahl sailed a balsa wood raft across the Pacific back in the seventies, just to prove they could have done it. Then he went ahead and sailed an ancient style Egyptian reed boat across the Atlantic. STILL the archaeologists don't believe it could have happened.

When the white men first got over their fear of falling off the edge of the Earth, and made it out of sight of land, they were surprised to discover new lands, and even more surprised to find they were full of people already. Back then, the Church ran the show, and their official fairy tale, the Bible, had no mention of any of the alleged Tribes of Israel spreading across the oceans at all. When the first conquistadores came back and told the Church, "Psst. THere's all these people over there already, and they have built huge cities and pyramids and everything. Looks like they've been there for a LOOOONG time already. But how did they get there?" this shook the Pope and his Bishops to the core. Why, if this came out, the people would realize their Book was actually made up, because it never mentions Adam and Eve etc. sailing across huge oceans to unknown lands.

So the Pope determined, in his Holiness and Wisdom, "They are the spawn of Satan! KILL EM ALL!"

And since he is the Voice of God on Earth, acknowledged by millions of idiots to this day, this then justified the wanton slaughter of all the Americans. Extra tales of human sacrifice were added on to prove the Satanicness of these spawn of Satan. All evidence of their culture, or as much as possible, was destroyed too, with unknown amounts of knowledge, recorded by masters of astronomy and seafaring. The masters and creators of the Dark Ages wanted to keep that stuff in the Dark.

By the time the white men made it to the Pacific islands, they found people already living on almost every island, seafarers all, who would think nothing of sailing hundreds of miles across open seas to pick up some coconuts and come back. And they had been doing this for as long as they had a history, while the white men thought they would fall off the edge of the Earth if they went out of sight of land.

Further, there is evidence of ancient mining in the Great Lakes, with absolutely NO explanation offered for who did it, or how long ago, or how they got the metal out of there. Obviously there were ancient people who knew the way out the St Lawrence or down the Mississippi. None of the Native Americans who were there when the white men arrived were known to use metal in any way, so obviously this mining had gone on long before they came on the scene.

Aaah, I could go on and on....

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by CaptChaos

Please do I'm all for ranting against the Church

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