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Homeowner shoots and kills burglary suspect

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by truthseeker84

2. It's a burglary, right, not a murder in progress. As such, it should be treated differently.

How do you know it is not a burglary in progress?

You spot intruder, he sees you and your gun, he says, "Oh, I am so sorry, I was just trying to get warm, I'm sorry to scare you, I will leave." So, you don't shoot him, you begin to escort him to the door, and next thing you know, he as your gun, and there is a murder in progress! Now it is a little too late to change your mind!

In your own home, you see an intruder, you make positive identification, it isn't a son, or a relative, or a repair man, you order them on the ground and they better not twitch or blink, you begin to call 9 1 1, if they twitch or blink, you shoot them! End of story! Take no chances!

posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by truthseeker84I am only angered and offended by folks (a lot on this page might I add) who likes to play God in the name of defending human rights. Well, maybe not God but definitely the Judge/Jury/Executioner all rolled into one. Brother, you're not Judge Dredd ok?

It is not playing god to defend one’s life and even one’s property from an invader. The whole point of the law is to protect the law abider from those who are criminals without involving a series of very completed legal decisions be made when half asleep and in fear. Therefore the law (in my State anyway – Missouri) is written to give you the authority to act without hesitation or fear of prosecution to protect your family and property.

We do not have to ask if the criminal intends to hurt us or just take our stuff before we can shoot.

Originally posted by truthseeker84In fact, if the situation is handled correctly, no guns need to be fired. (Again, this is highly situational and depends on the immediate threat level)

What makes you think that the thief would not run away if you distance yourself and scream out you have a .45 ACP in your hand and you're not afraid to use it if they don't leave?

When one draws a weapon with the intent to use it any hesitation may be your last one… A warning is not required because an infinite number of bad things can happen in the split second between it and any potential response. The most effective way to deal with any threat is to remove it as quickly and permanently as possible. Last time I checked a dead person is not much of a threat. Used to be a dead person’s only threat to a homeowner was the civil liability but thankfully my State has made the homeowner/driver/occupants immune from any.

Originally posted by truthseeker84 Look at most of the posts in here, loud and proud for killing another human being. Seemingly 100% agreeing to the fact that in order to eliminate violence, we must first answer with violence... -_-. So the state/city you live in is more secure because everyone's got a happy trigger finger and somehow this gives you a sense of righteousness?

I don’t think anyone likes killing people – I know I don’t; having done it more than I care to discuss here. It is; however, the most sure method of removing a threat in your home.

Originally posted by truthseeker84 Would it make you feel better, if, you find out the thief you shot and killed was trying to provide for his two infants and sick wife at home? Would it make you feel good when you kick over the dead bleeding body on the floor you see a 15 year old boy trying to steal money to buy drugs?

This is the exact reason that our State has granted immunity from civil action for those who protect themselves so they don’t have to suffer the indignity of listening to some family talk about how misunderstood their kid was and how his daddy didn’t love him enough in court as if that makes terrorizing people in the night ok.

There is nothing in my mind that justifies the theft of another’s property and certainly nothing that justifies the threat and terror an intruder poses to an occupant in the commission of theft. The perpetrator gave up his life IMO when he decided to threaten mine or even take my things – which is in and of itself a threat.

In answer to your questions I could care less how many kids a person had to feed; he tries to break in and steal from me – perhaps I have three infants and sick wife…it will be his last act. Further, a kid that steals to pay for his drug habit chose poorly and will pay for his decisions out here with his life I will not ask him his intent or warn him. Life is cruel and unfair.

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