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Do You Find Most ATSers Annoying

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by anumohi

Eh some annoy me but I ignore them..That's the beauty of being able to ignore people esp when it's an online forum and i dont have to see them everyday.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Did you do any research before you posted. For instance if someone posts an observation. --- Hey everyone has anybody noticed the sky is blue. -- simple search --

By golly - EVERYBODY has noticed the sky is blue. Just saved yourself a little sheepishness.

Posters using words phrases or things you don't understand -- then perhaps a little research is in order before you jump in. Like my wife getting up in the middle of a movie -- "Dont pause it honey I'll be right back, I gotta pee." few minutes later, as she is sitting down -- "What did I miss" -- drives me crazy.

And there is the old lawyers motto. Never ask a question you don't know the answer to. If you can't answer a question in a few qoogle serarches. Then it is a bona fide question - that there probably is no answer for.

Most times when people jump on your case -- they probably have a point. A forum tends to be for the most part self moderating -- outrageous or silly statements receive criticism and the critics themselves are criticized, on a forum with a diverse group of participants -- the truth seems to prevail -- in a closed forum the members continually preach to the choir. I think as a larger group ATS is fairly diverse -- though some of the subforums are fairly closed.

Or at least this has been my experience.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Debate them and if they are out there just trolling the site ignore them. No point in giving someone the satisfaction of getting the better of you.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:53 PM
You sound like you recently got served a healthy box of butt-hurt.
Don't take it personally, no one else is.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:38 PM
I just didn't initially post a picture for them to attack

I posted one later they were happy to attack

and no one handed me anything including my ass.

same people on the same threads forcing same opinions down uninterested peoples throats

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:50 PM
It's my personal opinion that every once in awhile having someone call B.S. is necessary, and you know...somebodys feelings are going to get hurt. Oh well...sorry about your sensitivity.

I had my #ss handed to me early on in my time here, and it was a pretty good lesson about thinking before I just pipe in and open my mouth...I understand this is not always the case...but in my case I was just not thinking and was quick to get my voice thing I know I was looking for a box of tissue to dry up my sniffle (not really, but I was butt hurt).

It happens...careful what you post, think about it, and try to be human...seems to work okay!

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:13 PM
It is called a discussion. As long as the members address eadh other respectfully, it is fine. There are two sides to everything. The whole purpose of ATS is to discuss and try to get answers. You can't do that if the thread has only one point of view.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:08 PM
You are right. The "troll" in question is not John Lithgow...most of us who have been here for a while know who it is you are referring to. Is he a "know-it-all"? Perhaps. Narcissistic? Maybe.

But you forgot one thing that he definitely is 99% of the time - CORRECT.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by Tasty Canadian

only in your imagination

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 07:47 PM
Its a book, but read it, get mad at me, get over it and then think about what Im trying to say

Attack?? They attacked you? You disagree with Phage and hint to him several times in this thread.. are you trolling HIM? is he trolling YOU? Are you simply disagreeing with eachother and need to make a thread over it?
I saw the rudeness in that thread.. so what? Its not like youre being followed thread to thread.. if youre being attacked report it to a mod and leave it be.. if they determine its an attack it might be dealt with. You cant control people on the net.. fact.

My husband has been here since 05 and I have been here since 07.. this is my latest account. Some things that have happened in the last few months have NEVER happened in all the time we have been on ATS. Not to me anyway and I used to post more and make more threads than I do now! Youre doing one of the new weird things I have noticed right now, but since you are a decent person I believe, you can correct it and I have hope for you

About a week or so ago a poster actually wanted to physically fight me. I still have no idea why or why she felt her toughness was questioned as I had never spoken to the poster.. yet she still wanted to fight me. At first I was puzzled.. then stunned.. then it was HILARIOUS.
I got u2u from other posters concerning her behavior, and all I can do is just shake my head. The interwebz are strange and mysterious places. Was that an attack? Im sure some felt it was.. I asked the mod to let it stand and not remove her comments to me.. as it exactly proved what I was speaking about that she objected to. I didnt feel attacked. Amazed, yes. Attacked.. nope. Not a scratch on me!

