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Anyone else noticing people completely cracking at the core?

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by Revolution9

Shall I tell you my biggest concern; that things are going to degenerate to such a point, that the masses will become so under the thumb and desensitised, that the former horrors of civilian slaughter will again take place.

Sadly, it's already happening to innocent people in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. It's also happening against protesters in other ME countries. It's happening in Iran.

It is a world of people and people must decide individually and as a whole what kind of an existence they want.

I have fought my corner and will continue to fight my corner. So sad that I have to FIGHT just to live!

Thankls for your post and social observation. Take good care, Amigo!
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I agree with you. We are having to fight to survive the government's war on the people through poisoned air, water, food, medications, psyops and their determination to extort every penny everyone owns and create mass poverty, starvation and total control.

Imagine how wonderful life could be without these monsters and their heinous agendas.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:55 AM

Originally posted by XXXN3O
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

I agree with a lot of what you have said and share some similarities too.

Ive noticed that a lot of people have developed a preconceived perception about what your own perception of them (bit of a mouthful) is going to be about their opinions/mistakes/choices that they make and in turn they make more mistakes or take offence towards you even before they tell you things.
This might be a strange analogy to make but it is like a dog or cat taking a dump and covering it with dirt or litter to cover it up, in other words people seem to be cracking up and making mistakes then covering mistakes with more mess. The outcome is that a lot of people end up being dragged into problems etc.

Its hard to put it across but a lot of the time when people speak to me about problems or viewpoints I do not judge them but they already act as if I have or even divert their problems towards you in a sense that they involve other people that you know and so on.

Its quite a hard thing to put into words as you say.

Perhaps it's not you that bothers them but what's inside them that they're not happy about. So the dog or cat covering up the poop is doing it because they don't like poop not because they think you don't. But I guess it's hard to tell from a 3rd perspective which is which.

Maybe the cat doesn't like poop so it covers it but it thinks you like poop so everytime you're in the room and it's covering up its poop it has to pretend that somehow it's not covering the poop while managing to do just that. Why does it think you like poop? Could be a million reason. If it's wrong, just need to correct it so they don't mistakenly think that.

Sometimes people have little things about them that're different from others. So they try to hide it in an attempt to not attract attention to themselves. Maybe they think something is bad that many other people don't. If many others don't think it's bad and they try to fix it then the others might think you're wasting resources on something meaningless. So your choices are slim: hide the fact that you're fixing the 'problem' or just ignore it for their sakes.

These kinds of things I think are common when liberals and conservatives are in the same room. They each have a different set of goods and bads. Each set views the other set as wasteful. For example, if you think that orange paint is not good for anything and your friend is painting the roads orange because he thiniks it lifts the spirits then you might confront him and tell him that what he's doing is wasteful. Or your might think that orange paint hurts the environment or hurts children so you aggressively, even violently, oppose it. All comes down to differences in people.

If we traveled back in time to 1400 people back then would think we're wasteful and extravagant and even evil or malevolent or murderous because they wouldn't have the same set of goods and bads. In order to make them understand we'd have to reeducate them or something. Either way, it would be very difficult at first to keep the peace because the differences would be stark. You can't make someone see what you're doing is good until you change their set of goods. That can be incredibly hard. It's much easier to reeducate children than adults.

I like this quote: If I change what you know, I change what you believe. But it doesn't always ring true. Sometimes people know by believing. So you have to change what they believe. It's easier to show a man a shovel and how to dig than it's to change his god.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:03 AM
I took the time to read both threads, I tend to agree on so many levels but it is not limited to just these nuances and it has been occurring around me since the early 90's.

I am one of those poor unfortunates that was never in sync with others, their trends, music, idealisms. My mother used to tell me that I was born "too late" in life, but yet I was on a path that now tells me that I was born "sooner than expected".

I started seeing the 11:11 even as far back as 1990. I began questioning "Spirit" in my Life to the degree that it began to spill over into my working world as well as my private world. I then faced reprisals and I was maliciously attacked in the workplace and thrown out into the parking lot with three broken ribs. There was no legal recourse based on lies. I have only ever wanted to fit in with others. I have only ever wanted to be accepted and Loved, but I also believe in truth and telling the truth; and so often what comes into my mind comes out of my mouth. It has been my curse to not tell a lie.

