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Barack Obama: Britain And U.S. Will Forge New World

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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 05:35 AM
And this "new world" will be different from the "old world" how? Because never before have UK and US been connected by history in any way? The world is changing like it has always changed, we're just hearing more about it and right when it happens because of technology, like the internet. It's not new "order", it's just new to you because you never heard of it before.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 08:28 AM

I think this is the first time that Barack, is telling some truth for once..(Sarcasm)

His PR went down a storm here. The British and Irish, loved him...

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by wcitizen
I just came across and watched this video. Although it may seem off topic, it seems to me it could be relevant.

The War Aganist Gentiles.

Here's the link. I'm trying to embed it but haven't yet been successful!

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This deserves a thread off it's own!!

Star for you.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by Itop1
There could be two sides to all this...

1) We could all be delusional, with our heads stuck so deep in conspiracy that it's clouding our minds and we think everyone is evil and they are "out to get us"... but in reality theres no such thing as shadow governments and all that sort of thing, there are a few corrupt people but the leaders really are trying to do the best thing for su, and we are misinterperating everything they say, such as a new world order might not be anything like we have come to think it is, again this boils down to having our heads stuck too deep in conspiracy.

2) There really are people running the show behind the scenes and the leaders are really out to cause us problems, Obama and Cameron aren't the nice people they seem, in reality they are reptilians that want to create a new world order with the purpose of enslaving us and most conspiracies (that were originally thought up by your average joe and send viral through forums and youtube) are acctually real.

Number 1 will make me feel more sane, Number 2 makes me feel like im ready for the nut house...

If only it were all so simple! Sites like this wouldn't exist if the constraints on political possibility were so precise. Fortunatley, or unfortunatley, we live (According to popular myth) in an emergent universe where everything is not only possible, but inevitable. You can't discount the possibility of Reptilians who hide behind a shadow government BUT genuinley believe they do what they do for our benefit, and are being covertly assaulted by a multitude of misinformation agents bent eDomination of the entire World(wideweb) and bent on human stupification by overload of garbage.

Excluding existential arguments, this is how I see it: There are people in this world who are very comfortable where they are. They have, recently or over many generations, come into a position that allows them to influence human affairs when those affairs relate to their position. They used to be aristocrats, royal families, high-ranking clergymen and people with a great deal of wealth or influence. At no point in history did they disappear. There are many tales of people power and the toppling of tyrants, but none of those stories ever end in a true modern egalitarian society that holds the interests of every man at it's heart. Ironically enough, one of the closest contenders for this "Utopian" ideal was the Americans, as they broke free of the British. Crushed down into the md with the common people and united against a real and very intimidating foe, the founding fathers of the U.S.A. had what very few rulers really get: A different perspective. The eyes of the downtrodden masses. It infuriated them, and set their hearts against injustice and oppression. They wrote the constitution accordingly.

So how did we get from there to here? How has the U.S. become the most openly feared and despised nation in all the world? Is it because, as we have all heard, that power corrupts? Is it because, as some would tell you, that humans cannot govern themselves, and that any utopian ideal, ANY system that might gear itself towards the good of the many rather than the prosperity of the few, is sure to fail?

No. Ten billion times no. Since the age of druids we have had the affairs of earth and heaven explained and simplified and smothered through the conduit of some higher human authority. The hands that have held our race's path in their hands and shaped our very minds have changed over time. Some have been rough and uncaring, some have been exploitative, and a precious few have nurtured. In our modern world this is almost a forgotten footnote. Now it is not the question of freedom, just varying levels of oppresion. Now it is not the search for the edge of eternity, but the search for the perfect perpetual machine. A machine that will keep the comfortable and influential where they are, and keep everyone else... Alive. The hands change, but the mind, the Id, behind the hands does not. The Party can never die. The people cannot rise. As O'Brien said to Winston of the proles, "They are helpless, like the animals."

... Though if you, like me, joined this site... If you, like me, have an inlking of suspicion that the comfortable are restless and unsure of their position, and we will potentially suffer for it... If you, like me, have a mind with the ability to QUESTION, to rationalize, and to empathize...

Then their victory is impossible.

Then we have already won.

Strive for Utopia!

In an emergant universe, it's an inevitability.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 04:06 PM
the new world is upon us its to late.....

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