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Education and not indoctrination,

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 08:25 AM
Education and not indoctrination,

Who is educating our kids?
Who is indoctrinating?

The answers are both the same, so first we have to find out how this all came about and what is the solution. I have those answers, first you will say to yourself this cant be right, then as you continue your education I can assure you, you will become angered, but then with new eyes and finally faced with the truth you will long for the solution and I promise you I have that solution to finally put and end to the madness and once again you will truly, legally know freedom for the first time in your life.

Begin your education in truth, in law, and discover what big brother has been keeping from you all along. This did not happen over night and it will not be fixed over night, there is no magic pill to take or just one single form to fill out. It is a process, but in the end you will no longer ever need to ask for permission ie permits again, you will be responsible for your own actions and decisions and finally you will be free.

The link below will take you to the educational material:

PAC’s youtube channel:

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by drmeola

So what you tell us is education but what “they” tell us indoctrination?

I’ve skimmed over some of the PAC stuff and came across the freeman on the land interpretation of a straw man which I know is untrue. Why should I trust anything else from them?

And in that first video (by posting it I’m assuming you agree with it) are you suggesting that we should go back to living a hunter gatherer or basic, individualistic agrarian lifestyle without money, property rights etc? I can’t see how that would be better.

I've not been through much of it but those are my initial thoughts.

By the way, when you say, in the linked thread, that you have studied law for a year do you mean formally?

Another edit, you also mention the film "Psychiatry: an industry of death" in your other thread which is a Scientology film (and museum), are you affiliated with scientology?
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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 09:32 AM
Damn I was hoping this would be a thread about how indoctrination is child abuse and should be made illegal. If grown adults want to choose to follow a religion once their mind is fully formed, so be it. But leave the kids alone.

But it will just turn out to be another religious group saying how their's is the true path to enlightement and salvation......sheesh!

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 09:44 AM
Another comment;

I've just watched the second video; doesn't this contradict the first? The first seems to be very much against the capitalistic system while the second is very much in favour. These PAC people seem very confused in their message.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by Mike_A

The section you are referring to are the miss beliefs in the movement, and point out how they are false. Next time read the title of the article you reference, thank you.

I studied pre law for 2 years formally, and no I hate scientology and was upset that they where the ones to put out this film, however the film is excellent and is only not given its proper attention for the fact of who put it out.

For the last year I’ve been studying the courses put together by PAC, and I guess you would consider this non formal since it is not taken place in a mind controlled university.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by OllyP


That is exactly what I am looking for as you suggest, not a religious thing at all or enlightenment lol.

Its about taken back our education and getting the truth we were denied from the system.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by Mike_A


We did not make these videos, I put them there to show the differences, and I am glad you picked up on it, PAC is about real freedom which means responsibility for ones self, it is hard to explain years of study in a small thread that is why I gave you the link to a fraction of the movies and articles PAC has to help you. But remember this is law, so it is dry and not very exciting, but it’s honest and true, in law words have an exact meaning, and they often change the meanings over time, so when talking about contracts ie our Constitution you have to use the legal books from the time period to understand the full meaning of the document. This is where people make there miss guided idea’s sound great, and people fall for the scam such as the ucc, stawman, and many others mentioned in the first article on patriot miss beliefs.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by drmeola

Excellent, thats good to know.
Well we are in the right place. ATS is a huge repository of hidden history. Unfortunatley the preachers of false history and false religion are free to post here as well so it can be an effort sometimes to sort through the crap to find the gems.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by OllyP

How correct you are, may I recommend you watch the movie on my other thread title HR, this is one of ours, and how the system forced our kids into their school, they have even managed now to corrupt some parts of the home schooled movement, if we ever have a chance at taken back our Republic once known as America we need to put a stop to this madness before it’s too late.

We are all slaves thanks to the 14th amendment and this is where PAC can educate you, and teach you how to get out of the evils of this amendment and back under the organic Constitution.

We are HR, human resources, no longer considered personnel, ie a person, but a commodity.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:39 AM
Well, as for indoctrination, the "Public School System," surely indoctrinates children into whatever ideology is the current "theme" in the demographic where the school is located. The teachers are the gatekeepers and can force biased viewpoints into the "thinking" and rationale of children. Those with false sociological and biased perspectives will pay for this; a special place in hell is reserved especially for you!

