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Odd noise outside through out the day.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 12:48 PM
For the past few days I have heard an odd noise for hours through out the day. I have no idea what the source is. Maybe someone can help. I wasn't sure where to post this. I took my mp3 player & hooked the clip onto a branch and let it record while I did other thing's. I'm surrounded by woods. I dont live in a city area.

Odd noise outside

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by soaringhawk

There are quite a few different noises I picked up, what ones are you talking about in particular?

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by soaringhawk

Very interesting, parts of it sound very mechanical.

Can you please post a reference recording (with the same equipment and at a similar time of day) that does not contain the sounds you find unusual? I can hear several distinct and repeating sounds in your recording; a reference recording would be helpful for isolating the specific sound you are hearing.

Thank you and best regards,

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:01 PM
I just mean the constant noise. Not the birds or occassional car. The constant noise through out the recording. I have just made a video of it too. I'll upload that.

Edit: I can't get video right now except very short video because my digital camera for some reason is having a problem.

Edit: aha! Finally I got it working. Ok got some video. Hope you can hear it over the cicadas. The noise kind of reminds me of sucking air or something like that. But maybe it's insect's or some animal. I don't know.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by soaringhawk

I heard it. Kind of a spooky video, I expected something to pop up or something to go across the sky. Have you gone out and investigated the area? Please keep us posted if you keep hearing it, as I am sure you will.

Strange indeed.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:40 PM
Hey, First time posting, but just had to comment on the video. It may explain the sound. It was asked what that was going across the screen, so I played the video and did the play/pause very quickly throughout the video to see what would show itself. This is what I saw: at 0.19 something upper center, 0.25 upper left center again, 0.51 center of screen. Bam! there it is (ufo!), 0.55 Again, further away lower and left of center, then lower again ... seems to blink in and out of this reality/dimension, 1.05 three of them in a row upper left of screen!, 1.06 one very faint and further away and then blinks and appears up to the left so fast.

Try playing it through again and play/pause quickly all the way through to these time slots. You'll be amazed. The one at 0.51

I wonder how many of the strange sounds that people are hearing are accompanied by some strange unidentifiable things in the sky? Hmmm ... this is very interesting.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by soaringhawk

Do you live near a river or stream?

That noise sounds like the big water pumps that farmers use to irrigate their lands. Where I am from, a lot of the farmers run big generators and pumps down to a riverside and pump water up to their fields. It is not exactly legal, depending on how they do it, so nothing is set up permanently, they just run a trailer with the pumps and generator, and leave it their a day or two, and then pull it back for a couple of weeks.

Are you near any rivers, streams, or farmland?

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by Amaunda

I believe those are bugs and birds.

I watched it again in full screen.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by soaringhawk

lolz i heared something very similar to this in the early morning, mmhh 4am CST arriving to home.
The sky was dark yet, some starts over there but i didnt see nothing, i was thinking ah maybe a plane but zero, nada, there was nothing there in the sky.
Everyone was sleeping so i dint pay more atention and forget about it.
Now i think its something as electromagnetic sound.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:55 PM
link really need to check out my thread on a similar sound.

(in my sig too)

Rumbling all day.....

Very similar sounds, I think. Do you feel a vibration with it too? Not so much in the ground, but in your body? To me it seems to be coming from the ground but resonating off the sky.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Where about do you live? There has been a mass-hatching of cicadas this year. Where I live there are thousands and thousands of them. When you step outside you can hear a constant, almost mechanical-sounding hum all day long. It sounds rather similar to what I heard in that video.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 07:41 PM
they come out every 10-15 years i think, i hear the sound all day here in NC


posted on May, 25 2011 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I know the sound of cicadas.
They are every where. I see them. You will hear them but I'm talking about the constant noise. It's unchanging. I don't doubt it can be some insect but I don't think it's them.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

None of that close to me. Nearest creek is half a mile. Some are in the woods but nothing big. Farmland was sold to build homes.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 08:53 PM
Im with the cicada crowd. Thats what it sounds like to me. With cars going by in the background.

And yes, they do have a constant noise "droning" in the back ground with more sporadic individual variation thrown in.

They are all over here right now, (middle Tennessee) and its all Ive been hearing for weeks now. It could be just the quality of your recording, but it sure sounds like the mating song of the horny cicada to me.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 10:29 PM
Also, on the "it sounds different" subject: We have cicadias every year here, too, but there are so many this year, they sound completely different.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

reply to post by Charizard

Hi. I have lived in Middle TN all my life. I know the sound of the Cicada. This is not a Cicada or any insect that I'm familiar with. There are Cicada's in that recording, and other sounds. I'm not talking about any of those. Here is an updated recording with no Cicadas doing the mating call, no vehicles.

This sound goes on non-stop all day long and I cannot pinpoint a source. The voice recorder is very sensitive & records any sound at all. It's very high quality. This recording is better and was recorded this morning. Sunday, May 29, 2011.

Mystery Sound-Better quality
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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 01:40 PM
It is known that a Season's Cicadas are related to those who emerged that year; there is the off-chance that several different Cicada families emerged and so it is not unusual to have a variation of size and song (I call it song, but you know the sound).

On a year where it is only one particular Family group no one would notice any difference other than maybe the casual thought over it; but when there are several Family groups who emerge, there can be a distinct difference in the projection of the sounds.

Just a thought since some Cicadas take 15 years to emerge from the ground.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Greensage

I know the sound of cicada as I've lived here since I was a baby. This sound is constant and literally goes on all day without ceasing. I'm home most of the time so I know.
Right now Cicadas are doing their mating call, sounds nothing like it. I went out early this morning to record the sound which I post above. Cicada's had not yet started calling. I will keep an ear on this and if it's there after they are gone, then I know for sure it's something else.

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