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How do you tell it to your kids?

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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 11:26 PM
@ akragon

I wish this would be an option, but sadly it isn't. I'm quiet busy with all this topics and she notices it when I'm busy with them, so she starts asking questions. And it's just like xynephadyn states in his/her thread, I don't like to lie to my daughter about anything. I demand being straight forward and not being a liar. So I told my daughter also, on a very young age, that there was no Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas as we call him here. IMHO it all starts with small lies like that, and suddenly you can't find your way out anymore when they discover it by themselves that there ain't no such person as SantaClaus, Sinterklaas or whatever made-up traditional figure.

She allready knows a few things other people are un-aware off, too blind to see or just to thrustworthy about the government. She know's the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails, she knows that the one who is claiming to be our Queen, is not even close to what of who she claims to be. She knows that your president is a fake and if you're allowed to vote, that whatever you vote, it's not gonna bring any change in the situation. These where the things I could tell her without damaging her childhood.

Last night she saw me watching the vid in which the protestors in Spain got molested by the cops. And she asked herself why the cops where doing stuff like that and why they wouldn't resist. She said, we wouldn't take stuff like this and we would react and defend ourselves (talking about her friends and buddies of her own age) and I said, no you wouldn't. I told her that I wasn't sure if I would, because I still had to take care of her, making sure that she would grow up a stable, loving and caring human being. But if the time would come, I didn't tell her that, and it will, I will, without a question of a doubt stand up and do the things I believe in and no matter what it will cost me. So eventually I had to lie a little bit to her, although me claiming I wouldn't, because she would be worried to death right now.

@ lagnar... gotta be kidding

Ever tried getting a 16 year old girl away from the tele? (I already took away the decoder so she can't watch no-more MTV and all these bogus channels. It 's very hard, and I tried a lot believe me, to get ones attention to teach them something other than that they're used to. It's an extended list of things you named. Fortunatlly I still remember most of them, and finding my way back to a few of them. But how inventive do you have to be to try and make them interessted in these topics.

Pfew...seems like the list of things explaining her is getting longer and longer, thanx for that

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 01:11 AM
It is certainly tough, and I didn't say any of it would be easy. But I can't think of a better way to honor and love a child than to give them the essentials needed to survive without the amenities we (and especially they) take for granted every single day.

I can assure you they will remember these lessons someday, as I can remember where I was, how old I was, and how bored I was when I learned each one. But also how appreciative I am to have it to pass on, how much I respect those who taught it to me, and how much I fear it has been lost on many of these new generations (exactly what the powers that be are waiting for btw).

I guess you only have a couple choices here then.

Give up on her (seemingly not an option since you started this thread).

Or do whatever you can muster to make as much of that list as possible "Fun" somehow. I have shocked myself while reflecting upon my inventiveness at sparking curiosity at times...and if she's important enough and you care enough to put some effort into it, I'm positive you will too. You might be shocked at how attentive a child can be to their parents "love and wisdom". It's almost like they're instinctively wired to listening to you and connected to you when it seems you genuinely want to spend time with them.

It's all we can do to give them the wherewithal to protect themselves...having not had the sense to protect even ourselves in in the first place. Consequence is a little more into view now isn't it. Or perhaps just the true price of indiscretion?

Or not.

I've given you all I can. Sorry if this seems inadequate in preparing you for the monumental trek you're embarking...that so few even care to reflect upon.

Remember to laugh...a lot. It helps more than most know.

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