The dramas of the past do not matter to me any more, they are my strengths, but I still find that my "judge of character" is flawed when I am dealing with Society and socio-pathic idealisms (lying and cheating). Sometimes I connect and sometimes I do not; but I still have to allow it to flow through me to others even when I am only dealing with them in a non-personal way.

At any rate, I ran into this article through ATS the other day and it really opened my eyes more than I can ever express. I have linked it several times and I believe I will continue to link it for others as it seems pertinent. I think that people are not who they say they are. I think that people are the most clever "mimics" the universe has ever known. People emulate people, and people emulate Society but most do not even know that they are doing it because they are unaware of Spirit in their lives. Ask someone, "do you know Spirit", and I bet they say yes but their actions say no. It is confusing. It is misleading. It is farse! How come? Why do people speak about one thing but then act entirely different in regards to Spirit?

I seriously think this is the key!

It is not that people are bad, or that they intend to do bad, it is that they seriously do not know what you are talking about when you speak of Spirit. They have heard it, they understand the concept, they can talk it, but they cannot walk it!

The important thing is that those that do know Spirit become aware of this interesting dilemma. It is more than just the silly "I don't know" types, it is the intelligent learned individuals, it is the neighbor, it is our own family! People walking around without a connection to Spirit but emulating those that are.

There is a negative to this in that once the non-Spirit person is slowly exposed, or immediately exposed, they go into a natural offensive approach. They are rude, they are manipulative, they engage as if it is their own personal path to "remove" the Spirited person or "destroy" them. At work and at play, it is happening around us everywhere. In marriages, in businesses, in public, there is a instinctual threat that is playing out and it is all masked behind the facades of faces!

Here is that link. I do hope it helps! I Loved it! It didn't make it better but it certainly made me aware because I am a very Spirited person and I always have been. What a great way to Forgive the Past by realizing that it is in the Nature of Spirit and that it works for us even when we feel disruption!

Spiritless Humans

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:52 AM
As to the general topic. Am I noticing people completely cracking at the core? Maybe. Some are and some aren't. I think people are under a lot of stress and that the almost constant and rapid onslaught of technology, the media, pharmaceuticals, the decaying environment, and fake food both fill our lives with noises and conditions that make it hard to think and cope. As to the rest, maybe it's simply decision time for us all. Society is changing and everyone has to figure out where they fit and how. More on this below.

reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Just wanted to let you know that I so get what your are saying in this post. I've come to describe all this more simply in my own mind: It seems to me that I'm willing to allow for differences of opinion, to listen and not judge, and to not allow this to alienate/distance me from people. That's how I feel inside and how I am. However, more and more I find I am not afforded the same courtesy from the vast majority, either online or in real life. So I have come to also assume that people either just plain old don't "get" me or that I'm failing miserably at communicating and stay silent, nod and smile, and just live as I have chosen to live.

At first I attributed this to maturity. But as I've thought more about this subject, I've realized that's not it. It's more of a growing trend in society...maybe furthered by the empowerment of the internet and the speed of communications or maybe not. I don't know. Maybe this trait in humans has been there all along and now it's just become easier to further it along.

It almost seems as if what I call special interest groups, be they political or religious or what have you, are somehow gaining strength and becoming the norm and individuality is now the more unacceptable or unimaginable thing in society. And whether consciously or not, I seem to have chosen or be dominant in another trait that has also also been there all along in human existence—individuality. And with this, at least today, it seems that this comes with a more isolated existence.

But maybe this is just temporary too. An adjustment period of sorts? Out of which may come a settling and new boundaries and norms. Who knows. In the end, all we can do as individuals is remain true to ourselves and as open as we want and need to be, pick our "battles" wisely and carefully, and in an odd way, wait for the dust to settle.

Thanks for sharing and for clarifying this and giving me some food for further thought.

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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by ~Lucidity

Excellent. And thanks for saying it so well and simply. It seems individuality is not valued as it once was by society. In fact, it's looked down upon. It's very important to have the right clothes and accessories (especially the communication hardware) to 'fit in' with a certain crowd and be accepted onto one team or the other.

And that's what I do not do. I don't fit in with ANY crowd. And the thing is... I'm happy here. I like being an individual. I appreciate your response to me.

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