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Where are chemtrails more highly concentrated and why?

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 02:51 PM
So I recently went on a 4 week tour with my band, all over the east coast. We traveled through Florida, upwards through Georgia, Tennessee & Kentucky, as far west as Iowa, back northeast toward Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York & New Jersey, and back down through Virginia and the Carolinas. As I usually do when on tour, I take in the sights of new places. This time on our trip I had chemtrails in mind...and I was surprised to find out that many states don't have the chemtrails that I'm used to seeing where I live, in Richmond, VA. Here in Richmond I can spot a chemtrail ANY day, ANY time of day. They're always here. But what I started noticing on the road was that many, many other states don't have chemtrails, at least that they don't have a high enough concentration of chemtrails for me to have seen them on my random day/random city tour. Only in a small handful of cities did I spot a few chemtrails. Maybe a couple in higher population areas, in Florida, or New York/New Jersey, New England areas.
Has anyone else noticed this behavior in chemtrail placement? Places like Iowa had virtually zero...Places like Richmond have up to a dozen a day. It's just foolery for someone to say that these are normal airline planes, so don't give me that excuse. It could be that they are more centralized over larger populations, Richmond is within 3 hours of Washington D.C. and the Norfolk Naval Base & Marine Corps, but is the answer really that simple?

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:08 PM
ohio is getting blasted right now. was a nice clear day about an hour ago now the sky is full of huge X's and hazy clouds

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:10 PM
after years of studying chems I have determined the where and why's. The who is another story. The main reason for the spay is to block out incoming solar AND galactic energy. Those energies are supposed to be used by those on the planet to elevate their consciousness by altering their basic energy field and DNA. Those in control do not want this to happen. They cannot block out the entire planet all the time, so certain areas are targeted to diffuse the energy - using some geometric algorithm I no nothing about, when incoming energy is happening. Do they do ALL incoming energy - no. There is a determining factor that only the know, but tuning into that energy prior to its movement toward the earth, one can fairly well gauge when the will spray. High levels of solar activity almost always generate a response, and the more subtle layers of incoming energy from other areas do as well, though those are harder to spot with earth's rather primitive tools. This is consciousness energy, not necessarily meter measure energy.

They do contain virus and other such things, these are designed to confuse the truth - folks point to the poison as the reason but it is cheaper and easier to poison the water and the food with the same ingredients (and they do). Those who fly the planes are most likely told they are protecting the planet from global warming. This would be more than enough for everyone who works on the project to accept their efforts as useful. The global warming meme is simply a perfect mind control firewall that has people accepting ANY and all efforts to stop it no matter what. Those who take an oath - military, are easily driven to silence with threats etc., and the GW excuse fits nicely.

The who? Not any one country, the are seen all over the world at all points. Not even the US could carry out such a mission. For that discussion, we'd need several more weeks to demonstrate that keeping things secret are not as hard as you would think to do given who controls things. For those who say "such a large project could never happen, someone would talk," I say this; No one talked about: tonkin, Manhattan project, Iron Mountain, FEMA camps(real or not) , no one talks about what goes on at NORAD, HAARP, Area 51 or Pine Gap and a million other secret projects. Keeping things secret is easy when it is out in the open, and the planes are in the open, and the residue is out in the open - it is easy to cover that up; especially when those who do it believe it will save humanity and are under oath.

Does the effort work? Not really. While aluminum and the other components do scatter some of the energy, in the end it is a pointless effort as consciousness at that level can't be overrun by such material items.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:17 PM
I have two answers for your question, however I am afraid you won't like them.

1. There is no such thing as chemtrails.

2. Look up the definition of Flight Corridor. It's not like pilots can just fly anywhere they want to when they are in the sky. They are restricted to certain areas (therefore, some airspace will have contrails, while others not because no planes are flying there).

And yes, I am a disinfo-agent, getting paid a gazillion dollars for each and every person I persuade that chemtrails do not exist.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:22 PM
Here you go:

(sorry, I can never figure out how to embed these silly things

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:45 PM
For persistent spreading contrails, it's a combination of weather conditions, and where planes fly.

Contrail formation forecast:

Wind and Temp aloft forecast:

For where planes fly:

(zoom in on the above link, there's actually far more paths than are visible at first, and the big paths are made of lots of little paths)
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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 03:49 PM
You need to look up the role of geography plays on weather and climate. I live in Indiana, and we get contrails pretty much every single day. Some persist, some don't, but it really depends on the weather coming at us from wherever it is coming from at the moment...we get it from all directions but mostly from the NW, the W, and the WSW. Depending on the size of the storm system, we even get some weather from the NE and E.
All around Indiana it is very flat compared to Virgina. No mountains to get in the way and create the weather that mountains can. So your contrails in Virginia I would expect to be different than the contrails I am used to. Just as the contrails I saw in the Rockies were different than the ones I saw in the Sierras. Differing geography. It even has a term for it....orographic effect. I believe Wiki has an entry or two about it.

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