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The very likely direction this thing is going in....

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posted on Jun, 22 2003 @ 06:10 PM
In general your are starting to grasp the concept of the Cabal, but the level you are seeing is just about 2 tiers below the very bottom level of the Cabal. Keep in mind, the Cabal has existed for over 400 years, we're talking OLD money... This is the wealth that founded the companies from which the great grandfathers of the current Skull and Bones group came to thier financial well being.

posted on Jun, 22 2003 @ 06:57 PM
Darn, the administration has done everything to kick-start the economy, and it is working. Additionally, the tax cuts will mean more revenue, not less, for the government. They are liable to blow all the revenue and then some on stupid spending. And, it looks like that is their intention.

posted on Jun, 25 2003 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by dragonrider
I mentioned this in another post: For as long as there has been an oil economy, the US dollar has been the currency standard. However, now that the EU is here, the Euro gives an alternative to the US dollar standard. The 3 largest oil producers are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Venezuela, in that order. Saudi is for the time being hanging onto the US Dollar. Venezuelas president wants to keep the dollar, but his parliament is dead set on going to the Euro. There is currently severe political turmoil in Venezuela over this, and if parliament overrules the president, I would expect the CIA to initiate a coup overnight. Iraq has stated openly it WILL go to the Euro, and the hell with the US. Iran is going to do the same, and that much pressure may cause Saudi and Egypt to go that way as well.

And yet, those so-called finacial "experts" that did away with the gold-standard & founded the Federal Reserve couldn't see that basing an economy on credit or a non-renewable resource would eventually collapse the economy in the first place...Even after knowing what happened to the economy in the 1930's, they kept to the wrong standards & have perpetuated a cyclic "boom or bust" economy ever since. Our economy was beginning to slide into another "bust" cycle, so they did the only thing they could do revive it...war.

The key task that would need accomplished would be to return to the gold standard (or a standard based upon a *renewable* resource would be better) & eliminate credit. Also incorporating a higher level of barter back into the system would encourage more people to become more independant & still *produce* goods that could be exchanged for what people need that they can't produce themselves. This will strengthen the "specialist class" type of society & reduce or eliminate the ever-increasing levels of bankruptcy in our society. People will also learn to become a bit more self-sufficient in time & also reduce the need for dependance upon large governmental systems geared more towards "bailing people out of trouble" & over-regulating aspects of life that they have no Constitutional right to interfere with.

Everything else that Dragonrider mentioned as for becoming a "likely trend for the near future" in the first post on this thread sounds logical to me. I mean, let's face the facts; We're arguably the most oil-thirsty country in the world..Don'cha think it's time to get weaned off that bottle?
So, I think that if the US funded more research (& actually *implemented* that research into society at large rather than suppressing these developments) into alternatives for oil & oil-based fuels, then the scenario described would not unfold with such drastic consequences. By weaning off from an "oil-based" economy into one based on a renewable resource & reducing (or eliminating) such a high dependency on oil, we can take back our own finances from the current oil barons & enjoy an overall more stable economy. The current "oil barons" would merely have to switch their own efforts & resources into the new economic system in order to maintain their own finacial reserves & even be able to reap great profits! Besides, since most of those oil barons have developed a wide variety of diversified interests, any losses due to the switch of economies would be minimized. Afterwards, their own interests would be less likely to have such a negative effect on the overall economy as they do now, by maintaining the current "boom or bust" system.

Originally posted by phoenix_cross we must act now, we must act quick. we have to organise those willing to fight in order to be ready to battle the new order when they bring it into play. many people say we should do something, but they do not act. what is this but hesitation?

Yes, most people who have enough guts to speak out on this problem happen to agree that *something* must be done & done quickly. However, as stated in other posts scattered throughout this forum board, the first obstacle that must be overcome is the general lack of *awareness* that keeps the majority of people from taking action. How can you hope to organize a large enough group of people to solve the problem if so very few are aware that there *is* a problem?

Take a look in the topic "Website Related Discussion" & the thread "American Petition" for an example of how awareness might be spread among the general population...

Originally posted by EndisnearUNLESS we could POSTPONE it. That could be a possiblity. I don't think it's too likely though. Either way we need to continue to get the message out!

That is the main purpose of the American Petition...Even if it doesn't get enough support to actually turn things around, perhaps it'll at least set them on their ears & keep them distracted (with the resources they would need to call upon to deal with the Petition & the people behind it) long enough for other people to get organized for resistance, if that's what it actually takes.

Originally posted by dragonrider The gold standard has been ineffective for over 40 years.

...It's been that way since the formation of the Ferderal Reserve system. That was the day that the Constitution was violated in the manner that took the "coining of money" out of the hands of Congress & put it in the hands of international banking colitions. That was the day when the US went from a gold-based system to an economy driven by "credit" instead of any *real* commodity.

Do a word search on NESARA...Read it & weep if anyone thinks the US still backs a gold-based economy. After your done wiping away the tears, resolve to support NESARA & our return to a gold-based economy.

Originally posted by dragonriderThe time in not quite right for it, for there would be the chance of massive popular uprising which is why it hasnt happened yet.

Yes, even as pessimistic as I've been sounding over the months I've posted at this forum, even I can see signs that public awareness is beginning to grow...But in order to keep it from losing momentum is why I've written the American Petition & hope that people who read it are also willing to help distribute it.

Originally posted by dragonrider
However, certain technologies that would prevent this are on the verge of operational deployment, as well as the correct economic and political environment to allow it to happen with a minimum of popular disruption.