As for universities and colleges, indoctrination is there, but the "open" nature of those lucky enough to experience college can weigh things as they come, if they haven't been ruined by the former. It's a dog and pony show designed to make money by tuition and fees, which increase, exponentially, and half of the "educational" material is substandard and designed as "busy-work," to keep you in class, furthering the potential for THEM to make money from YOU! Ivy League institutions are even worse, there if you have enough money, you can sit-back and do nothing and still earn a degree.

Having earned two degrees from a college and university, helped me understand the "indoctrination" of "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." meant something back-then, which was designed to make everyone feel and have a sense of "togetherness," but now the use of sociological perspectives and false ideologies designed to segment groups or classes of people (polarize) against other groups is heavily in-play. This is why desegregation will never work, because when two groups are so polarized, that they will go to great lengths to avoid attending a public school with a high percentage of minorities, which eventually turns into a majority, as moving to another physical location or attending private schools with high tuition designed to prevent enrollment of minorities, the problem this country faces with group polarization and equality will never be fixed.

You think this isn't so, then take a look at how this happens: take a large school district, with a large majority and small minority, the minority grows in enrollment, the majority feels their values are threatened and moves to another district where there is the same majority, the school where the majority moves away suddenly turns into a minority majority and then is subject to the same desegregation laws designed to prevent the same from happening. Smaller districts lose funding and eventually merge or close, then we are left with one huge district that eventually will fail to attract good teachers and will become so convoluted to distort the original purpose intended.

Government works the same way but is a lot worse. And you think this country can take more of this? We are all headed to a huge disappointment and rude awakening if we don't get our acts together. Wake-up folks, is this what you want to give to your children as a legacy? Failure of everything?

Personal Note: As a child, I started kindergarten in 1970, shortly after desegregation, and knew nothing of the differences of segregation. We were black or white, but we were all together. We all ate together, got spankings together, and played together. We all said the "Pledge of Allegiance" together. We saw the first cable television in a classroom together. There were no differences, at least to us kids, there wasn't.

With the removal of "The Pledge of Allegiance," our country suffered. Our "togetherness" was taken without a word, just because of one word: "God." Only if the U.S. Supreme Court had taken the high-road, and replaced "God," with "Whatever Deity You Should Choose To Believe-In," things would have been very different. Thus began the ugly class warfare designed to separate and polarize. It started with social class and black and white, but now it has fallen-back upon itself and added religion to the mix. If this isn't enough, add "color" and "finances" to the mix. One gigantic recipe for failure.

Education is the key. Unbiased education which presents ALL SIDES to the story and encourages vigorous discussion and debate instead of "accusatory belief," without the benefit of logical and valid conclusion; but these are learned and they should be learned as soon as a child is old enough to add together simple numerals as 1+1=2. The process is the same even if the numbers are larger and have decimals, the answer or the way we arrive at the answer is essentially the same. Truth is truth and needs no false perspective to "prop" it up.

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by trekwebmaster

Well put trek,

I think this valedictorian says it most clearly and worth a listen. I love the line I was a good slave.

A slave indeed we all are, higher education is a total waist of time, money and resources, specialized training or trade schools are an investment, and peace of paper hanging on the wall that cost you an average of 25 years of debt, is nothing more than insanity. The sad part is it took her years to wake up to the truth she now preaches, will it take you as long? Or are you ready today?

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by drmeola

Agreed, I suppose and assume this is the exact reason why ATS appeals to me. We have a multitude of opinions and truths and also, have the choice and free-will to decide which article appeals to us and then we can post a reply or rebuttal. We have the choice to "browse" and "cherry-pick," but then, if we are wrong, we can benefit from another person's unbiased opinion and can either adjust our thinking or outright reject any conclusion and be unlucky enough to be one of the "stumps" which refuse to deny ignorance, in all its forms. Perhaps some of our legislators should be members of ATS, maybe they would learn something and I don't know about you, but I am tired of digging their heads out of their own rear-ends, with a spoon. Now, if I could just pull their head from their rear-ends and make it come-out of their mouths, the crap would stop if we pulled hard enough to make them into a knot. It would stop the cess-pool of crap coming from both ends?