OP..You made a thread with NO evidence to back up your claim.. people questioned and demanded a pic to back up the chemtrails claim. Yes, there are rude people, yes there are debunkers, adn yes there are rude debunkers. I too find Phage's condescending attitude a turn off.. but thats not an attack. Ive even made up a phrase concerning the guy.. when youre overloaded with a wall of text facts adn links.. youve been "Phaged". LOL! Many times he is right. Many times he isnt. He is just a poster.. like you. If you dont agree with him. Dont react like a child and lash out.. ask him to clarify.. or ignore him if clarification isnt what you want. Youre going to have to grow a thicker skin and realize that people that threaten, attack, obsess are seen by every other poster and mods for what they are. You are also going to have to realize when you make wild claims with no evidence youre going to get nailed for it. Youve been here long enough to get with the program.

Im sure you thought I was rude to or attacking you in the Joplin thread. You claimed that dead bodies from a tornado were like something in a blender and they bodies would "never be found" as if they were vaporized into thin air or something. You said this even though you knew you were on a thread with a cop, several first responders (me), and other citizens of Joplin who were involved in the body recovery. Several posters were trying to recover their own friends or family that were missing and you posted such an insane thing. Just cause you "thunk it" doesnt make it so. Another case of wild claims and someone having to correct disinformation. Disinformation can be a blatant lie or a mistake or a claim made out of ignorance... but you claimed it as fact. You are going to run into continual problems in ATS if you keep this up.. like the chemtrail thread and a few other posts with wild "facts". Youve been here long enough to see repeatedly people asked for links, proof, pics, some evidence to back up what you think.. unless its in something like skunk works.

Id love it if you just realized how this is and changed.. you actually have the potential to become a decent poster! Ive seen posts from you that were written by a decent thoughtful person.. I prefer that person to trump the one who posts nonsense. Id prefer that person to the one who posts claims without evidence and gets a feeding frenzy going.
Many of us on ATS are a mature or forgiving lot when behaviors are changed.. why hold a grudge if sincere effort has been made? Its the internet and this is a message board. If youre not a lunatic who floats from board to board wreaking havok or being a blatant troll... there is no reason to hold things against you as far as Im concerned. The woman who threatened me has actually left me alone even though she happens to be on many threads I frequent. SHe has flipped on me twice and once over a thread being named after me by a fellow poster as a joke! But in between episodes this poster is really actually a thoughtful knowledgeable poster. Ive even starred some of her posts as I agreed wholeheartedly with her! Who knows the reasons some people freak out sometimes.. or why they havent figured out how to post in a way they dont get questioned and bring out the worst in folks or post things that are so bizarre or without evidence they demand correction or questioning : the second one is you dear.

One thing is that you need to understand what a troll is and isnt.. and some folks are only part time trolls.
Tif isnt a troll.. and I have NEVER known him to troll. The mods have been working overtime on trolls, hoaxers, and weirdos... lets not add more to the list that dont need to be on there. Just as an example because I "know" Tif due to chat and great conversations .. he has hella info, views, and experience in many of the things we discuss on ATS. He has disagreed with you, it was **no** attack. Dont let his kitty on a slide fool you... he is a lot more than meets the avatar.. err.. eye..LOL!! Why alienate yourself from the folks who are actually sane and knowledgeable here by having a thin skin and crying troll at every disagreement?

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 04:40 PM

There are some seriously annoying know it alls on ATS, that have some serious narcissistic tendencies that the moderators really need to have a look into.

There is nothing in the Terms & Conditions against being an annoying know it all or being a narcissist.
I'd also think that inserting personality restrictions into the T&C may be a pretty slippery slope.....

You have to expect that posting on a controversial subject, you'll certainly also attract those that disagree with your position. Personally, that's what I find I like the most about ATS...the membership will keep you on your toes, and force you to re-examine your own conclusions.

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