This is perhaps *the* biggest problem that would cause such a popular uprising to lose momentum...Speed is of the essence & the timing to get the NWO out of power is reaching a critical point. The carbon rods are fully retracted & critical mass to meltdown is building...

Originally posted by FoxStriker
Well good luck, I will hope for the best, but theirs no power left in hope.

Yes there *is* power...It's the same power that the NWO relies upon; The people that have unknowingly propped it up all of these years. That's right...The people have *always* had the power & still do. The trick is that the people have been kept ignorant for so many generations that they don't even realize what's happening. The key phrase here is "*unknowingly* propped it up"...Once made aware, the masses are going to be more than likely to oppose the controls that the NWO have engineered into society. The Constitution is *based* upon such ideals of self-determination...Why do you think that they're so hot on getting rid of it? Awareness is the water we need to fight with...Douse the fire's fuel (the People) throughly with water (awareness) & the fire will be extinguished.

Originally posted by Thomas CrowneThey are liable to blow all the revenue and then some on stupid spending. And, it looks like that is their intention.

That much is pretty obvious...After all, they've been there & done that numerous times already...

posted on Jul, 24 2003 @ 02:14 AM
I willl offer this....

Call me a dreamer, but the question simply boils down to this:

The US government can either

Continue to covertly support the bullion banks' leasing/short-selling price-rigging game under the conventional notion that they MUST be supported because they are "too big to fail" - and as a result suffer total economic breakdown from a hyper-inflation that will make that of post-WWI Germany pale in comparison, or

Cut its losses and abandon its failed, decades-old anti-gold policies by

Dumping the bullion banks, (sorry, Friends of Bill)

Valuing it gold reserves at market price (instead of the silly "official gold price" of $42.00 per ounce), and

Buying gold in the open market to replenish the official reserves frittered away in decades of surreptitious gold leasing, swapping, and shady ESF deals that were designed to prop up the failing dollar by "managing" the price of gold into oblivion.

If US leaders should find the courage to do this, the formerly feared explosion in gold prices set off by the official purchases (and by the powerful signal this policy change will send) will actually give the dollar's value an enormous boost, since the reserves will then be "marked to market." Marking to market simply means that the US has dropped its "raise the dollar at the expense of gold" idiocy and now allows the gold price to soar freely.

If this is done, it will utterly fend off any euro-attacks and put the dollar on a par with its currency foe, vastly decreasing any OPEC countries' temptations to dump the petro-dollar for "petro-euros." Never mind that the Euro Zone has more gold in its collective central bank vaults. Once the currency playing field is leveled, the US will outperform them any day.

President Bush has already proven that he has the guts and the foresight to ditch stupid policies - like propping up various repressive dictatorships such as the Saudis (and formerly even Saddam) in the hopes of hemming in other, more dangerous regimes (like Iran). He has proven beyond doubt that he has the moral courage to dare bring even a chance of freedom to a region that was previously considered lost to repression and violence.

Sure, the jury is still out as to the after-effect of the Iraq attack, but it is undeniable that his war plan was an unmitigated success. Even his expectations of popular support and uprisings against Saddam's forces are beginning to manifest themselves in a way no media critic has previously thought possible.

The very same courage and foresight is now needed to protect the United States from the otherwise inevitable result of the euro's takeover of world reserve currency status. For, if the President does not follow this new course of action, the terrorist-supporting oil countries (and their French and German buddies) will be the ones who laugh last, crushing the US in the dust of economic -and eventual even military - humiliation after all, never mind this stunning victory.

But, however this may be, whether the Euro wins or whether America wins this currency war, the gold eagle will soar to heights never before imagined, no matter what. Gold WILL be freed from its fiat dollar/paper-gold shackles, and it WILL become the number one measure of true wealth again. That monetary tsunami has already been set in motion by sea-bottom seismic events, and has begun its inevitable path to landfall. It will not be stopped before running its course.

The only question is: will America as a nation of free and prosperous people be there to ride out the coming ascent on the gold eagle's back - or die squirming in its talons?



posted on Aug, 8 2003 @ 12:16 AM

Originally posted by Tyriffic
For, if the President does not follow this new course of action, the terrorist-supporting oil countries (and their French and German buddies) will be the ones who laugh last, crushing the US in the dust of economic -and eventual even military


Not in a trillion years, as thats about how long it would take for that half of the planet to be clean of the contamination of the war. The USA has by far the most proficiant Armed Force in this world. If it wasn't for china we would have the largest, and I know we can take them.

posted on Aug, 12 2003 @ 11:29 PM
Isnt the first supposed NWO attack an economic one? Basically forcing the world into its hands, the way things are going the debt system is going to collapse because no one has jobs or can afford to pay off their debt. After that its like a stack of dominoes, I cant even imagine how insane the world is going to be once the economy collapses considering the world revolves around money.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 01:33 AM
I agree...I thought the thing the NWO is going to have to do is to make currencies around the world worthless.

Also in prophecy and jsut general reading of NWO things...that the Banks are going to make everyone to repay thier debt immediately and if they cant the banks take the lands, everything, etc.

Well if the oil countries choose to go to the Euro money...then the US economy goes overnight, the world economy plunges overnight, economic chaos ensues, wouldn't the banks then call in all thier debts that people owe them? ;P

This is one clicked on NWO person here ;P

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 03:54 AM
all i can say to add to his is this, read his post.

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