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by trekwebmaster

With your educational background I look forward to your responses to the movies and articles on the PAC thread, for we may both learn something new today and everyday. The system was designed to fail, and when the people wake up it will collapse upon itself. Treason by design article I think goes well with this topic.

As well as historical error, revised:

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by drmeola

Like I said I’ve only been able to skim some of what you have posted, though the straw man thing didn’t come from any of the links you posted I’m willing to accept I may have misread.

But I’m still unsure about what it is PACinLaw or you are actually trying to get at; especially with the contradictory videos (I still don’t see why you posted them or why the PAC youtube page has them as favourites) and the attack on psychiatry.

Could you summarise exactly what it is you’re for or against?

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by Mike_A

I will try mike,

PAC, educates people on Constitutional issues, mainly surrounding the evils of the miss understood by so many the 14th amendment, how we have become slaves to a system, and we no longer have real freedom since everything we do or want to do, we have to ask like children of a parent for permission ie permits, how we no longer own land but rent it as in paying property tax. PAC, gives you the education they the system has denied you, many people even after their education are tied so deep to the system they can not get out legally, and this is the only legally way to get out of the system back by the Attorney Generals themselves, you see the A.G’s by law were two hats if you will. One of the common law, and one of the more familiar, it’s all about correcting your nationality, once this is accomplished you no long pay taxes, need permits or anything else outlined as criminal activity. But only as a State National can this legally be done, all the rest are scams, not recognized by the courts, and often end you in jail or prison. In 15 years not one single law suite or arrest has ever been made against a State National, not one ever, no other so called patriot group can claim the same. Most have stolen LB’s work, and uses it in a miss leading manor for profit. There is no magic wand or silver bullet like so many of these people want you to buy into, there is however a real solution in law, recognized by the courts, PAC is again the only one legally recognized in all courts in the United States.

You learn teams like state/country
Nationality is not, you ancestry, you are not American although that is a lot closer, you are in fact since every so called state in the United States is really its own country with its own constitution, so your proper nationality would be a Floridian, if born in the state/country of Florida.
You will learn the legal means of expatriation
And so much more, this is a commitment like I said no magic bullet, its lots of studying and unlearning the systems brainwashing we have all been subject too.

In the end you will be free, truly free as the founders wanted it, the reason it takes time to learn is it is too easy for the system to suck you back in once your out, so we educate you so this does not happen because the smallest thing can put you right back into their control and you have to start the process of expatriation all over again, so its better to get it right the first time.

Freedom is responsibility, you can’t run for their entitlements when you need food, or unemployment and you will no longer have a SS card so there are no retirement benefits for you. Don’t fret we are here to help with those, teaching you thing like Aquaponics for food, getting off grid, setting up your own IRA and so much more.

I hope that gives you some idea of what to expect.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by drmeola

mainly surrounding the evils of the miss understood by so many the 14th amendment

But what specifically about it, looking at their website it appears that it has something to do with citizenship but exactly what I’m still unsure.

I’m also unsure what this has to do with education, economics or psychiatry or exactly what your opinion on these is. Nor do I understand the purpose of those first two videos, you say it’s to show the difference, but between what and to what purpose I don’t know.

and this is the only legally way to get out of the system back by the Attorney Generals themselves, you see the A.G’s by law were two hats if you will. One of the common law, and one of the more familiar, it’s all about correcting your nationality, once this is accomplished you no long pay taxes, need permits or anything else outlined as criminal activity.

This does sound like another freeman on the land type ideology and knowing what I do about that I’m instantly wary.

Are you saying that you don’t need to pay any taxes or obey any laws or just those not set by your State?

And exactly what is the legal process one would use to extract themselves from the system?

In 15 years not one single law suite or arrest has ever been made against a State National, not one ever, no other so called patriot group can claim the same.

I don’t know that that’s true though.

you are in fact since every so called state in the United States is really its own country with its own constitution, so your proper nationality would be a Floridian, if born in the state/country of Florida.

Do you have a link to the argument that sets out the legal basis for this?

The PAC stuff I’ve looked over makes reference to this but I’ve not seen it proved.

By the way I’m from the UK so I’m not overly familiar with US law and I won’t actually be doing anything with this I’m just curious.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by Mike_A

Hi mike,

Glad you are curious and yes all the legal stuff you’re looking for is on the thread link, there you will find movies and articles that should keep you busy for the next 3 months and will answer your questions just look at the title or brief description after the link on the main post. It may sound a lot like, freeman, strawman, ucc and many others because these scam artist have stolen the legal material from LB to con the masses with their false teachings, in order for a con to work it has to look and sound legit, that is the reason you see so much familiarity with it. To answer your question about physiology watch the movie titled industry of death, this is how they are controlling the masses and brainwashing our kids in school, and any free thinkers are classified with ADD or ADHD or worse putting them on drugs to keep them asleep and destroying the very imagination they where born with. EVIL citizen legal fiction citizen subject status

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 12:32 PM
The reason some may see a religious connection with PAC, such as Brother Gregory from his holy church, Pastor Rod Parsley and others of a Christian faith, once you correct your status you fall under common law, a do unto others kind of law, example: if I ran over your mailbox, you can not sue me, but I am legally responsible to replace with equal or better quality. With freedom comes property real property which comes with responsibility, common law deals with property, matters not what you do with your own after all its yours, damage someone else’s, you are legally obligated to fix and or replace. When this can not be accomplished through friendly hand shack deal, then a magistrate steps in ie Attorney General to settle the differences. Not a so called judge or normal court since you no longer belong to that system, we have common law courts in most every town, it’s located on the second floor of any federal courthouse and rarely used except sometimes for bankruptcy proceedings by the general population ie citizens of the United States.

I know a lot of what I say at times is very hard to understand or even believe, remember I simple have more study time in then those of you just getting started, it’s hard to explain especially with so many people not wanting to do the work or put in the time, they simple want the end game if you will, the forms to fill out and move on. It does not work that way, sure you could fill out the proper forms go to court and receive corrected status, but I guarantee 99 percent of you with in the first week will be right back were you started, and possible even doing time. So it’s better to take it one step at a time, we didn’t get into this position over night and it can’t be fixed over night either. Many of us on the path will not make it to the end for many reasons, but we all will have the education and knowledge as to why and how this happened in the first place an can help spread the word to others just as I am bring the truth too you.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 05:06 AM
Can't say I'm convinced by these PDFs, there are bits and pieces in there that do run contrary to my understanding and at one point it goes into the NWO conspiracy and rights being given by god which certainly doesn’t chime with an organisation solely concerned with understanding constitutional law.

Like I said, I'm not very familiar with US law and not being a US citizen it doesn't really affect me so I don't think I'll go any further with it; it is a big investment in time.

My final thoughts on it though are that it seems just as much like indoctrination as anything else I've seen.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 08:40 AM
No problem Mike,

Rights being given by god, or a creator, in other words the natural rights of nature, most of the founders where Christians and held a strong belief in the one god, to better understand the writer’s words, we need to know something about the person, and this is where the two come together.

Yes it is very time consuming since there is a re education taken place, many of us have been taught by false means, given false information that we have always excepted as truth, it is more of an awakening of truth then indoctrination.

It simple is the only legal way out of the madness/slavery we have all been trapped in and experience what real and true freedom is. For someone like yourself from the UK, this also should concern you, since the U.S is operating under international laws, and are tied to the U.N. your government as well is in bed with the U.N. and we are on the brink of a one central bank, even your own prime ministers have been recorded talking about it is time for a new world order.

Many of us will never get out of the system, many of us are very happy in the way we live, we have food, housing, choice of education, and careers, I am one of those whom are trapped in the system and will not get out so I have to live by their rules as a subject to their laws. However knowing the truth is important to me this way I can honestly say, I know, but choose to remain a slave in the system. At first I was pissed beyond belief how we can let this happen, how we could have fallen for this magic trick, then I learned exactly how this all happened and was shown away out if I want to take it.

So my goal now is to simple let others know the truth so they can make the educated decisions that are correct for them, and to keep others from being scammed by these so called patriots that want nothing more than your money for a silver bullet that will do nothing but put you in jail. So please get educated on the material I provide not only to learn the truth but to save you from some magician promising you freedom and looking all legit, when in fact they are wolves.

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